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    There should be different types of storms.

    - Light Rainstorm
    - Light Rainstorm with Thunder
    - Heavy Rainstorm
    - Heavy Rainstorm with Thunder and Lightning

    The first two would be your tranquil and enjoyable weather patterns.
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    posted a message on Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang
    Quote from pefan»

    its sad to see. just some simple news that would not affect there real lives yet they are too insecure about this that they have the need to bash Microsoft its sad

    I have Windows 8, that's all anyone needs to bash Microsoft.
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    posted a message on Aquarium and other

    Flesh the concept out further, make it something that people would love to see inside their home. Bonus points if it has a practical application beyond vanity, but that's not necessarily needed either.
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    To those who aren't supporting the idea, your reasons are absurd.

    1: You do not know what these rails look like.
    2: Minecraft is not predominantly realistic.
    3: The potential for griefing is not, unto itself, a reason to exclude something from the game...or we wouldn't have TNT, Lava, and anything else that can potentially kill someone. If you don't like that potential being in your experience...there are servers that do not permit griefing, find one.

    I believe you guys are grasping at straws in a wild attempt to defend your position; you don't have to. If you don't like the idea, just don't support it and express your distaste. There is absolutely no reason to try and come up with absurd reasons to validate your dislike of the idea...you're entitled to just not like it.
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    posted a message on Dark Quartz - Quartz with inverted color scheme (With Screenshot!)
    Quote from McFamily224»
    Me likey!

    but maybe it could be a new ore instead? the nether really needs new ores.

    OOH! or maybe have a new dungeon full of wither creatures? it could be made of the dark quartz and the ore could also be found nearby the structure! 0o0 I know I'm overcomplicating things, but I really think the nether could use some improvements in vanilla!

    I'd rather see it as a new ore myself, but I understand the reasoning behind this... It's the same material, just colored differently, and neither have a purpose beyond vanity...so it would be pretty redundant to have two types of useless, beyond vanity purposes, ore. It would, however, provide a lot more than you'd get through a crafting concept...and more to mine in the Nether. Just saying, I see why a crafting concept was made rather than a suggestion for a new ore.
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    posted a message on A new way to end mc in a hero way hehe
    Quote from Deonyi»
    So you want the 'bosses' to drop items to summon MORE bosses which summon the 'Herobrain' after which the game ends?

    No Support.

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    posted a message on Tiki of the Jungle
    !!!Beware The Tiki!!!

    Reddit Thread: HERE!

    Health Points: 10 ()
    Attack Strength:
    - Easy: 2 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    - Normal: 3 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    - Hard: 4 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    Spawn: Jungle Biome (Frequently near Lava.)
    - Cocoa Beans (4-8) 50% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (4-8) 30% chance
    - Jungle Sapling (2-4) 40% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (2-4) 30% chance
    - Gold Nugget (2-4) 8% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (2-4) 35% chance
    - Blowgun (1) 1% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (1) 5% chance
    - Blowgun Darts (5-10) 1% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate: (5-10) 100% chance

    Basic Mechanics
    - Pack Mob
    - Unaffected by sunlight.
    - Low health
    - Low initial damage.
    - High cumulative damage.
    - Poison ticks do not stack, but additional hits will reset the timer.
    - Rare, elite, version sets spike traps. Visual coming soon...
    - Spawns exclusively in jungle biome and most frequently around lava, even if it's under ground, within jungle biomes.

    Trap Mechanics: (Elite Tiki only)

    - Each Tiki rare spawn will dig one trap six blocks deep, and two blocks wide.
    - Each trap is covered with a false leaf block, slightly off color.
    - Trap Blocks last for two seconds before falling apart when something stands atop of them, the sound of snapping twigs will be heard as a warning to the player.
    - The bottom of these pits have spike traps that deal 2 () damage every second until the player escapes or breaks them.
    - All Tiki will place false leaf blocks back over traps that have been triggered.

    Behavioral Pattern:

    Native to the jungle biomes, Tiki are a tribal race of hostile creatures who worship lava as their chief deity. Gold, being found quite often within close proximity to lava, is believed to be a gift from their god and is thus coveted above all else. Cannibalistic in nature, they perceive players as a potential threat and source of meat for their insatiable hunger; they're a far easier prey than the elusive Ocelot that's quite keen to avoid them and agile enough to thwart their traps.

    Quite the clever hunters, they use a combination of poison and traps to take down their prey. Blowguns are fixed within the nose of their masks, each dart tipped with a toxic substance created through the secretions of some unknown animal or insect. They always maintain their distance and use their projectiles as a means to entice the player into carefully laid spike traps. The tactics make them a formidable foe, and while the darts of one Tiki may not be much of a threat...packs of these creatures can become quite a challenge that requires an abundant supply of milk.

    Rare Blowgun Drop:

    On very rare occasions, the blowgun of a Tiki drops upon death and isn't damaged beyond repair...allowing the player to acquire the weapon. It functions in the exact same way as it does for the Tiki, dealing damage equivalent to the difficulty setting of your world. It can be repaired with reeds (sugar cane) but the darts can't be crafted through regular means. Instead, players who wish to replenish their dart stock must slay additional Tiki and hope that they drop some.

    Possibility: (Not needed, but might be cool.)

    Tiki villages could be worked into the game, providing them with a place to rest between hunts and socialize with one another...along with granting an interesting facet to the jungles themselves for us to stumble upon, and instantly regret stumbling upon. I would imagine these locations to be a combination of small huts, tree houses, and caverns leading below the surface into a subterranean temple system with a small shrine to their god: lava.

    Possibility 2: (Not needed, but could make them a little easier to bypass if need be.

    Seeing as how Tiki are so dangerous when in groups, and covet gold as a gift from their god, it may be an interesting mechanic to make them so that they do not attack players who adorn full gold armor unless attacked first. Furthermore, perhaps a player in all gold armor can trade with Tiki in exchange for gold nuggets...giving that player access to who knows what. Granted, the blowguns and darts should not be traded by the Tiki as they're a very rare drop and should kept that way. Or, at the very least, it should be extremely expensive if they are traded.

    Old Thread:

    This is based off my old concept, which you can read here: Old Tiki Mob

    Throughout the massive duration of time between posts, I figured that the lava trap may have been a bit excessive due to the fact that items would have been lost upon death, so now it's a spike trap. I think this is much more fair and balanced, allowing players to reclaim their items if they fall victim to these little masked hellions.
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    posted a message on The Nether Ogre
    !!!Beware Nether Ogre!!!

    Old Visual by: Comixnik (Either works for me! I like his texture a lot more...)

    Now on Reddit: HERE!

    Health Points:
    50 ( x 25)
    Attack Strength:
    - Easy: 5 ()
    - Normal: 10 ()
    - Hard: 15 ()
    Spawn: Nether (Primarily atop Netherrack.)
    - Bones (1-5) 40% chance.
    - Rotten Flesh (1-5) 30% chance.
    - Nether Wart (1-5) 10% chance.
    - Ogre Heart (1) 10% chance.
    - Pigman or Zombie Pigman Head (1-2) 9% chance.
    - Cockatrice Egg (1) 1% chance.

    Behavioral Pattern:

    The Nether Ogre is a dangerous creature that frequents areas away from Nether fortresses...where it actively hunts its primary source of nurishment, Pigmen and their zombified equivalents. While appearing slow and sluggish...these gluttons are capable of frightening bursts of speed whenever they set their eyes on potential prey, and their dedication towards pummeling that prey into paste is unmatched.

    Although much larger than the player, these brutes are extremely strong...giving them the ability to bash Netherrack into pieces; they do this in two ways. The first is what you would expect from these giants, a downward slam with both fists when they have finally caught up to you; this devastating blow leaves a small crater in the ground that looks as follows:

    Their second method of breaking netherrack comes in the form of actually pursuing the player. This was suggested in the previous incarnation of the idea to ensure that players couldn't simply carve themselves a little nook to easily defeat the lumbering horrors. If a player tries to escape down a narrow, small, tunnel that the Ogre can't fit through...they will proceed to punch the Netherrack and slowly make their way towards the player...causing a path of devastation in their wake.

    They're extremely aggressive, and dangerous, creatures that should be approached intelligently...preferably from a high altitude with an enchanted bow. Thankfully, their not very subtle with their presence; what with the guttural sounds and gross grunts giving away their position along with the tremendous stomping sound of their steps as they patrol the Nether in search of prey.

    - Possibility: (This is not needed, it's just an idea.)

    Seeing as how Zombie Pigmen appear to retain some of their intelligence, and this mob alluding to the possibility that the Ogre is the reason why they're now zombies to begin with, I was thinking that Zombie Pigmen should flee from Nether Ogres...who will, in turn, actively pursue them unless a player gets their attention by coming too close or attacking.

    If the player does attack...it's possible that the Zombie Pigmen could engage the Nether Ogre alongside the player...rallied by the player taking the initiative. While their intelligence may not be significant after their deaths, they do seem intelligent enough to make decisions...even if on a primitive, animalistic, level. So, I think that this could be logical to implement.

    It may result in the Nether Ogre becoming even stronger, however, if it turns out players can easily dispatch them through this method. I'm okay with that...other players may not be. :P

    Ogre Heart Drop:

    The Ogre Heart is a fairly rare drop that can be combined with an Awkward Potion to create a Berserker Potion. This potion adds: 50% damage to all melee attacks, with or without weapons, Increases player's movement speed, sprinting speed, and jumping length by approximately 10%, and increases the speed of hunger depletion by 5%.

    The potion lasts 1 minute.

    - Possibility: (This is not needed, it's just an idea.)

    If Nether villages are ever added, and if the Pigmen are used as the villagers, perhaps Nether Ogre hearts could be used as a currency to trade with them instead of emeralds. It's very unlikely that Pigmen would value emeralds, but the hearts of a creature that actively hunts them is probably something they would value a great deal...especially, from a lore perspective, if these hearts could be used in potions to give them a bit more strength in battle against these lumbering gluttons.

    Again though, just a thought...

    Rare Cockatrice Egg:

    While Pigmen are the primary source of nourishment for Nether Ogres, Cockatrice eggs are also incorporated into their diets whenever possible. It's not too often that these lumbering brutes manage to get their grubby hands on such a savory morsel due to the fact that these small creatures are quite rare and equally elusive. Still, from time to time, a Cockatrice finds itself with no other choice than to abandon a nest to the grotesque glutton that had managed discovering it. This is because, unlike other creatures, the sheer size of the Ogre is simply far too much for the petite Cockatrice...despite the petrification capabilities of its gaze. Because of this, a player has a rare chance of procuring these eggs for themselves upon slaying a Nether Ogre; eating it isn't recommended...

    Instead, the player can hatch this egg themselves: the resulting Cockatrice perceiving them as its parental figure and becoming fiercely loyal. While very weak, their ability to petrify hostile creatures makes them an extremely valuable pet. Furthermore, their immunity to fire and lava makes them far more valuable in dangerous situations like deep subterranean caving and Nether exploration.

    Being territorial creatures, however, they won't stick around if a player hatches another Cockatrice. In the natural course of things, a Cockatrice hatches but one egg and the resulting child ultimately leaves the mother once she lays again...this being the period when the young Cockatrice steps out on its own to procure a mate and stake claim upon territory. So, a player can only have one Cockatrice at a time...but could, potentially, procure multiple eggs to save in case their Cockatrice dies...or is somehow lost.

    Health Points: 15 ()
    Attack Strength: 1 ()
    Food Requirements for Healing: Meat
    Special Abilities:
    - Fire Immunity
    - Lava Immunity
    - Petrifying Gaze

    The Cockatrice is a pet that can only be obtained through the rare drop of a Cockatrice egg by defeating Nether Ogres. Similar to dogs in behavior, these creatures will protect the individual who hatched them with aggressive intent...and while weak in comparison to our canine companions, the Cockatrice shouldn't be underestimated. These creatures have a petrifying gaze that they use, periodically, to subdue prey...rendering the target completely unable to: move, attack, use items and access their inventory until the duration of the effect has expired.

    The image above shows a Cockatrice in attack mode; while they walk on their legs when traversing terrain...they'll use their tails for support so that they can attack with their claws while engaging the enemy. As would be expected from their home environment, Cockatrices are immune to fire and lava...making them very durable in treacherous landscapes that would, otherwise, result in the death of other beloved pets. Furthermore, the Cockatrice can only be healed by feeding it meat...unlike mundane chickens of the Overworld.

    The Old Thread:

    If you haven't looked at the Tiki Mob, please do; also comment and vote on the polls because it's greatly appreciated. The Tiki, as well as the Nether Ogre, are old concepts that I have decided to rework because...well...they were posted a long time ago and I wanted to make a few changes. The Nether Ogre got a lot of positive support, but a main gripe with the concept was the lack of interesting drops. While I fully understand that the community is tired of pet suggestions...it's honestly the only thing I could think of and I hope that it was unique enough to justify suggesting. With that said, I hope you enjoy!

    The old thread for the Nether Ogre can be found here, in case you were interested in seeing the old rendition and flavor text.
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    posted a message on Creepers can't explode in the rain
    Quote from OverlordXcano

    Actually, according to Dinnerbone, Creepers explode because when they get near you they get really nervous and shake a whole lot, with the friction setting of the flame. It has nothing to do with reproduction. Also, I do not support this, Creepers can become Super-Charged Creepers, and making them not be able to explode in the rain kinda ruins the point of a Super-Charged Creeper, given that they are made during lightning storms and will probably despawn by the time it's over.

    That's a shame...the fungal theory was probably the coolest and most interesting possibility out there.
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    posted a message on [Poll!] Baby Zombies Burn In Sunlight - Make'm burn! : Updated Thread!
    Full Support
    I really couldn't care less about the difficulty; it's the lack of consistency that bothers me. Throughout the day, I don't expect to see undead wandering around because they burn...but then I hear that annoying grunt and look down to see a tiny little undead-toddler staring up at me in annoyance. Granted, I stare back at him in annoyance...but there's a fundamental difference between he and I; he is supposed to be on fire.

    Now, Aary33 brings up the point of Zombie Pigmen...but they're from another realm and seem to retain a significant portion of their intelligence seeing as how they don't attack us unless we assault them. This leads me to believe that they are remnants and a much stronger variant of undead in comparison...not to mention they're undead from another dimension; Wither Skeletons don't burn either.

    Like I said previously, it's not the difficulty that bothers me...it's just the consistency. I would rather see Zombie Pigmen and Wither Skeletons burn than see the Baby Zombie retain immunity to sunlight. If you want to bring the challenge of the Baby Zombie back up, reduce their hitbox to suit the model and, perhaps, incorporate a new "Pregnant" Zombie into the game that releases a Zombie Baby when it dies.

    I think reducing their hitbox, if their hitbox actually is normal size, and making them burst from the insides of a new Zombie type upon death would bring back the challenge lost when they aren't immune to fire anymore.
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