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    How does one go about removing this mod?
    Seems every route I've tried FML has had some issue with it stating that a mod and version of enhancedbiomes : any is missing....
    I mean even after having removed what should be everythin that would tell it I had been using this.

    Edit: I'm a dumb, I hand dense EB ores in the restored mods folder.

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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    You might want to modify the structure of the spider boss rooms, currently the boss can be avoided and the loot gained with a bit of strategic mining to the switch it guards(since bedrock only guards the treasure room) atleast in the copy of minecraft I'm running :P (a good 30+ mods running so it might not be normal)

    Edit: facepalm I shoulda checked my recipe book
    question removed

    also there should be a petition for mojang to employ you :P
    seriously these dungeons are how the dungeons should be :D
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    just a thought but the end needs more animals
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