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    Quote from Emerald_Digger98

    Can you shutup! please ^_^

    >Tells me to shut up because I'm expressing my hapiness for something I'm excited for.
    >(Roughly) Everyone does it.
    >You probably do it.

    Sorry. I'll stop breathing also. Tell me this: Why is it so bad to express your happiness?
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    Wool is flammable. So don't put lava on any flammable blocks. Check on the internet to see which blocks are flammable.

    I made a cool map. With wool, I put lava, and the disaster happened. :c

    Personal experience, man.
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    Obviously Endermen.
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    This thread.
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    Quote from Moosharoom23

    Hehe, I got featured :)
    Holy ass, you made that background?
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    I don't play MC:PE. I'm waiting until 0.9.0.

    Infinite worlds, and Endermen. My life is complete.
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    If you post this in the servers section, I think you'd get more and better help there.
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    Quote from dlcoates1

    Yep just follow this.

    Regarding your thread title, you should click edit, full edit, then fix the title, otherwise you might get people that reply like this:

    Or teal, considering it's the inversion of red.
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    This is an interesting dicsussion.

    Welcome to MCF, OP.
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    Name: Lucas. | Age: 14. | Species: Human. | Survival: 1 Day. | Religion: Enderism. | Language: Japanese, English. | Faction: To destroy the evil Herobrine.

    -Strength 5
    -Stamina 4
    -Endurance 8
    -Agility 9
    -Intelligence 10
    -Wisdom 1
    -Sanity 3

    -Gathering valuable resources e.g: Gold, Diamond, Crystal, etc,.

    -Emotionally unstable
    -Anger issues

    Looks: Red eyes, black eye liner, black hair with red strips, and small silver earrings.

    Key Items:
    Knife (Sorry, that's it.)

    (Just the knife)

    I found a crap load of gold. It was so great! I filled them in bags, put them in the back of my truck, and drove to a lake to get some fish. I threw the line in, and patiently waited. Before I knew it, I got a tug. A very hard tug, it nearly pulled ME in, I frantically started pulling the line up. Jesus, this thing was strong. When I finally pulled it up, I realized that... I just hooked some odd looking guy. I yelled "CRAP, SORRY!!", and wondered, why the hell would someone be swimming in a lake? He screamed at me, and tried to attack, he was about to come at me, and I let the line back in, I looked below, and he glared at me. All of a sudden, he screamed again, and the most mind-blowing thing happened... His eyes lit up, with a bright white, as seconds passed, it intensified, it got so bright, it hurt! It almost blinded me! I dropped the fishing rod, dropped to my knees whipping my eyes. I quickly packed my stuff back and drove off.

    I soon got into traffic. I yelled "F"!!! It was pretty bad.. I kept going, but slow as hell. I got a call, it was terrible, apparently... My mother... Was murdered. My eyes teared up, and I yelled "WHO IS THIS?!?!?!" he replied, but I don't recall the name. I put down the phone, put up all the windows, and just screamed. I couldn't believe it. I don't know how this could happen.

    Soon after the traffic cleared. I went to my moms house, where it happened. There was a mess of people everywhere, but I ignored it. As I got in, it was horrible. My eyes teared up, and a drop fell into a little puddle of blood. I walked around the house, and I found a note. It said: "Herobrine #Glowingeyes". I looked at the paper thinking "Da fu- WAIT A MINUTE.. The fishing rod. The glowing eyes. Was that this Herobrine"??? I ripped the paper and looked around. This thing is going to pay. No, die.

    I went home, and went to go to bed. Still crying. This... is horrible. That son of a *Word not allowed on here*!! I'll kill it. All of a sudden, I started to smell an odd perfume. I tried to say "What the-", but I couldn't speak. Infact, I couldn't move. I was paralized. I looked at the corner of my eye, and saw the bedroom door open. And, you guessed it — Herobrine. I tried to move, no use. I tried to cuss at it, no use. I couldn't move. The thing stood there staring at me, his eyes lit up, and I can see the whole room, eventually, the light was so bright, I had to close my eyes. I can feel his presence, hear the sound of my hear pounding. All of a sudden, I didn't hear anything, or feel anything. I think I became unconscious. Soon enough, I woke up on a grassy field. With this tall black creature staring at me, with these huge purple eyes. It then vanished. I pinched myself to determine if I was dreaming or not, ouch! I yelled. I was awake. I felt my pocket, and I had a knife in it. (I was chopping some onions to make a sandwich). I was ready to find this thing. And make it pay for what it has done.
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    APPLICATION: The Dark Lord Arrives (Minecraft based RP) [Always Accepting] {Over one year and strong}

    Name: Lucas | Age: 14 | Species: Human | Survival: 1 | Religion: Enderism | Language: English, and Japanese | Faction: To destroy the evil Herobrine.

    -Strength 20
    -Stamina 9
    -Endurance 6
    -Agility 15
    -Intelligence 45
    -Wisdom 4
    -Sanity 10

    Gathering resources
    Tree Climbing

    -Emotionally unstable

    Black hair, with very few red and blue strips, left eye purple, right eye pink, scar on left cheek, black eyeshadow on left and right eyes, white skin, jeans, and grey shirt saying "E N D E R" with neon green bleeding text.

    Key Items
    Diamond Sword

    What seemed a week ago, was so long ago. I was walking in the woods to hunt for some food. I grabbed a long pointy stick, and climbed up a tree with it. I was waiting for something delicious to walk by, like Dear or something. But something was off. I felt as if something in the mere future were going to happen. Something apocalyptic.. But I ignored the thought, and closed my eyes relaxing, and waiting for something to approach me. as I closed my eyes, I saw a face, it was almost terrifying. It had pitch white glowing eyes. I didn't recall anymore details, I then opened my eyes fell off the tree, from fright. And landed in a pile of leaves. I soon got picked up to find a Dear nibbling on my shirt. I killed it, and brought it home.

    I was going to bed at night, and was going to sleep, I heard tapping on a window with the curtains over it. I got up, walked over to the window, and removed the curtains. Before I can even think of what it might be. It was there. The creepy white-eyed face from my vision. I ran backwards, tripping over my shoelace, and the curtains went back to normal. I re-opened the curtains again, but very slowly this time, thinking the face will be there again. Nothing. I opened this chest my father gave me, before he passed. When I opened it, there was a diamond sword. He said it has great power, and can cut through anything only once, with the first blow. I picked it up. And headed outside.

    I opened my door, to walk outside, it was all dark. So I put on a light, continuing to walk, I jumped because the uncalled for sound of my door slamming shut. I tried to open it, it was no use. It was locked... I then went around my house to the backyard, and nothing was there. Not even a footprint. I sighed and was about to turn around, but I didn't for a while, because I felt breathing on my neck. I rapidly turned around to find nothing. Is my mind playing tricks on me? I thought nervously. I was about to walk, the first step I took. I felt a presence behind me. The feeling was almost paralyzing, and what ever it was behind me had a ridiculous amount of power. I turned around, and I saw the face again. I screamed and tried to hit it, as I preformed my first blow, I felt the sword cut through space. The most unnatural feeling I've ever felt, but unfortunately, I missed it. It disappeared and appeared behind me, I turned around and it grabbed me and picked me up, the eyes' glow got brighter and brighter, almost blinding, I couldn't see, it was all white, soon that white faded away, and I can see, for some reason, the thing was gone. I felt as if it cursed me with something. My ambient started to become purple, and very blurry, I then fainted.
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    My opinion on this: Does it work? Yes and no. No, because it won't actually speed up time, but at the same time yes. Because it will seem like it did.. I took a break from MCF for a while. I was on another places of the internet, Youtube, Transformice, and whatnot. But as I came back, I saw for te next update, "Patatoes, carrots", and other stuff. But before I left, it just said "0.7.5 released!". These tips are somewhat truthful. And that saying definitely applies "Time flies when you're having fun!".
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    Quote from BOSS0977
    currently mined out the whole worlds cobblestone;

    Unbelievable. Let me see a picture.
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