About Me
Forum lurking pro
Loves drinking, sleeping and punk rock.
I would say that loves sunsets and long walks on the beach crap but lets face it that'd be complete and utter bull.
I'm somewhat of an anarchist like not majorly anarchist but enough to know that government is the enemy for now atleast (a government that is capable of being just and worthy of support has yet to be seen in this world).
I'm somewhere between atheist and agnostic, If you believe in a god please keep it to yourself,I have nothing against people believing but I have the right to not believe what cannot be proven.
If I have a problem with you I will tell you as I don't care what people think of me(life is like people love ya people hate ya no point being different to yourself just to make others feel better)
If you are biased and I see it chances are I will flame the crap out of you cause I don't support it be it racism or extremely in your face pro one view anti another I personally wish all closed minded people would be shot in the knee.(I'm not gonna go wish death on people just for being idiots, but crippling injury is a fair punishment for choosing to be so wrong)
If you hate me I seriously could care less and I would appreciate it if you would be honest about that stuff.
Anyways that's a summary of me take it or leave it I don't mind.
Interests Gaming/Drinking/Lurking forums all the cooler stuff in life ya know?