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    posted a message on HoovesCraft MLP Server *BUILDERS NEEDED*
    IGN: ThatDamnGernade
    Brony or Pegasister?: Brony
    1-10, how good are you at building?: Depends on what you're looking for, but overall, a 7.
    Redstone Skills?(optional): Even with the latest release, an 8.5.
    Are you awesome?: Does having a Pony folder count?
    Sure?: I just don't know what went wrong!
    Favorite Pony: Derpy, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis
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    posted a message on Server Needs Staff and Builders
    POSITION: Builder and Redstone Engineer
    IGN: ThatDamnGernade
    AGE: 20
    HOURS AVAILABLE TO PLAY: Depending on work and any real life plans, 3-9.
    ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Spoilering due to large image content.

    Water Columns

    Space Invader!

    Rapid Fire Arrow Dispenser

    Tri Fountain


    Piston Doorway

    Piston Floor Trap

    Lava/Water Doorway

    Flaming Arrow Dispenser & Crusher


    Suspended Sand Trap

    Rapid Crusher (not as good as the regular crusher, but still entertaining)

    Random House

    TNT Cannon

    (Builders)- BUILDING SKILLS OUT OF 10: An 8? Sorta depends on how intricate you want something.
    (Redstone Engineers)- KNOWLEDGE OF REDSTONE WIRING AND CIRCUITS OUT OF 10: Maybe an 8 as well.
    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I like to alternate my skin every now and again, usually between Colress, Isaac Clarke, and Subject Delta. If it wasn't obvious from the pics, I'm a bit of a prankster. I typically avoid TNT because it is a pain in the **** to 'clean up.' I also have Skype with a mic; just to throw that out there.
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    posted a message on Project Adonis - Unique and awesome! Desperate for builders!
    Name: Matt
    IGN: ThatDamnGernade
    Skype: ThatDamnGernade (I have a mic)
    Position: Builder
    Past builds:

    Why should we choose you over others: Well, if my activity time frame below is of no issue to you, I can be on for a nice, long time. Although still rough, my redstone skills are slowly improving, like the rapid-fire arrow dispenser shown in the pics. I had other works, but I never saved a screen cap of them and I no longer have access to the server they were on due to them being offline.
    Any other unique skills: Does being able to build a small town in the Nether that won't be blown up by Ghasts count?
    Have long will you dedicate your time to this project per week: I have a job that gives me inconsistent hours, but I can easily invest several hours. Usually, if I'm in the right building mindset, I can go from 8:30 p.m. EST to (at the latest) almost 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. EST (depends what is occurring tomorrow). But on a day off with no other obligations, it can depend what time I wake up. (2:00 p.m. at the latest)
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    posted a message on Builders needed for a Medieval Rpg
    IGN: ThatDamnGernade
    Days I Can Play: Almost everyday unless I say something otherwise.
    Age: 20

    I can post some screenies if I have to.
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