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    ----OOC Info----

    -Minecraft IGN: ThatOneLamia

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): I’ll mainly be using teamspeak, But My skype is “\\ThatOneLamia”

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?: I use to roleplay on games like Unturned, Roblox, Gmod but admittedly this will be my first time RPing in minecraft. (Embarrassingly I use to spend hours on kingdom life in Roblox)

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: I believe powergaming is closely related to god-modding. Which I’ll just explain in a short example dialogue

    (Examp: Joe pulls out his long sword from its sheath with two hands and swiftly swings the blade downwards towards Bob from above his head

    Bob pulls out his shield that was hooked onto his back; Turning around and holding the shield up so the sword clanks onto the shield effectively avoiding the attack)

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Knowledge that shouldn’t be possible OOC

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: I’d describe role playing as pretending to live out (a) scenario(s) as someone other than yourself.

    ----IC Info----

    -Character name: Tavien

    -Character race: Dark elf.

    -Character gender: Male

    -Character age: 53

    -Character Occupation: Treasure hunter/ Freelancer.

    -Character description:

    Tavien reaches around 6’1 with dirty grey straight hair that reaches halfway to the middle of his back, He usually keeps it in a ponytail. Tavien only has a couple battlescars because while he was a freelancer, Most of his jobs didn’t require any fighting with other people, Even during the war. He has a veiny semi-muscular build due to his freelance work. Being a Dark-Elf Tavien has dull pink eyes and light grey skin.

    -Character personality and traits:

    Tavien doesn’t have much to do with other’s affairs and he tends to be rather pessimistic. Not tending to care about how his action affect others he often does stuff that negatively affects others. He is racist towards orcs and goblins and goes out of his way to try and offend them. He worships Uderos for he believes that without balance, Life is chaos.

    -Character biography:

    Tavien was conceived during an affair between a noble and peasant. Being the illegitimate child of a noble as well as being born during the pact war, He was hidden away so that the noble could keep a clean reputation. Tavien was given away to a random family so that no-one would ever know who he was. Adopted at the age of eight, Tavien help work a plot of land in Barkamsted so that he could provide food for himself and others until he was 40 which is when he was kicked out of the farm onto the streets where he soon took up mercenary work

    At the age of 41 Tavien was still naive to the world around him, All he knew was how to write his own name and how to count coins. He was offered a job by a family of wealthy merchants to hunt down some wild animals. That’s where he learned of freelance work. His jobs usually didn’t pay much. But they did pay enough to keep him fed and enough to rent an inn for a couple days at a time so he didn’t have to sleep in the rain.

    One day at the age of 52 Tavien was hired by some people to dig up an abandoned area that was rumored to be full of hidden treasure left behind from the war. Being promised a sixth of the share of gold that they found, He happily took the job. The area was filled with pounds of gold. As soon as he was done digging up the area he felt a blunt pain go across the back of his head. He woke up with all the treasure gone.

    Knowing that whoever took off with the treasure was most likely long gone, He decided not to look for them. But he did decide that between freelance work he would hunt for treasure.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Knowing that the person that took his money was using the crowd as cover, He wouldn’t do anything for the thief was probably faster than himself and the thief would be long lost even If he did chase after him for the crowd makes for an excellent cover.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Taiven would probably take the wolfs life: Putting it out of its misery then sell the corpse of the wolf to a merchant then sell the pups to someone that would for whatever reason want them. Afterwards he would see if there was a reward that the farmers put out to lower the wolf population and if there was, He’d collect on it as well.

    Extra notes: No extra notes.

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