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    I am bumping this thread rather than make a new one about better trees.

    I agree that trees should have a better growth system. Crops grow in 7 stages. So why not trees? And why should a huge meter-wide tree grow instantaneously when crops take forever? It makes no sense, or more importantly, it's not consistent with everything else in the game that grows gradually. Trees were one of the first features in Minecraft... why not overhaul them a bit??

    I found this mod that does a great take on it. Unfortunately it is only supported by version 1.7.

    This really should be vanilla!

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    Today I was exploring a new world I generated in 1.9 and I was looking for some strongholds. I followed the eye of ender over mountains, deserts, and finally into a vast ocean. One of the eyes fell in the water, so I jumped in the ocean to get it back. It was one of those deep oceans and I nearly drowned just getting it. Anyway, on my way back up, I look on the top of an underwater mountain and I see some kind of weird building. My first thought is some kind of underwater temple, but there were no guardians. Then I wondered if it was a generation bug, or maybe a secret structure in 1.9 sort of like an underwater igloo. Then as I got closer, well... it became obvious what it was.

    The stronghold spawned on top of an underwater mountain, as a single room. Just the portal room. There wasn't any other stronghold structure. It was kind of funny, because I really wanted to explore a stronghold. Well... this was the fastest I've ever explored one, that's for sure.

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    posted a message on Golden Sun Remake Update

    That looks awesome! Are you going to recreate the whole world some day?

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    posted a message on My simple infinite railroad... takes only a minute to build it!

    Oh hey, thanks for reviving the thread.

    Although, I wouldn't recommend this contraption for your purpose, unless you really wanted to. It can take a while to travel 15,000 blocks by minecart, and it only goes in a straight line, forever--you'd have to watch it and stop it when you needed it to. It's not good for going up or down. It would be faster to place the railroad with a mod like World Edit. The cut/paste block command has a limit, you can only do a few hundred blocks at a time if I recall correctly. Of course, if you're making the rail with intent to ride it anyway, maybe the time to ride and lay down track is not an issue? So maybe it's not a bad idea, if you don't want to use 3rd party plugin.

    I can also point out, with a little adjustment of the numbers in the code, you can easily do this with a bigger railroad--say, if you wanted a big decorative railroad, or simply just to lay down a second track so one is "east bound" and one is "west bound". You can also modify the code to replace the command blocks as you go along, so future riders don't trigger them. If you are clever, it is actually possible to use this same concept and make a design that goes diagonally. If you are a genius, you can make one that also lays down decorative supports underneath it that don't penetrate the earth (hint: replace columns of air with columns of fence post). If you are a psycho, you can make one that shoots infinite fireworks (or TNT!) as you ride along.

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    posted a message on Most useless item in the game?

    Aside from the myriad of useless potions...

    To me, the most useless item is the minecart with a furnace.

    This antiquated piece of crap was replaced by gold rails a long, long time ago. It was a good idea, in theory. But it was way too slow, it lacked any user interface, it lacked power, it was not dependable, and it was expensive. You had to have a chain of them just to get a minecart up a long ramp. And what if one ran out of coal before you got to the top? The whole chain would come crashing down. It was just... never implemented well. So they went with the much-easier-to-code power rails.

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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)

    Sure, you can use custom generation with any seed!

    My warning to you, though--your mileage may vary. Once you modify the world generation (specifically the ones relating to biomes) then mapping programs like AMIDST won't work. I know because I did exactly this. I found a seed that had all biomes within 2k of spawn. But in that world, it's not all laid out exactly like AMIDST planned it would, and I didn't play with anything biome-related. Then again, custom world generation can alter the world so much, sometimes you can hardly recognize even the simplest biome.

    So my suggestion to you is, find a preset you like first, then choose about 5 seeds to try with it. Try generating a few worlds and exploring in spectator mode.

    What preset should you use? I suggest you read the thread and check the screenshots. You can do a lot of things. You could play on a regular world, but with lava oceans. You could play on a world where the entire world is underground. You could play on hundreds of floating islands.

    I recommend checking out the wiki for ideas:


    (notice that there are some presets like "Water World" and "Caver's Delight" you could consider)

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    posted a message on Ultimate Customized World Generation Guide
    Quote from BigAlanM»

    Actually the world produced by seed = 0 (zero) can be produced.

    The seed input routine senses a blank input or an input of 0 as a request for a random seed.

    BUT, you CAN enter a text string that will "hash" to zero thus bypassing that sensing.

    Entering any of the following strings (without the quotes) will result in generating the zero seed world.

    "pollinating sandboxes"
    "amusement & hemophilias"
    "schoolworks = perversive"
    "bequirtle zorillo"
    "chronogrammic schtoff"
    "contusive cloisterlike"
    "creashaks organzine"
    "drumwood boulderhead"
    "electroanalytic exercisable"

    Personally I consider the zero world pretty boring.

    Wow. Well now I learned another new thing. That is pretty interesting.

    I suppose... you have something that tells you how to get something to "hash" to 0, huh?

    I use AMIDST too, and until now I had no idea why my "0" worlds never matched the "0" map. Do you happen to know, does AMIDST properly read custom generated worlds, since they could potentially have shrunken/enlarged biomes?

    Quote from kwerti»

    As a number. Cannot be entered as a number.

    Right. I'll stick to Seed 1 next time since really there isn't anything special about Seed 0, it was just an unfortunate choice on my part. Well, there goes a whole folder of images and about an hour of head-scratching.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Customized World Generation Guide

    That explains so much, man. I had no idea why everything was changing so much every time I regenerated terrain. LOL.

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    posted a message on Modding Tutorial for 1.8
    Quote from Dark_Derion»
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    Буду очень благодарен


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    posted a message on On Notch's new blog post, "You"

    I feel like it's about Bukkit, actually. The hulks and the sheep are Bukkit and Mojang. I bet he's sad how relations between Bukkit and Mojang collapsed catastrophically. The way the story ends with ruin, echoes how the dev team melted down, turned on itself, and was never repaired or replaced.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Customized World Generation Guide

    Wow, I just noticed that a forum was created special for Customized Worlds!


    Since when did this exist, and how do I move my topic there?

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    posted a message on [14w17a] Custom World Generation Presets! (Post your Best ones here)

    Actually, it's almost a year old now which is pretty cool!

    Good job guys!

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    posted a message on My simple infinite railroad... takes only a minute to build it!

    Actually, you could combine the two, having it clone the track ahead and delete the track behind, keeping you on one segment. Saves you the mess. Plus, someone could use this for an easy On A Rail achievement.

    Ha, I forgot about achievements. That is a good one.
    I didn't get the achievement when I tried this out on my world, because I hadn't bothered to get all the ones before it. So anyone looking to test this out, don't forget all the prerequisite achievements.

    There's also some logistic complication of deleting the track as it goes. The track copies what is directly around the command block. So if you break the track to get out (as I suggest, to avoid the empty cart running off) you'll have to make sure to fix it before you get back in. Usually, I just hop back on a previous section of the rail, and don't worry about fixing anything. But if the old track is deleted, there's no option for that.

    Hm. Speaking of the empty cart running off... now I'm imagining a version of this that is weaponized, and drops TNT as it runs along. Then instead of neatly erasing itself, it leaves a wake of destruction.
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    posted a message on My simple infinite railroad... takes only a minute to build it!
    Hmm. I never thought about disassembly.

    I kind of like leaving a giant trail of track behind. Actually, if you didn't want it to do this, it wouldn't be too hard to add additional code or another command block that erases the track as you go along. If you're interested in doing that but don't know how, maybe I can help.

    Thanks for your comment!
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    posted a message on My simple infinite railroad... takes only a minute to build it!
    Hey guys,

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I just wanted to share this simple concept I built. You could copy the design too, probably in only a minute! I got the recent idea from the infinite rollercoaster video that was posted here a few days ago. I wanted to make something simpler, something that just goes in a straight line. It's pretty easy.

    This is... it.

    You may notice the one command block. Here is the code:

    When you ride the railroad, it will begin to copy the rails under you, and paste them ahead. (by the way, it ONLY GOES IN ONE DIRECTION, which is -x)

    Yep, it just goes on and on and on. It is a pretty fun ride.

    What if there is a mountain in the way?

    No big deal, it just plows through it.

    Guys, that's about it.

    It's simple, it's stupid, but it works. You can build this in your own world and just sit back and watch the world generate. I just have to warn you, this setup runs East/West, not North/South. You'll need to fiddle with the code to make it run the other way. Also, it doesn't take long to travel insanely far, so use the design at your own discretion.

    Oh, and when you want to get off, don't just hop out. I recommend destroying the track in front of you. You don't want this thing running off on its own. It can be hard to catch up with if it gets away.

    Have fun riding the infinite rail.

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