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    Wonderful map. NOT. get on the world and instantly wander through random pointless things with random pointless words on signs. This is the most stupid map every to exist. you don't do ANYTHING.
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    You should add the ability to make specifically placed villages and dungeons, strongholds too, and also for the foliage and stuff add the ability to change the density of it and the ability to make only specific parts spawn them.
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    One time i started a world next to a skeleton spawner, in the darkness. i was repeatedly spawnkilled. since i don't believe in peaceful i deleted the world
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    POWER TO THE NOTCH!!!!!!!! xD
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    You could download AMIDST. its free, you can find temples and strongholds too! Along with identify biomes and stuff in places far away.
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    posted a message on How do i downgrade minecraft?
    Well I had to delete and reinstall the app, but because of that I accidentally updated to the new version. I really don't want zombies in my well lit house. So how do I downgrade the game so I can have a normal time again?
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    DAY ONE:
    First, after starting your new world the first think you should do is punch a tree, trees give wood which can be crafted into planks, which is needed for many important crafting recipes, you should get more wood and planks until it is about half way to night (about four or five mins of a day is 10 mins). Now you should craft a crafting table, go into the crafting menu as you did with planks, you should now see an option to craft a crafting table. The crafting table is an extremely important block to any person who plays, the crafting table allows you to craft more thinks such as tools, there are currently only 4 tools, the sword (for killing mobs), the pickaxe (for mining stone, coal, and various ores), the axe (for more quickly chopping trees, and other wood made products), and last but not least the shovel (for drilling more swiftly through sand, dirt, and gravel). For now you should probably just craft a pickaxe, to do that first craft some sticks, craft extras too for other important things later on. Once you have your pickaxe, if you have mountains nearby you may notice a black ore that is different from the rest of the stone, this is called coal, if you do not have any nearby mountains the best idea would be to dig down, (not straight down mind you) and get some stone, once you have a good amount of coal and/or stone you should craft torches, torches are important to provide light to your creations to prevent monsters from spawning inside them. And you should also build a furnace and stone tools, by now it should be almost nighttime, now it's time to build a house to protect you from the night. Craft a door or two in your crafting table, the lay some wood or cobblestone blocks in a pattern that surrounds a small area, now keep adding up to these, (for now all you REALLY need is a two block high wall because zombies are the only mob, but in the next update there are spiders and skeletons) once it is adequately high, it's good to add a roof, break a two block high hole in your wall and place the door there, place some torches inside and your furnace and crafting table and congrats, you have a fully functioning house, it should be night now.

    You might hear odd moaning sounds outside, those are zombies, they can kill you, so because you are not quite prepared to fight yet it's best to stay inside, you should build a small indoor mine, pretty much just make a staircase going down into the ground, first you should find iron, it's kind of a brown stone with the same look as coal. Be sure to mine this with a stone pickaxe as a wooden one will only destroy the ore. It will drop as a block unlike coal, now you must turn it into a metal! How you ask? Go back up to your furnace, place it in the top, and coal in the bottom. (if you turned all of your coal into torches then you can also use leftover wooden planks or logs. Now wait a little while, once at least three of these has turned into an iron ingot, take it put and go to your crafting table, make an iron pickaxe, although it may not seem you now possess the second most powerful pickaxe in the game. It should soon be day, you may want to go down into the mine and get some more stone and iron, until early morning when all the zombies should have died.

    DAY TWO:
    You survived the first night and day, the most challenging part, now you can start working on things that please yourself, such as digging up sand and smelting it in the furnace to make glass, and in turn using that to make windows. You may also want to get flowers and decorate the outside, maybe smelt some cobblestone into smooth stone and make stone half slabs which make nice pathways around the outside of your house, you could even expand your house and add other rooms for different purposes (refer to building tips). By now it should be night soon, hurry on inside.

    Now you should begin your long search for diamonds, the best and rarest resource. Diamonds can give you extremely powerful tools, and although it has not been added yet, in the future armor. Diamonds are in the very lowest areas of the map, near the dark unbreakable rock known as bedrock, and all that lies beneath bedrock is a void that will kill you. Diamonds are hard to find but they are there. You may also notice a red like ore, that's redstone it's not currently implemented but eventually it will be. Continue your search all through the night.

    You may continue to upgrade your house, or maybe create new things, like wondorous castles, massive skyscrapers, and interesting pixel art with wool. Another thing that will be useful is to start farming sugarcane and mushrooms. (refer to farming and uses of it) do these things until night draws upon you once more.

    If you have large amounts of luck you may have found diamonds as this is only your second night of searching, if you have you can now use your diamonds to make the incredibly powerful tools, which will greatly increase your efficiency in everything, there are other things you can do with your ores and diamonds too, (refer to cheats for people who really need them). It should be day now.

    If you were one of the few lucky people who found diamond this early, continue to build extraordinary structures, if not I would advice continuing to mine for diamonds, make sure your deep enough, and you may want to try to mine in other ways. (refer to mining strategies) do this all day.

    If you still have yet to find diamonds keep mining, if you have found them you can light up a large area and continue building as you see fit. If a zombie does attack you (craft a diamond sword as soon as you get diamonds) draw your freshly made diamond sword and fight back! (refer to cheats for people who really need them)

    Still no diamonds? (refer to mining strategies)
    If you do have diamonds keep on building.

    If you haven't found diamonds yet.... Well your out of luck because either your doing something very wrong with it or your world lacks diamonds, so continue to build with or without diamonds the minecraft world is yours to command!

    Congratulations you have mastered everything you need to know about minecraft PE, would you like to see more? I bet you do!


    Here is a list of small easy cheats that are good if your in a bad situations.
    -- The infinite diamonds and ores trick:
    In this trick you must have at least 6 of that material to start with, go into your crafting table and craft it Into a block, when you craft it back to normal it gives you 3 extra. Infinite ores and diamond you see.
    -- Infinite sword trick:
    You may notice after hitting mobs that's the sword's durability does not decrease unless you break a block with it, so you can use the same diamond sword forever you see.
    -- footnote: I don't personally believe in cheating in minecraft so that's all I'm willing to give up for cheats. Sorry guys but I don't want any game breaking. :)

    Here is a list of different mining styles that increase efficiency:
    Basically you mine in a formation like this:
    S is stone T is long tunnel you should make B is bedrock.

    S S S S S S
    S T S S T S
    S T S S T S
    S S S S S S
    B B B B B B

    If you continue this latter across a long row it should give maximum efficiency because since stone is not transparent you can't see behind it if you put two tunnels around two aces where stone are you can see one side depending on which tunnel your in, therefore not wasteing time doing frivelous tunnels that take wasted time running back and forth.

    This is mainly for getting mass stone or clearing a large underground area, but getting resources too. In quarrying you do the same thing as Cherrypicking but you remove the walls in between making a vast open area.

    This is a mainly astethic method, but also useful for map makers, you basically mine in every direction possible, making random patterns each time, this does although give good amounts of ore. Here is a simple diagram of a basic Mazing mine on an aerial viewpoint
    S is stone T is for tunnel

    S S T S S T S S T S S
    S S T S S T S S T S S
    T T T T T T T T T T T
    S S T S S T S S T S S
    S S T S S T S S T S S
    And basically repeating that patter over and over and over again.

    --Total FailShoot:
    This method is for when all hope seems lost, go to a new area of your map and make a new mine using any of these strategies.

    Currently in the game you can only farm mushrooms, Sugarcane, and trees.

    Mushrooms are not too challenging to farm, all you really need is a dark room, and mushroom to start with. Simply put both types of mushrooms in a dark room as seed mushrooms, these will spread, later on you can come back and harvest the new mushrooms. Mushrooms right now are only really here to look good, at some point mushroom stew will be added and it will be a good food source for those who plan early, because food is a live saver in deadly situations.

    Sugarcane, like mushrooms, isn't very hard to farm, all you need is a lake/ocean and sugarcane to start out with. There are two methods to farm sugarcane, the compact and the less compact.
    --less compact, basically all you do is take the top two sugar cane blocks off the plant and keep lining them across the shoreline, looks interesting though depending on the theme your going for.
    --compact, with the shoreline dig trenches that the water flows into and line the sides of it with sugarcane. High efficiency too.
    Sugarcane can be used to make paper and sugar, sugar when cakes are added will be used in the crafting recipe for them. Paper can be used to make books, books can be used to make bookshelves, and bookshelves are one of the nicest looking blocks in the game.

    Trees are kind of an obvious one. Just chop trees take the saplings and replant them. Though you can make them look good by planting them in lines or surrounding the planting area in stone slabs. Trees make wood and can be sheared for their leaves. Wood a
    Has many previously gone over uses. Leaves that are sheared can be used in shrubberies.

    In one of the soon upcoming updates there will be chests for holding items, useful for making the rooms better.

    Crafting room: A basic room with a crafting table, a furnace and some chests. Useful for quickly coming inside crafting something and getting back out into the world.
    Furnace room: A room that is just lined with tons of furnaces, used to craft mass materials quickly, may also include chests for coal and ore.
    Storage room: A room lined with loads of chests for mass storage.
    Mudroom: A room with chests with needed supplies like swords, if you need to quickly prepare to fight or retrieve your dropped loot after you die this room is useful.
    Library: A room filled with bookshelves the room has no intended purpose but looks good.
    Other rooms: There are various other rooms that can be made by designing furniture using the blocks you have the rooms have no real use but look interesting.

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    posted a message on Skeleton-Building problems.
    Quote from fiddycent

    You sure ask a lot of questions.

    Thats not even an answer, so shut up.

    Quote from Darksaber268

    You could just put glass panes up, but they will shoot you from 16 blocks away.

    Thank you, i will work on that, also thanks for being helpful unlike fiddycent.
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    posted a message on What is your most hated block?
    Diamonds, i always have WAY to much of it, so much that i could drop an entire stack in lava and not give the slightest care.
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    posted a message on Reputation Points
    Okay.... so its basically like a "like" button? except every single one you get show you how much people like you :D
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