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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    This really does need brought into the game...

    I would adore more viable boats, and I know many who would love to become pirates.
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    posted a message on New Use For Bats
    Eating bats?

    You monster...

    In all seriousness, I'm not too particularly fond of the idea. The main use of bats within the real world consists of their defecation in a variety of things...as disturbing as that is. If bats had a purpose, I'd like to see it something other than a food source...I think we finally have enough food for a while.
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    posted a message on Skeleton and Undead Horse-jockeys!
    If they keep the Spider Jockey, I believe that it should have a new mob for a rider...such as some sort of Goblin-like creature or something small. Makes sense, and makes the Spider Jockey even more interesting of a potential mob.
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    posted a message on No more Mob Buffs
    Quote from Bijuu546

    Omg, people thinking that MC is hard do exist...

    It is a bit strange...but I guess these types do exist.

    Either way, reworking the Easy setting would help these folk out.
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    posted a message on No more Mob Buffs
    Here's an idea...

    Just revert the mobs within Easy mode, problem solved...
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    posted a message on The Shade
    I doubt that the in game model would look as detailed as my artistic rendition, it's simply the general design of the creature. As for the children, am I seriously the only one who watched horror movies as a kiddo? :P
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    posted a message on Skeleton and Undead Horse-jockeys!
    I figured that this was the path they already intended to take, and simply hadn't yet finished the codes and mechanics for those two horses.
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    posted a message on The Shade

    Thank you, and I agree...I just couldn't think of anything that it might drop while revamping the concept. There are some things that I've considered, but I just haven't fleshed anything out yet.
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    posted a message on The Shade
    If it's needed for the sake of balance, then alright. Still, with all the enchantments and potions we've obtained throughout the course of the game, I truly think that more difficult mobs need to be incorporated into the game. Even the current mobs seem to be getting an increase in power due to this fact, and I think it's about time to bring out some truly difficult creatures that tend to pose a actual challenge.
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    Quote from Oventoaster

    1. The problem with a hostile flying mob in the Overworld becomes apparent immediately - Day 1. In Day 1, it is unlikely that a player has access to a Bow, and therefore, has no defense against the flying mob. In the Nether, however, it is expected that you are carrying a Bow, as you should have crafted one by then.

    2. The problem with gliding is that simply, due to limited travel, it becomes useless over time. If flight mechanics were in the game and I needed to escape an overrun base, gliding won't cut it.

    4. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF MINECRAFT! Sorry for caps, but if that were true, cobblestone generators and working ATMs would not exist.

    3 and 5: I put these in one point because they bring the same problem: Mob rarity is a logical fallacy in an infinite world. Given an infinite time span, a sever will eventually be overpopulated with this mob, and no longer becoming rare.


    It's not too terribly difficult to design this particular mob into something of which, typically, ignores players upon the ground. If you're in a forest, and a dragon is flying overhead, it's not nessisarily going to see you. Even upon flat terrain, it's possible that this creature would bypass players upon the ground simply because it's elevated and not focused upon the ground.

    Basically, it's sense of awareness doesn't have to be the same as Ghasts and Blazes.


    It's still useful in getting down from an exceedingly high location without having to slow your progression down, and faster. It might not be as beneficial as flying, but it could still be a lucrative alternative. My preference would still be flying though, for obvious reasons.


    The ability to manufacture a flying machine makes flying easy to accomplish. As I said, look how long it took for people to start figuring out a way to easily take down Withers. Flying shouldn't be something so easily obtainable, and that requires something of extreme rarity rather than something you can repeatedly construct.


    That all depends upon if untamed pegasi remain within a chunk or despawn when a player is no longer present. Personally, I believe that they should despawn...and in which case, would never become anything but extremely rare. Like I said previously, they shouldn't be something that players look for...they should be something that players wet themselves with excitement over IF they encounter them.

    Here is the reason a machine would work better:
    • Size: A flying machine would understandably be very large, rendering it incapable of caving, where the majority of Minecraft's challenge comes into play.
    • Resources: Your suggestion proposes: 1 golden apple = flight. This is overpowered. 3x64 Wood + 64 Iron = flight is not AS overpowered, but it could definantly be costlier, and there is the possibility of not getting the resources back if you crash.
    • Control: A machine would definetly be difficult to control, unlike a mob who can freely travel whenever it wants.
    • Non-spawning: As the machine does not spawn naturally, there will be none of these until somebody crafts one, just like boats.

    ...which makes them as easy to obtain as boats, or anything else currently in the game, with the exception of Nametags. Flying shouldn't be that easy to obtain...or that easy to renew upon loss.

    Quote from rikoLash

    The current concept of horses in Minecraft is a piece of ­.

    It wouldn't necessarily be good for Minecraft to have pegasi, but that would make it better
    In my opinion, the entire system needs to be over-hauled into the original Mo' Creatures system, but removing or nerfing things like the Pegasus/Nightmare.

    What I wouldn't give for a Nightmare... x.x
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    posted a message on Zombie Buff: Little or No Knockback
    I agree with this.

    Rendering Zombies partially immune to knockback makes sense, and in combination to such...I think they should spawn in small clutches, even if only on an occasional basis. Furthermore, it would be interesting if these clutches moved as one entity...forming a Zombie Horde.
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    posted a message on The Shade

    I watched Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and the Hellraiser series as a child...so I wouldn't be the best person to ask for empathy towards children, as I believe fright and psychological trauma builds character. :P

    That aside, whatever works is fine by me...if such needs tweaked in those ways, I'm alright with that. :)
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    Quote from Leuthil

    There should never be a way to fly in survival mode. Every bit of challenge in the game instantly disappears the moment you can.

    I disagree,

    It just means that another mob has to be implemented to combat the fact that players can now, potentially, fly. Any hazardous flying mob brought into the Overworld would balance this capability out, especially if coupled with the rarity of the Pegasus and inability to breed them...which is a restriction I'd place upon such a creature.

    Another route would be to grant them the ability to glide, rather than fly...due to the weight of the rider limiting their capabilities. This would mean that you could leap off mountains and glide down to safety, but not ascend and fly throughout the landscape. In this case, a flying mob wouldn't need be implemented to balance the ability out.

    Quote from Oventoaster

    I personally feel that flight can work in Minecraft, but NEVER in the context of a flying mob.

    In order for the ability of flight to work properly, It should take an excruciating amount of resources and steps to do, and therefore, become a very-late-game item. Personally, flight should be accessed via a large vehicle - a plane or an ornithopter. A special crafting bench would be needed to build the plane. Not made out of diamonds, that would be silly. Maybe.... Nether Brick and Iron Blocks?

    Afterward, building the plane would take considerable resources, including some unrenewable ones, such as Iron. Finally, when the plane is ready to be crafted, crafting it would immediately spawn the plane. Now, would this plane use weapons? Probably not, would make the Ender dragon too easy. Will the player simply use a Bow instead? What kind of plane would it be?

    I might just be rambling, so I will summarize here:

    Mob powered flight is an absolute no; however, powered flight shouldn't be put down so easily. It could have merit, if balanced right.

    I disagree,

    I'd rather have a Pegasus than some sort of flying device... I'd simply restrict the Pegasus to being an extremely rare spawn, and incapable of being bred...this would render them something that anyone can -potentially- obtain...but at an EXTREMELY rare chance. I think that would be a better idea than something of which we could construct, as people are very quick to exploit game mechanics...and a buildable device would become quickly manufactured over time once players learned tricks to obtain the materials easily.

    Look at the Wither and how long it took for players to figure out a way to easily take that down.

    A rare spawn that can't reproduce, however, would be a fair and balanced concept...especially when taking into consideration the possibility that it could die, leaving the rider with a horrific duration of time before they can find another.

    I like this idea more.


    My suggestion would be to make the Pegasus an extremely rare spawn in either Plains or Extreme Hills Biomes. They shouldn't be able to reproduce, and the taming process should be far more complex...rendering a degree of difficulty of which the current horses don't possess. This is, after all, a mythical creature befitting a little challenge when it comes to taming.

    Aside from that, the flight mechanic should require stamina...the pegasus obtaining a small bar of such that depelets over time, ensuring that it has to decend to the ground and replenish its reserves of energy before flight can be resumed. Furthermore, permitting this energy depletion could render the Pegasus extremely slow...worn out for a short duration, increasing the difficulty of managing this resource.

    A flying mob could also be incorporated into the game to further balance this concept out, perhaps a Red Dragon or other such creature.

    Personally, with this system, I think it could be a balanced addition...and something you can potentially come across that literally makes you wet yourself with excitement. It should be that rare, something you don't expect to find.
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    posted a message on The Shade
    The following consists of a slightly altered variation of my original concept, under another name, which you can view by following the link listed at the bottom of the page.

    That aside, this mob might be deemed considerably overpowered...but I feel that with all we've been given throughout the course of the game, more difficult mobs are greatly needed. The Enderman is little more than a pearl farm now that players have adapted to the mechanics of this creature...and simply make themselves a tiny little fortification that renders the Enderman helpless.

    I will agree that the levels of which this mob can spawn could, potentially, use a few tweaks. However, for the most part, the few mobs that possess any degree of difficulty reside within the Nether, and a great deal of their difficulty can be attributed to the treacherous terrain of this particular realm. With that said, the new Skeletons are great...but I feel that more difficulty should be implemented into the game, especially this deep below the surface.

    I'd like to bring fear back into caving...

    Granted, these are just my opinions and potentially unshared by the community as a whole...but I implore you to read and decide for yourselves. :)

    Creatures of coalesced darkness, seeking out the succulent flesh of those whom delve where light has no purpose. They need not eyes, merely their vicious maws of which to scream petrifying cries of death...so that they may rend flesh from bone. Ethereal entities, looming amongst the shadows and silently awaiting your eternal companionship...

    Mob Name: Shade
    Health Points: 20 ( x 10)
    Attack Strength:
    - Easy: 8 (x 4)
    - Normal: 10 ( x 5)
    - Hard: 12 ( x 6)
    Attack Type: Melee

    -Layers Found:
    - Easy: 1-20
    - Normal: 1-25
    - Hard: 1-30
    -Commonly Found Between:
    - Easy: 1-10
    - Normal: 1-15
    - Hard: 1-20

    Experience: 10

    - To Be Determined.

    Burns in Sunlight: No, implodes. (Instant Death.)

    Upon exposure to sunlight, a Shade will implode into nothingness... Furthermore, a Shade killed through this method will not drop anything upon death. It's unknown if they actually die...or are simply banished to an alternate plane of existence.

    Enchantment Weakness: Smite

    While not technically spirits of the deceased, Shades are the coalesced remnants of negative emotion from those of whom have died...granting them the undead status necessary for Smite to take effect.

    Sound Effects:

    Whilst idle, the Shade makes a faint raspy sort of breathing sound...but provides quite the bloodcurdling scream whenever noticing the presence of a player. The former generates a bit of suspense whilst the latter provides quite the scare to those of whom are unsuspecting of the nightmarish creature.

    Special Traits:

    - Darkness Aura (Ensures that the light level can not exceed 4 within a 10 block spherical radius around itself.)

    The Shade passively reduces the light level within a 10 block spherical radius around itself, ensuring that it can not exceed 4. Any item of which projects light will be rendered dormant throughout the duration of the aura's influence. These items will obtain a dulled appearance, such as a torch appearing snuffed out, until the presence of the Shade has passed...in which case they will regain their illumination qualities.

    - Petrifying Scream (Bloodcurdling scream that slows those within range by 40%.)

    Upon having become aware of a player's presence, the Shade will release a horrific scream that greatly hinders the movement capabilities of any player caught within the area. This reduction in speed can cause quite a lot of problems by inducing a sense of panic in combination to the actual mechanic.


    Shades are, typically, solitary entities roaming amongst the perpetual darkness of cavernous systems deep below the surface of Minecraftia. While predominantly found closer to bedrock level, they have been known to delve further towards the surface despite their loathing nature of sunlight and its capability to completely wipe them out of existence.

    While idly traversing the endless labyrinths of Minecraft, these enigmatic creatures produce a faint raspy sort of breathing sound. However, upon becoming aware of a player's presence...they release a nightmarish scream which renders their victims crippled by fear. It's during this time that they propel themselves forth to tear flesh from bone. If other players join into the battle who haven't yet been effected by this scream, the Shade will bellow once more in an attempt to even the odds...potentially resetting the duration of this movement reduction inflicted upon the initial victim if they are still within proximity.


    - Please comment, even if you dislike the concept...and elaborate upon your reasons.
    - Every statistical value within this concept is subject to change for the sake of balance.
    - Some stats were left out, such as the duration of the screams speed reduction, for balance purposes and my inability to properly theorize what would be balanced.
    - Would love to see model concepts if this takes off, if anyone who does that sort of thing would be interested.
    - I did not necro the original thread because I'm now using a new name, and this has been tweaked since then.

    Original Concept:

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    posted a message on MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
    I can't use this program for the life of me, but I'm very pleased that it exists.
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