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    Quote from trollsack
    I mostly like this suggestion, but I don't really like how they dig traps on their own. But overall this would add lots of fun and uses for gold in Minecraft.

    Thanks for the, primarily, support!

    The traps have always been a very controversial idea; the original incarnation used lava at the bottom of that pit...so it used to be even more controversial, haha. I wanted to give them some little interesting quirk though, and I think that the shift towards the elite versions being the only ones capable of this trap formation is an adequate trade off.

    They're a rare spawn and can only make one trap each...so I think it'll make the mechanic interesting without being too detrimental. The sound mechanic should permit people adequate time to escape the trap if they're quick to react.
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    Quote from OverlordXcano

    Actually, according to Dinnerbone, Creepers explode because when they get near you they get really nervous and shake a whole lot, with the friction setting of the flame. It has nothing to do with reproduction. Also, I do not support this, Creepers can become Super-Charged Creepers, and making them not be able to explode in the rain kinda ruins the point of a Super-Charged Creeper, given that they are made during lightning storms and will probably despawn by the time it's over.

    That's a shame...the fungal theory was probably the coolest and most interesting possibility out there.
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    Quote from MrWigglies

    This mob suggestion is better than any of what i have read so far. I will support this.

    Thank you very much for the support!
    Quote from ZaffreAqua

    Very cool! Support!

    Thank you!
    Quote from FishFruit
    A biome specific hostile mob, with a new AI, and an awesome skin? support

    :D Thanks for the support.
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    posted a message on Volcanoes (Adds a new structure into the game!)
    So, essentially, a volcanic dungeon for The Nether?

    Sounds good to me, provides more interesting features to a realm that's in dire need of just that.

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    Quote from Cool6505

    This is a great suggestion. This would definitely make the jungles more feared in Minecraft. Maybe, in Jungle Temples they are stronger? Just a thought, but overall great thread :)

    I wouldn't mind them being tied to the Jungle temples in some way at all, whatever that entails. Thank you very much for the support!
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    posted a message on The Realm of Enchantment (New Mob) (New Boss) (NEW ASCENSIONS) +Updated+
    Quote from thebaum64
    Mojang already said there will not be anymore dimensions.

    I really hope this isn't the case and they change their mind.
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    If Creepers are a fungus, as popular theory-crafting presents as a very valid possibility, then rain wouldn't do much to stop them from exploding. It may lessen the damage to a small degree, but they would still pop and cause a decent amount of damage. I might be okay with that...but not seeing them be rendered impotent in rain. I'm hesitant to even say that because Creepers are the ONLY thing in the game that give me a jump...everything else is insanely easy.
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    posted a message on Option to Turn off Cave Noises

    Personally, I believe that the cave sounds add to the danger because they play upon your psyche...either frightening you or just annoying you in general. I can't get behind this simply because caving is easy enough as is, you should be a bit rattled while you're down there...and right now, aside from the sounds, there's not much of a reason to fear caving.
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    While I fully understand you mean Prismarine Horn, as in musical instrument, and Hydra horn, as in a hard growth atop the head, it seems a bit redundant don't you think? I'd recommend changing it to Hydra Heart and make the heart it grants permanent for as long as you possess it within your inventory.

    Restrict it so that you can only have one in your inventory at a time and it just becomes a nice little boost rather than something you can potentially farm to acquire an ungodly amount of HP. Seeing as how it's a boss, it needs to grant something fairly good...otherwise why bother? A temporary boost, in my eyes, just isn't worth the fight...but a single heart permanent boost would be a nice trinket.

    Either way, support. We need an Overworld boss. :)


    Make it so you have to summon it in a swamp biome...that makes sense, no?
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    Quote from UndeadGaming606

    This is an awesome idea. Full support.

    Thank you very much! The Gold Tiki Trapper has been added...as per Badprenup's suggestion.
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    Quote from Badprenup
    Now this is how you make a mob suggestion. Good work.

    I'm not a fan of the Village or trading with these, but I like the idea of wearing Gold armor to prevent their attacks. The only other things I am wary about is them digging traps. I know it is only a minor annoyance but by and large people have said they do not like mobs that build or dig on their own, even if it is small pits in Dirt. If traps were only laid by a rare spawn of the Tiki (possibly with a different textured mask to differentiate them), I would like that idea better. In fact, you could also make so the rare Tiki always drops darts and has a higher chance of dropping a blowgun to make them a tempting target for players.

    Beyond that, I'm a little worried about how much damage they do on Normal and Hard, on Hard a single shot can kill you, and these sound smart so they would likely get in 1-2 shots, or more in groups. After all Skeletons can get in that many shots and they are stupid as far as AI is concerned. Personally I would prefer if the base damage was kept how you have it, but they inflicted Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds. That way you don't need an effect similar to Poison but scaled with difficulty to be added to the game, and it might make them a bit more fair.

    Thank you very much for the support!

    Yeah, people were a bit apprehensive about the traps within the previous version as well, though that incarnation used lava traps haha. The creation of a rare variant would be easy enough: give it a gold mask and call it a Tiki Trapper. Easily enough to do, as is the conversion of the poison tick to Poison 2!

    I think I'll edit up the original post with the rare variant and the poison change...maybe work up another MSpaint representation for the rare one. :P

    Thanks again!
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    Quote from Charlito153

    I like it, Though I'm unsure whether it fits in with the game. Maybe instead of villages there could be a giant stone tiki head with fire in its mouth. Just a thought. Partial support.

    Thank you very much for the feedback! I could easily see something like that incorporated with or without the villages. If with, I'd imagine it being the actual shrine to their deity within the subterranean portion...pretty cool mental image that's for sure.
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    Quote from MUSHROOMSOCK
    Could you call them a kiwi in the title, rather than a kiwi bird?

    I don't see enough of a purpose for this to be added. All it does is run away from the player, and breed randomly which will eventually fill your world up with kiwis.

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    !!!Beware The Tiki!!!

    Reddit Thread: HERE!

    Health Points: 10 ()
    Attack Strength:
    - Easy: 2 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    - Normal: 3 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    - Hard: 4 () + Poison 2 for 5-10 seconds (Cured with Milk)
    Spawn: Jungle Biome (Frequently near Lava.)
    - Cocoa Beans (4-8) 50% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (4-8) 30% chance
    - Jungle Sapling (2-4) 40% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (2-4) 30% chance
    - Gold Nugget (2-4) 8% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (2-4) 35% chance
    - Blowgun (1) 1% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate (1) 5% chance
    - Blowgun Darts (5-10) 1% chance.
    --> Rare Elite Droprate: (5-10) 100% chance

    Basic Mechanics
    - Pack Mob
    - Unaffected by sunlight.
    - Low health
    - Low initial damage.
    - High cumulative damage.
    - Poison ticks do not stack, but additional hits will reset the timer.
    - Rare, elite, version sets spike traps. Visual coming soon...
    - Spawns exclusively in jungle biome and most frequently around lava, even if it's under ground, within jungle biomes.

    Trap Mechanics: (Elite Tiki only)

    - Each Tiki rare spawn will dig one trap six blocks deep, and two blocks wide.
    - Each trap is covered with a false leaf block, slightly off color.
    - Trap Blocks last for two seconds before falling apart when something stands atop of them, the sound of snapping twigs will be heard as a warning to the player.
    - The bottom of these pits have spike traps that deal 2 () damage every second until the player escapes or breaks them.
    - All Tiki will place false leaf blocks back over traps that have been triggered.

    Behavioral Pattern:

    Native to the jungle biomes, Tiki are a tribal race of hostile creatures who worship lava as their chief deity. Gold, being found quite often within close proximity to lava, is believed to be a gift from their god and is thus coveted above all else. Cannibalistic in nature, they perceive players as a potential threat and source of meat for their insatiable hunger; they're a far easier prey than the elusive Ocelot that's quite keen to avoid them and agile enough to thwart their traps.

    Quite the clever hunters, they use a combination of poison and traps to take down their prey. Blowguns are fixed within the nose of their masks, each dart tipped with a toxic substance created through the secretions of some unknown animal or insect. They always maintain their distance and use their projectiles as a means to entice the player into carefully laid spike traps. The tactics make them a formidable foe, and while the darts of one Tiki may not be much of a threat...packs of these creatures can become quite a challenge that requires an abundant supply of milk.

    Rare Blowgun Drop:

    On very rare occasions, the blowgun of a Tiki drops upon death and isn't damaged beyond repair...allowing the player to acquire the weapon. It functions in the exact same way as it does for the Tiki, dealing damage equivalent to the difficulty setting of your world. It can be repaired with reeds (sugar cane) but the darts can't be crafted through regular means. Instead, players who wish to replenish their dart stock must slay additional Tiki and hope that they drop some.

    Possibility: (Not needed, but might be cool.)

    Tiki villages could be worked into the game, providing them with a place to rest between hunts and socialize with one another...along with granting an interesting facet to the jungles themselves for us to stumble upon, and instantly regret stumbling upon. I would imagine these locations to be a combination of small huts, tree houses, and caverns leading below the surface into a subterranean temple system with a small shrine to their god: lava.

    Possibility 2: (Not needed, but could make them a little easier to bypass if need be.

    Seeing as how Tiki are so dangerous when in groups, and covet gold as a gift from their god, it may be an interesting mechanic to make them so that they do not attack players who adorn full gold armor unless attacked first. Furthermore, perhaps a player in all gold armor can trade with Tiki in exchange for gold nuggets...giving that player access to who knows what. Granted, the blowguns and darts should not be traded by the Tiki as they're a very rare drop and should kept that way. Or, at the very least, it should be extremely expensive if they are traded.

    Old Thread:

    This is based off my old concept, which you can read here: Old Tiki Mob

    Throughout the massive duration of time between posts, I figured that the lava trap may have been a bit excessive due to the fact that items would have been lost upon death, so now it's a spike trap. I think this is much more fair and balanced, allowing players to reclaim their items if they fall victim to these little masked hellions.
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    posted a message on The Prismarine Arrow
    Support, but the design needs changed. I'd recommend a reversed tear drop tip or something more arrowdynamic.

    See what I did there? Aye?! Aye??? ;D
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