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    posted a message on [YouTuber SMP] One For All (3rd Life Remake) Looking for 8 more people

    Hello guys, as per the title, I am looking for those who 8 people who have an interest in doing YouTube to join me in my own version of 3rd Life which was made by Grian.

    • All info that you will need to know is listed here (for those who do, and don't know how to play):
    • Players start with 3 lives, when when you die, you lose a life, once you lose all lives, you are therefore out of the game.
    • You may not wear a helmet, this is so people can see faces easier.
    • You may not kill people, unless you are on your last life, or someone on their last life attempts to kill you.
    • All kinds of farms are allowed.
    • The Worldborder is 700x700.
    • (On the form, there will be a question asking your favourite fruit, answer with chocolate)
    • Every Saturday at 7pm BST, the server is opened for 3 hours, all players must be online, playing and recording.
    • We will be using a Voicechat mod so we can talk ingame.
    • No End

    Any questions will come to me on discord: Terasu#0020

    And those who want to get ahead of the curve, here is a form you can fill out: https://forms.gle/sJbo1H6DAcbhhATd6

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