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    As everyone else expressed,

    Far better suited for a mod, but very well done and thought out. I'm more than sure, if it were a mob, many would download such for their personal pleasure.
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    I'm actually shocked that this hasn't been included within the game, in some way, already. The idea is extremely well done, fleshed out, and suits the Nether, in my opinion.
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    Quote from Krontical

    Hell yes.

    Thanks for the support!
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    I'd love to see mangrove trees.

    Truth be told, I'd like to see a myriad of different trees incorperated into the game to further diversify the types of wood and forests we have. The more the better, so long as they're all different from one another.
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    I'm back folks.

    Thanks for the support of which I hadn't previously gotten a chance to thank people for. This is a new account, as I finally purchased the full game and wanted a better name.
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    Quote from Amosfriend

    Straight out of an RPG game. I love it! Support! :3
    (One of the best posts I've seen yet, if a bit old fashioned.)


    Typically, I tend to make more unique concepts (I have an old account here.) but as I was sitting around today, the idea of a huge monstrous Nether themed Ogre just manhandling players popped into my head. An unrelenting behemoth.
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    Just a quick little mob concept. I figured that something huge, and lumbering, that battered players around as though they were ragdolls within the Nether might prove to be an interesting adversary. They may seem pretty powerful, but due to their massive size...it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to carve yourself a method of engaging them without fear. More so, they would be a mob in which would pose the greatest danger when you stumbled upon them in the open...and couldn't get yourself out of harms way in time.

    Nether Ogre

    Health Points: 50 ( x 25)
    Attack Strength:
    - Easy: 5 ()
    - Normal: 10 ()
    - Hard: 15 ()
    Spawn: Nether (Primarily atop Netherrack.)

    - Bones
    - Rotten Flesh

    Rare Drop:
    - Nether Wart
    - Pigman Head (?) (Decorative Block)
    - Zombie Pigman Head (Decorative Block)


    Standing nearly five blocks tall...these huge, lumbering, monstrocities possess auburn skin and crimson hues of which seek out prey that they can strip of flesh. Taking on the appearence of a grotesquely obese humanoid, two stumpy legs carry an engorged, hunched, body with two powerful arms that nearly drag upon the ground. They don't seem to adorn clothing, as such would simply burn away during their frequent baths amongst the vast lakes of lava. Basically, they're your typical Ogre...but with a more Nether themed look.

    For the sake of a visual reference: (Something akin to the following!)

    Quote from Comixnik

    I love the idea. I really do.

    I loved it so much I drew up a Nether Ogre. You can use it if you want instead of the blue Ogre.

    One has a tunic, one hasn't.

    Enjoy :)



    While primarily sluggish creatures, Nether Ogres are capable of tremendous speed when they find themselves in the persuit of prey...quick bursts that leave the ground trembling in their wake. When they're not on the hunt, however, they can be seen basking amongst the vast lava lakes or otherwise roaming aimlessly in search of their next meal. From the items in which they can, rarely, drop...it seems that the majority of their sustinence stems from Zombie Pigmen and the lesser known, rumored, living Pigmen.


    The Nether Ogre's primary attack is a powerful downward bashing of their huge fists, geared towards pummeling their prey into paste. They do, however, have a secondary attack that uses but a single fist...backhanding an adversary so hard that they're knocked quite the considerable distance away. If they collide with Netherrack, they'll break through several blocks before finally coming to a stop. However, the obvious additional danger of this assult comes from the chance of being battered right into lava.

    It's because of their devestating melee attack that the Nether Ogre is best engaged from afar with the bow, as they possess absolutely no ranged capabilities. Even so, their speed is considerable...and when they charge towards you, it's prudent to run in order to take up a new advantage point.


    The Nether Ogre makes a disgusting gutteral sound while idle, as though trying to clear phem from ones throat. When in active persuit of prey, they'll bellow a rather deep roar...

    JonSM's thoughts, and my responses:

    Quote from JonSM

    As it is, my method to engage these mobs would be to get them to chase me and then build a little hole in the wall with a diamond pickaxe. Because they are so big, I could just sit in the hole and hit or snipe at them, and they couldn't reach me.

    I have a few suggestions to prevent this.
    1) Being humanoid, they can have weapons, though XXL weapons with different sprites. They may be savages, but if zombies can have swords, why not ogres? Their big weapons would give them a huge reach of maybe two or three times the players. In addition, they would drop more iron than a standard sword. Or, the weapons could be made of a new material with special drops, because for such a powerful mob the drops you have are quite lame.

    Weapon weilding would be perfectly acceptable. Originally, I didn't want them to weild weapons or armor due to the fact that the materials in which make these items aren't located within the nether. However...Wither Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen weild weapons, so it makes sense that the Ogres could as well.

    2) I wasn't sure from your description whether the player breaks netherrack when thrown by the ogre, or the ogre itself breaks it. The ogre should be able to break netherrack, being so big and brutish, but maybe only two blocks at a time. It could also be able to take a netherrack block and throw it at the player. This is a ranged attack, but it still fits with the big, stupid monster theme.

    When they hit you, your body essentially becomes a projectile capable of breaking through netherrack. However, I agree with you that they should be able to break through it themselves...and also considered the throwing of netherrack in a manner similar to the brutish zombie on Left 4 Dead, haha. However, I didn't add the idea of them being able to do the latter of the two because I didn't want to give them -too many- abilities...

    The ability to break through netherrack though should probably be incorperated for the very reason you expressed.

    3) Or, the ogre could have a shockwave attack, either from its fists or from stomping. It would have to stop, though, so it couldn't do this while in pursuit of the player.

    Considered something similar with its charge, the ability to trample after an enemy which would cause the ground to shake and a knockdown effect for the player. This would give them the ability to catch up and smash them into paste...

    Or finally, it could have all three. The mob has tons of health, so it shouldn't be boring to take down like the enderdragon. With a lot of different attacks, you wouldn't know what to expect.

    Don't you think that it might be a bit too many abilities though? Minecraft has a tendency of keeping the mobs simple, and giving them as few abilities as possible. Then again, I guess the Witch has a great deal of abilities, if you think about it...so perhaps it would be a great idea to incorperate several of the concepts into one.

    I have one more idea. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm trying to hijack your thread; I just think it's cool.

    Fitting for an ogre, its weapon could be some kind of big staff. (Maybe made of ogre-bones itself!) Since most potion ingredients come from the nether, the staff itself could be either used as a weapon or crafted into dust. This dust would make an enlargement potion that made the player twice as big. Combined with a fermented spider eye, it makes the player half as big.

    The large player would:
    - have more HP, attack strength, speed, and jump height
    - take more fall damage (even in comparison to his HP)
    - be easier to hit, and not fit in small spaces.

    The small player would:
    - be slower and weaker
    - take less fall damage
    - be harder to hit, and able to crawl through one block high spaces
    - be able to walk through things like tripwires and pressure plates without activating
    - be attacked by cats

    Weapons and tools would be similarly scaled, but big tools would be stronger and small tools weaker.

    These potions are powerful, so not all ogres should spawn with a staff.

    I hope you like these ideas! I myself had no idea I would write about all this when I started this post.

    Could be interesting. I know that some enjoyed the mod that incorperated a big and small potion.

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