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    posted a message on The Nether needs more stuff

    When making a suggestion, it is recommended to put all the ideas in the OP(original post). By no means you should depend on the community to suggest ideas for you. Seriously, this isn't a discussion held by a person who make a detailed suggestion. Its a lazy person ranting that the nether is boring and provide extremely vague suggestion. Saying that you wants new structures, blocks, plants and mobs and nothing else is of utmost vagueness. Don't hope that everyone will provides idea to you. You ain't see the real critics yet. Those critics could really burn your feeling easily, rapidly, and even has an everlasting effects that make you remember them in particular. This depends on how tough you can handle real critics, so take caution.

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    posted a message on Two additional new compasses Obsidian Compass & Diamond Compass

    Naming something Diamond Compass and Obsidian Compass isn't a step down, its a leap down. Other than that, this would be helpful for travelling or mapmaking. And I believe some of the name that could be more original would be Marker Compass and Marker Compass(Locked). Just suggesting more original name. Anyways, how do you craft the diamond compass exactly, and why Obsidian Compass had to exist as it simply set a marker that can't be moved. Possibly for permanent marker? I can't tell which could possibly be better. Obsidian compass is rather cheap for something of great usefulness. Diamond compass should cost some diamonds, while obsidian compass only cost some obsidian.

    Obsidian is very hard but is fairly common. Just pour a bucket of water on top of a lava pool, and you should have a tons of obsidian to mine.

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    posted a message on Village In More Biomes~~~[Concept]
    Quote from C1ff»

    It seems like these new biomes are a nice way to fix the problem of Villages not being able to spawn in these biomes, although you could argue that the extreme hills biome is meant to be lonely and mysterious. (Although I suppose it doesn't really have that much of a moody atmosphere compared to the Nether or End...)

    Artesian Villager: I don't like how blocky his house is. I also find it odd that you would place a blue house like that in a red/orange biome (Tide Pods meme?) Now, Villagers ask pretty expensive prices for basic raw materials, but this guy is asking way too much even for a normal Villager. I would never, ever, use the concrete trades unless there's no sand or gravel to be found in the world whatsoever. (Which is unlikely.)

    [I'm not a good builder, and I don't think you should say something is bad just because the OP can't make an okay building. But perhaps.. I can improve the quality of my builds in the future. Beside, concrete trades would make concrete a renewable resource. Plus, he gave it to you in excessive quantity, so you only needs to do one trade to have some in your inventory.]

    Hunter: Seems like a good location for their house. I do find it odd that he has no buying trades. (He could buy arrows from the player...) His selling trades are kinda meh, though. Obviously uninteresting to a player with a mob farm, but also there are few times I really need rotten flesh beyond early game. I think I'd use his gunpowder or bone trades, but even those are a bit expensive...

    [He now has a buying trades. And that's like saying that the trades for bread is uninteresting to those who already has a fully automatic giant wheat farm. Plus, if your far away from that mob farm of yours, then doing some of this trade can prove helpful. And I lowered the prices.]

    Lumberjack: I don't see how the player is going to be able to take advantage of the enchanted tool trades. Is he supposed to just use the enchanting table and hope? None of his sells seem worth it. Especially since he literally spawns in a jungle biome. (The Village itself deserves a bit more describing. I want to know how this is supposed to generate...)

    The player give the lumberjack a pre-enchanted axe(that has been enchanted by the player or by natural generation) and I changed it so he spawns in the desert instead, making his trades of a very high quality. He don't take the axe and enchant it himself. But I guess I should increase the emeralds gain from him. I'll add it to the OP immediately.

    Miner: I don't feel like the player should be able to have his mining done for him. That being said though, the trades are still pretty expensive, and considering all of these resources can be found almost anywhere in the world, I don't feel like this Villager is useful at all.

    I removed him.

    Support Pending, at least until I see improvement and more detail.

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    posted a message on Village In More Biomes~~~[Concept]
    The common problem with village generation is that if the terrain isn't even, there's a chance that the village could messed up. This issue occur even to current village, which cause various terrain problems such as farm being built very high in the air or house being blocked by the path. Therefore, I propose a solution for this problem. If this problem can be fixed, then travelling could potentially be much more exciting and thrilling, while also opening some new possibilities.


    The solution for this issue can be fixed in a way. The way is the sub-biome, which generate a sub-biome specific for villages. This sub-biome has no caves, trees, dungeons, or any other structure except village and is almost perfectly even. The village will then generate inside the sub-biome. This sub-biome adopt to the block of the surrounding biome. The sub-biome would be referred as BiomeName V, such as Jungle V, Swamp V or Extreme Hills V. This would allow for generation of village in multiple biome.

    Villages Types and Spawning:-

    Since village would now spawn in lots of biome, surely we can't have it so that village would have the same spawn rate. Instead, the spawn rate of village would be lowered by 50% in most biomes. If you pay attention, you'll realize that I say most biomes. Why, you ask? Because the spawn rate in Savanna, Snow Plains, Plains and Desert isn't affected. And since there's gonna be lotta village, it would be incredibly repetitive to see the same kind of village all over again, just with different blocks.

    Classic Village:-

    This village can generate in Plains, Forest, Roofed Forest, Savanna and its variant. This village is the same as normal village, except they're made out of the surrounding blocks. For example, a village in Roofed Forest would be made out of dark oak woods block such as door, fence, slab, and even the planks and logs of the village. This is to make the village seems more fitting.

    Plateau Village:-

    A village generated in Desert, Mesa and its variant. This village is often made out of sandstone or red sandstone, depending on the biome. This village uses sandstone/red sandstone variant in builds, while the fence and door were oak variant. Artesan Villager spawn here inside their own art house, which is a house with a color as a theme with a few painting/banner inside. They have a stained glass. Sorry if the house looks bad. I'm not an experienced builder, so if anyone has better builds, then be sure to show it to me. The sawmill also generate here, and the only place in the desert where you can get some wood.

    Snowy Village:-

    This village generate in snow plains, taiga, tundra, and its variant. It is made out of mainly spruce wood, though sometimes it is made out of actual snow block and packed ice. The door, fences, slab and stair were always spruce variant. This village is the home to the Hunter, a new villager which can be found in its own watchtower, made out of cobblestone and spruce wood.

    Jungle Village:-

    Exclusive to the Jungle biomes only. This village is built on top of several huge, 2x2 jungle tree. Each tree holds only 1 building, with the path being made out of jungle wood and fenced in. All wooden block were jungle variant, whereas all cobblestone has 50% chance to be mossy cobblestone instead.

    Mountain Village:-

    Generate only in Extreme Hills biomes. This village is built inside the mountain, meaning the houses is build as a space with the furniture inside. The well is put in the very center, and all building uses as little wood as possible, instead replacing them with cobblestone/stone variant. All fences is now cobblestone walls.

    Villager Type:-

    Lumberjack:Specialized in selling wood related items.


    Iron Axe for 6-8 emeralds

    Diamond Axe for 9-12 emeralds

    Enchanted Iron Axe for 16-28 emeralds

    Enchanted Diamond Axe for 18-30 emeralds


    12-16 planks for 5-7 emeralds

    12-16 logs for 9-13 emeralds

    20-32 sticks for 4-8 emeralds

    1 boat for 10-12 emeralds

    2-4 armor stands for 13-17 emeralds

    Artesan:Specialized in selling decorative blocks and items.


    16-24 white wools for 4-8 emeralds(Painter)

    16-20 colored wools for 6-8 emeralds(Painter)

    4-8 paintings for 9-12 emeralds(Painter)

    1-2 banner(s)(random pattern) for 12-15 emeralds(Painter)

    1 Shield(random pattern) for 11-14 emeralds(Painter)

    20-40 terracottas for 9-12 emeralds(Sculptor)

    20-32 glazed terracottas for 12-20 emeralds(Sculptor)

    20-32 concrete powders for 12-18 emeralds(Sculptor)

    20-40 concretes for 12-18 emeralds(Sculptor)


    16-24 white wools for 4-8 emeralds(Painter)

    8-12 colored wools for 4-8 emeralds(Painter)

    3-6 paintings for 4-8 emeralds(Painter)

    6-10 dyes(random) for 3-5 emeralds(Painter)

    12-20 prismarines for 12-18 emeralds(Sculptor)

    10-12 purpur bricks for 10-19 emeralds(Sculptor)

    10-12 Endbricks for 10-19 emeralds(Sculptor)

    16-32 stone brick for 1-2 emeralds(Sculptor)



    16-32 arrows for 2-3 emeralds


    16-32 rotten fleshes for 2-3 emeralds

    12-24 bones for 2-3 emeralds

    12-24 strings for 2-3 emeralds

    4-8 spider eyes for 3-4 emeralds

    6-10 gunpowders for 2-3 emeralds

    Conclusion: With the addition of different kinds of village in different biome each having different villagers, it shouldn't take long to realize that adventuring has gotten a whole lot of improvement. Travelling would now be much more exiting, and encourage travelling in more biomes. The new villager also ensure the players aren't satisfied with just village, as they're going to miss out on other villager trades.

    Notes:The build is made in MCPE, 0.11.55 meaning things like banner, armor stand isn't available in the pic. The Art House may have some armor stand inside(to represent the statue).

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    posted a message on Chorans- a new danger to the End
    Quote from fishg»

    I suppose yes, though I haven't though much about it. If a Choran were spawned in the Overworld, their explosion radius would already be huge, because their explosion would is increased to accommodate endstone hardness. I can't imagine what a charged choran would do.

    Well, let's be happy that the only way for Choran to be in the overworld is via spawn egg or /summon command. Otherwise, my fortress will have a GIGANTIC crater in it shall Charged Choran were to occur. Or perhaps it's explosion strength is weakened in the overworld ?

    Well, I would like to see some kind of super "nuke" mob, but that may sound like an overkill to me.
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    posted a message on Chorans- a new danger to the End

    I had a question. If Choran were to be spawned in the overworld via spawn egg, and then they got struck by lightning(either natural or artificial), will they become charged like a normal creeper does?

    Anyways, support. This would be a true challenge to the otherwise boring End Dimension.

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    posted a message on Questions: How to use attribute modifier

    To know how Attribute modifiers work, look at the wiki

    /give @p minecraft:diamond_sword 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.maxHealth",Name:"generic.maxHealth",Amount:20,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:436783,UUIDMost:222859,Slot:"mainhand"}]}
    /give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.movementSpeed",Name:"generic.movementSpeed",Amount:0.075,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:384071,UUIDMost:23359,Slot:"mainhand"}]}
    /give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.luck",Name:"generic.luck",Amount:0.5,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:750960,UUIDMost:669314,Slot:"mainhand"}]}
    /give @p minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.attackDamage",Name:"generic.attackDamage",Amount:1.0,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:13089,UUIDMost:508370,Slot:"chest"}]}

    for the armor, you will have to change the id (diamond_chestplate, diamond_helmet, diamond_leggingh, diamond_boots) and the slot of the attributes (chest, head, legs, feet).

    Ah, thank you for the help. I gladly appreciate your assistant.
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    posted a message on Data Tag:PotionAttack Make mob inflict status effect when attacking

    Ever tried to make, say, a vindicator inflict slowness on you. I'm sure its possible, but it is way too difficult. Waaaaay toooo difficult. Especially for some command block creator who wants to make their exclusive mob inflict nasty horrible potion effects.

    So, how do you use this? Simple. Here's the syntax

    /summon <mobname> x y z {PotionAttack:[{id:<potionName>,duration:<TimeinSeconds>,amplifier:<0-255>}]}

    Here's the hint:

    PotionName:Stands for the name of the status effects that you want the mob to inflict

    TimeinSeconds:How long does this staus effects last in seconds.

    0-255:The limit of amplifer. Remember, always add 1 to the value to get the actual potion strength.

    But what if I want multiple potion effects?

    Simple: Just do this(just an example, poison, levitation and glowing can be replaced by anything.


    Notice how the duration and the amplifier contains multiple number?

    Here's why. The first number is related to the first effect, the second number in that mini-data tag relates to the second effect

    But, what happens if mob like the wither skeleton get this data tag?

    Simple. They'll just abandon their wither effects and exchange it for the status effect of your choice.

    How about mob with multiple attack such as evoker, ender dragon, and even blazes to an extend(blaze has both melee and ranged attack!

    I'm not entirely sure about this. I suppose that this effect would either affect only melee attack(may limit creativity), or affect all attack(may prove annoying if trying to make evoker inflict levitation using its offensive fang attack, and inflict poison using its defensive attack, for example) Feel free to come up with a brilliant data tag to solve this problem.

    That's all I have for now. Despite being simple, it would be a great addition, as many minecrafter(many, not all of them) would benefit from this, either for map-making or for just plain survival use.

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    posted a message on Skeletal Warriors Mod! The Undead warrior of the legendary Strongholds

    Also, does anyone want to provide some picture for these mobs and the Golden Charm, cause I'm not good at texturing.

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    posted a message on Skeletal Warriors Mod! The Undead warrior of the legendary Strongholds

    So, I had always wondered, why the stronghold is so plain in term of mob? The stronghold needs a new mob in the very least. A unique yet difficult enemy that could test the player's worth. So I am introducing, the Skeletal Warrior!

    These Skeletal Warrior has 4 different variant, each with their own different stats and behaviour. All of them looks like some kind of skeleton with outfit and a facial expression. They don't burn in the sunlight, but still take damage from being on fire or from lava. Each variant can jump 2 block high, but 4 block far. This allows them to bypass through pit, and they won't proceed to continue if the gap is too wide. These Skeletal Warrior spawn about as common as an enderman, and move at the speed of a creeper. All of the 4 variant also drop 1-2 bone, 8-13 xp as reward for their skills, and 33% chance to drop a Golden Charm.

    Variant 1(Normal)

    Appearance:A skeleton wearing a maroon armor. The hand are aimed directly forwards, and the sleeve are up to the elbow. This variant has sinister looking grin to it, similar to Jack o Lantern. The outfit consists of the chestplate, leggings and a brownish-red

    boots with a sharp,yellow line. The base skin is slightly gray instead of mainly white-looking.

    Unique Behaviour:This variant has the ability to spawn with different size, which change their stats accordingly. There's 50% chance for normal size, but also 25% chance to either be small or large. The smaller version is weaker but faster, while the larger version is slower but stronger.







    Easy: Small:4() Normal:5() Large:7()

    Normal: Small:5() Normal:6() Large:9()

    Hard: Small:7() Normal:9() Large:13()

    Armor rating





    Small:Same as player

    Normal:Same as creeper

    Large:Same as zombie


    This variant's ability to spawn with different stats allows for a more interesting mob concept. Sometimes, you had to be wary of a fast mob with weak stats, or a slow but powerful mob. This mob spawn egg can spawn all 3 different size, though with commands you can spawn around 33 different size, each with different base stats that can be modified using attributes unlike slime and magma cubes.

    Variant 2(Big)

    Appearance:Skeletal zombie wearing dark red chestplate and leggings. 2 reddish spike extend from each shoulder pad, but does not cause thorns effect. Has an evil grin to it, and its arm is pointed in the direction its facing. The skin is similar to all Skeletal Warrior variant, but this one has occasional scratches of pitch black upon its skin.

    Unique Behaviour:Occasionally, when attacking, this big creature will roll into a block, and charge up to the player at high speed. Upon hitting a wall, they would unroll, and deal heavy splash damage with strong knockback. If attacked mid-roll, it will unroll and knock the player away with strong forces. It will also has 14() defense while in this state, so better wait till its unrolled.








    *Armor Rating*




    This variant charge ability can easily give it upper hand shall the player not prepared with some decent equipment and quick reaction. Beside, it deal tons of damage whenever it hit a wall while rolling, equivalent to 150% of its damage. The player must be prepared, or else the player will easily be taken out with its roll attack.

    Variant 3(Big Muscle)

    Appearance:Skeletal zombie with dark gray skin and pointed arm. Wearing a maroon armor with bulk and a frown to it similar to that of a creeper, this beast can looks intimidating. The armor consist of only chestplate, and wear no leggings nor boots.

    Unique Behaviour:This variant apply a strong knockback with its regular attack, pushing you to the wall of stronghold. Despite moving rather fast, they deal absurdly low damage and attack rather slowly with animation. Occasionally, however, they'll stomp the ground causing a massive shockwave capable of inflicting heavy knockback and the slowness debuff for 5 sec.








    Armor Rating



    This variant(and any other variant) can be spawned with its respective spawn egg. Their area attack go through block, and cause area damage. Their heavy knockback can be annoying, and make them difficult to counter with melee weapon. This make bows even more helpful, and the shockwave can't be stopped by shield.

    Variant 4(Big Helmet)

    Appearance:Similar to most other Skeletal Warrior variant, except that this one wear a full equipment of reddish armor unobtainable to the player. Has a partially open mouth with dark red glowing eye visible from the dark.

    Unique Behaviour:Being heavily armored, whenever you attack them, they'll take even less damage. But that's not all. Whenever they take damage, they'll either do the following:-

    i)Emit a red orbs that when touched by this variant, will increase its damage by 4() for 5 sec. Does not stack

    ii)Emit an orange orb that when touched by this variant, will heal itself by 4(). Does not stack.

    iii)Emit a blue orb that increase its speed by 10%. Does not stack.

    These happens whenever they take damage, not based on damage dealt. So fire could be nasty, as they'll be heavily buffed.








    Armor Rating



    This variant ability to buff itself make fire and lava less effective, as it can become extremely powerful. Use a diamond sword with smite V for maximum damage, as it is considered an undead and will take serious damage. If possible, use diamond axe with similar enchant and try to use strength potion and get a critical hit. This should deal serious amount of damage, and can kill in with relative ease.

    Drops: Golden Charm

    An accessory-like item which, shall the player opens a chest with, will yield in extra loots. The loots table begins to prioritize good loot such as name tag, saddle, enchanted iron pickaxe, etc. When killing mob with this in your inventory, their drop and xp also double. Of course, this item is very rare, and does not stack.

    The Golden Charm can be traded with villager, however, and will results in a high profits of 22-30 emerald.

    That's all I have for now. I sincerely hopes that it can be made into a mod, as this would be make a perfect challenge in the Stronghold.

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    posted a message on Questions: How to use attribute modifier

    I can't seem to understand these Attribute Modifier quite well. Sometimes, I wonder what is quite wrong with my formatting. Can anyone know what they mean by operation:1, operation:0, UUIDLeast, and stuff like that?

    The reason for this is because once I finally get my computer fixed(I'm typing on my android right now), I may attempt to create some kind of unique survival world where you can gather new powerful weapons and armor dropped by new powerful opponents.

    So far, this is what I want:

    A sword that increase your base health from 20 to 40

    A bow that increase your speed by 75%

    A new pickaxe that increase your luck attribute by 50%

    A incredibly new armor set which grant you increased damage

    Thanks for your help.

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    posted a message on A new use for Prismarine: Guardian's Gaze. A new ranged weapon.

    A unique weapon that give us a use to go to the ocean monument. I rarely go there because there's absolutely nothing worth struggling for. This one, however, manage to find a good spot in PvP, and I honestly would be setting this weapon as my treasured item list, since it's just so good. This idea is also pretty balanced, so you earned my support.

    Maximum Support

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    posted a message on Weaponized rockets: A "thrown" AoE mid-range weapon.

    So, this is basically a weapon that throw, and it deal area damage? Cool. The different part is also incredible, while not being so stupid. My favourite one would be the spread one. So much death of hostile mob. Handy, and it should manage to find a spot in minecraft. Potion of harming should be left alone as armor piercing method.


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    posted a message on About shulker armor

    We already has diamond armor that could make us virtually unstoppable if properly enchanted. So why this? Immunity to levitation? Meh. You could just go and snipe some shulker of while they're peeking out.

    Also, this would be a waste of precious shulker shells. Why craft this armor when you can craft a shulker box which is essentially a balanced of version of backpack? Why must it be dyeable? Dyeable armor should be left alone to leather, since that's the only epic things it had.

    Still, wouldn't this be kinda OP against shulkers?

    NO SUPPORT(sorry, had to do it)

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    posted a message on [Idea] Sand Spider (New Mob)

    How much health this spider have? How much damage does it deal? How fast does it move? What is the effect? I could suggest you some.. and why another type of spider. And what does it drop?

    We already had 2 spider which is enough. Okay, perhaps another spider isn't too bad. But please provides more detail. What I suppose they could inflict is the Crammed status effect for like, maybe 15 seconds. This status effect will lower your attack speed, and essentially lower your overall damage, and maybe simply your reflex speed by about 25%.

    For the drop, it could drop a Spider's Fang. This item is used to brew a potion of Death. This potion allows you to emit an aura that deal 1 damage every 1 seconds, for as long as it last. It only has a limited range, and this damage is unaffected by armor.

    Lastly, instead of spider, how about scorpion? That would make this idea much more unique.

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