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    Quote from MrAwesomeness314

    does it work on 1.7.2?

    Not yet, they're working on it.
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    TH3_FIST3R's Mob Arena with shop
    Version: Alpha_1.1
    - Round Based Arena
    - Custom Bosses
    - Point Based System
    - Shop
    - Fancy Command block UI
    Alpha 1.0:
    Credit to Unknown Reddit User for Neil Zombstrong name and command line.
    Decided to make this one day suddenly. I'm sure someone has already made something like this, but I haven't saw or looked for any such thing other than the mob arena bukkit plug-in.
    Current Version capabilities:
    5 Levels including boss (seen in screenshot).
    Shop able to buy Iron or Diamond Sword.
    To do list:
    1. Expand Shop
    2. Expand amount of Levels
    3. Apocalypse Mode (Never Ending Mobs)
    4. Pretty up the Arena to look like a Colosseum
    5. Make redstone actually look nice.
    World Download:
    Any suggestions are welcome!
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