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I've had Minecraft since 2011 (registered on this forum in 2012). Back when the game was in it's prime. I remember when I first started playing, no mods installed just vanilla Minecraft beta version 1.4. I had the most fun with this game back on that first world I generated. I remember the old community and the first server I played on. The old Minecraft videos like SeaNanners old lets play videos from 4 years ago and the "In Search of Diamonds" video, now everything has changed drastically, the game is no longer that fun simple little sandbox game not many people heard of, and the feelings that the old Minecrafters got while playing a few years back will never return and playing this game will never be the same ... But **** I still love this game and despite all that's changed I still have had more fun on this game than I've ever had in any video game. It's hard not to have that kind of fun playing a game where literally just about anything is possible.

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