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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Liteloader] VoxelCam - Minecraft Screenshot Manager, Uploader, and Editor
    Quote from Evinreeder
    Just updated my mod pack to 1.7.10 Was waiting for this mod & macros to be updated. All seems to be working fine, but the voxelcam mod seems to be a lot slower than it used to be. Takes a good amount of time to select a screenshot to view, or to get any of the buttons to respond. My game isn't lagging, just when I open the voxelcam GUI.

    It will lag a bit when the gui comes up if the last screenshot taken was a very large one. I am currently working around openGL PBOs to have the upload in a separate thread and a loading spinner.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Liteloader] VoxelCam - Minecraft Screenshot Manager, Uploader, and Editor

    If you love taking pictures, are a Redditor, or are just downloading every mod you see in this forum, then you will absolutely love VoxelCam. VoxelCam was created to scratch my personal itch of Minecraft not having a way of doing anything to screenshots ingame and saving them to a buried folder. It fixes these issues by giving the user an easy way to handle screenshots ingame.

    • Screenshot Manager Never have to navigate outside of Minecraft again! The in game manager will show you your photos and allow you to manage them
    • Post your Screenshots to your favorite image sharing sites The screenshot manager comes with a built in GUI to post to Reddit, Twitter, Imgur, Google Drive, and Dropbox with more like Facebook and Minepix on the way
    • Integration with Minecraft’s normal screenshots VoxelCam supports normal screenshots taken by Minecraft with F2
    • Beautiful GUI Stunning Visuals
    • Huge Screenshots Back in early beta Minecraft had a feature that would allow the user to take screenshots that were absolutely huge. I have brought it back with a secret weapon that allows for low-end computers to take IMAX images
    • Integration with VoxelMenu VoxelCam will add itself to the menu options in VoxelMenu for ease of use (VoxelMenu is not Required)
    1. Install LiteLoader
    2. Download the .litemod file for your version of Minecraft and save it into your "mods" folder (create the "mods" folder if it does not already exist) NOTE: Some browsers will change the file extension to .zip when downloading, if this happens be sure to change it back to .litemod or LiteLoader will not find the mod!
    3. Run the Minecraft client

    More Images:

    • Press H to open Screenshot manager in game
    • Press F7 to open VoxelOptions to configure the huge screenshot and auto upload settings
    • Press Shift + [Screenshot Key] to take a huge Screenshot

    Mod of the Week on the Minecraft Monday Show by BebopVox:
    Mod Spotlight by KupoKupo:
    Mod Spotlight by TeamTwitz:

    VoxelCam is available in many modpacks. If you would like to have VoxelCam in your modpack please see how to contact me in the Permissions and Copyright section.

    • 1.3.1 Support for MC 1.7.10, multilingual support, save notification
    • 1.3.0: Added Auto upload settings and Google Drive service handler
    • 1.2.0: Fixed scrolling bug, added shortcut keys, added search function
    • 1.1.1 Fixed Bug selecting first screenshot when trying to upload
    • 1.1.0 Added ability to post to Twitter through the manager
    • 1.0.3 Take Huge Screenshots faster
    • 1.0.2: Fixed Rename bug and missing texture
    • 1.0.1: Update to support Minecraft 1.6.4
    • 1.0.0: Initial Release

    The source code for VoxelCam can be found on GitHub

    • VoxelCam is Copyright © 2013-2014 Thatapplefreak
    • VoxelLib is Copyright © 2012-2014 The VoxelModPack Team
    • LiteLoader is Copyright © 2012-2014 Mumfrey
    • You may include this mod in compilation packs or mod collections provided you send me a permissions request on the VoxelModPack Team Support system: http://support.voxelmodpack.com/ and recieve a written statement of my permission
    • You may host this mod on a website provided you have linked this forum post and use only the download links above as well as not used any adf.ly links or similar advertisement services
    • You may decompile the mod for personal use but you may not redistribute modified or recompiled versions

    Donations are appreciated. All donations help me pay for college.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Liteloader] VoxelCam - Minecraft Screenshot Manager, Uploader, and Editor
    VoxelCam 1.3.1 has been released! Adds support for Minecraft 1.7.10
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Liteloader] VoxelCam - Minecraft Screenshot Manager, Uploader, and Editor
    Would just like everyone to know that VoxelCam is ready for 1.7.10. I am only waiting on its dependencies of Liteloader and VoxelLib. Also donations can now be submitted via Paypal instead of Bitcoin.
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    posted a message on Mine Little Pony v1.6.4.1
    Quote from darthvader45

    Why the b*** would Verdana use Liteloader? How the heck is it easier than Forge? A vast majority of the mods we know today use Forge, which includes FML(a Forge reimagining of Modloader). Hell, even I've used it for modding, and it is quite easy to mod with, once you read the guide. With the time I have, I could have this mod ported to Forge with a good amount of class-tweaking. If Verdana ain't gonna do it, then I will be happy to. I'll even give credit and a link back to this page.

    Like it or not MineLP 2.0 will be using Liteloader. As for making a Forge version Verdana has specifically stated that people are not allowed to distribute modified versions of his code without permission, and good luck getting in contact with him for that.
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    Just because a few of you don't like Liteloader is not a good enough reason for us not to use it. Liteloader is and will always work alongside Forge. Liteloader is only used to hook into the game and initialize the mod. The next version will not be using the same way of Rendering the player, it uses Liteloaders code injection to hot-edit base code by calling mod methods between render passes.
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    Quote from furitiem

    #1 request to new coder doods from me: Please ditch liteloader if at all possible :steve_rage:

    We will not be ditching Liteloader
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    News update

    ​Verdana will no longer be updating MineLP, the mods licence has been handed off to MehStrongBadMeh to be continued in development by myself and FoxPone. Due to Verdana essentially leaving us with little we have determined that the best course of action is to rewrite the mod as the original code is somewhat of a mess of patches bandaging old code. This process will take time, we cannot give any specific release date but we do have deadline we are working toward. During this transition time we will be releasing patched versions the best we can, these may be buggy or break often. Thank you all for your patience and Verdana for creating this mod.

    Also seaponies confirmed
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] [Liteloader] VoxelCam - Minecraft Screenshot Manager, Uploader, and Editor
    The main menu glitch has finally been fixed, rejoice. Fix will come with the 1.8 version
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    posted a message on The VoxelModPack v12.1: Lazy LapTrap
    Quote from DontBeCursed

    What happened to voxelsniper gui

    Voxelsniper gui has been suspended from the modpack until it is bug free. I have handed it off to other developers to finish.
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