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    posted a message on Everyone, Respect Mojang's Decision, Hate Tears Communities Apart
    Well, I don't blame Notch for his decision...

    He was, essentially, turned into a scape goat by being transformed into a figurehead. Everyone blamed him for problems when he had little to do with the game anymore, and I can fully understand how that would frustrate someone: being accused of things he may have not even known about nor fully understood. The vast majority put huge amounts of stress on him...it's understandable that not everyone can handle that amount of pressure and may cave, especially when it was unjust to do so.

    With that said, I have two major concerns towards the future of the game.

    1: Companies as large as Microsoft aren't typically keen on accepting community based ideas...it's extremely rare. The evolution of Minecraft, however, has been heavily influenced by its community...so are we to expect this to change? Mojang is now under the rule of Microsoft, they have to abide by rules and regulations that could limit their freedom and interaction with the community. This would be extremely detrimental to the game and community combined.

    2: Companies as large as Microsoft rarely release free content in the form of updates, something Minecraft has always done. Are we to expect purchasable expansions, a subscription fee: perhaps the only individuals capable of receiving new content being those who are subscribed to Minecraft Realms? The latter seems to be a very likely possibility, and one that will have me flat out leaving the game...and I'm sure many others as well.

    Those would be my two major concerns with the decision. With that said, Mojang now has access to an endless supply of resources that can be used to fuel the development of the game...there should be absolutely no limitations on what they can, and can not, do with the sheer volume of support this buyout grants...but what will it cost them, and us, in the long term?

    Has the heart and soul of the game been sacrificed in the process?
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    posted a message on Making thunderstorms and rainfall more relaxing.
    There should be different types of storms.

    - Light Rainstorm
    - Light Rainstorm with Thunder
    - Heavy Rainstorm
    - Heavy Rainstorm with Thunder and Lightning

    The first two would be your tranquil and enjoyable weather patterns.
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    posted a message on Redstone Armour anyone?
    Quote from Jibs44»
    Tenebrae to your idea, that doesn't sound so bad, to his idea which took no though to make, HEEEELLL NOOOO the thing is he didn't come up with it...

    why is this not closed yet

    Thanks, from the threads posted though...seems as if it's been suggested before and received apathy.
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    posted a message on Old Temple Remakes
    Quote from Deonyi»
    The temples are 'fine'. If anything, they should be smaller, not larger. Larger things become more repetitive more quickly. Smaller things are small enough to say, oh it's a temple'. Larger things are more like 'hey, isn't that the temple I just passed 10 minutes ago?'.

    No Support

    I think it would be fine if 90% of the temple generated underground. Imagine the desert temple as a huge pyramid...but you only see the tip outside and have to descend into the lower regions to find the treasure. This would also make enough room to do with the temples what they did with the monument, add themed mobs guarding them rather than simplistic traps we know how to defeat after the first encounter.
    Quote from FalsePeel»
    Honestly, i think pyramids should be the same size on the outside, but have catacombs beneath like a strong hold or something

    No Support

    Yeah, I'd agree with that. Small on the surface, tiny below...

    The monument gets away with being HUGE and exposed simply because it's under water.
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    posted a message on hunting
    Save a deer, hunt a cow. No support.
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    posted a message on Snow Leopards (Hunters that lurk the tundras!)
    Sure, everyone likes kitties.
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    posted a message on Redstone Armour anyone?
    What about if Redstone armor was low grade in terms of defense...but actually transmitted a signal? Those who wore Redstone armor could trigger objects manipulated by Redstone...allowing people to make machines that actually require a mobile, human, component. I'm sure there could be some sort of practical application for something like this...anyone good with Redstone have a little imagination to answer that question?

    Is there any applications that you could see for Redstone armor that actually transmitted a signal?
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    posted a message on Aquarium and other

    Flesh the concept out further, make it something that people would love to see inside their home. Bonus points if it has a practical application beyond vanity, but that's not necessarily needed either.
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    posted a message on Need More Weapons

    Initially weaker than swords, daggers would have the benefit of allowing the player to duel wield. This, unto itself, wouldn't have much of a boon over swords due to the fact that each weapon has less durability and the speed of being able to deliver two weak attacks simultaneously still wouldn't compare to the superiority of the sword. Instead, the benefit of daggers comes in the form of being able to duel wield weapons that can be enchanted independently. So, while daggers may be inferior to swords while unenchanted due to the decreased attack strength and durability...they excel when enchanted and make up for those two negative attributes. This might sound more complex than it actually is...so:

    Wooden Dagger:

    Damage: 2 ()
    Durability: 30

    Duel wielding these daggers would allow you to attack with both weapons simultaneously, dealing 4 () damage: that's still less than the wooden sword and with both weapons having a durability of 30...you're still inferior to the sword itself. That changes when both daggers have been enchanted with, for example, Sharpness. An enchanted wooden sword receives 1.25 extra damage whereas BOTH daggers receive 1.25 extra damage independently when they're both enchanted separately.

    So, a wooden sword's damage is bumped up to 6.25. If you are duel wielding daggers that are each enchanted with Sharpness, you now have increased your maximum damage potential to 6.50. I suppose that this might not sound so spectacular when you take into consideration the reduced durability, but you have to keep in mind that you're essentially doubling the amount of weapon enchantments you can have...and I'm sure someone can think of a much better example than Sharpness. :P


    The Crossbow would be a shorter ranged weapon that deals more damage with less projectile drop. It's downside would come in the form of a greatly reduced range and lengthy reloading period between shots. Unlike the bow, you wouldn't be able to chain weak attacks with a crossbow...but it also fires instantly once it's been loaded so it doesn't require a drawing mechanic to reach maximum damage...it always does the same amount of damage. This basically means that you'll have a shorter ranged, more precise, weapon that should provide an individual skilled in avoidance with something quite devastating to their enemies.


    Damage: 15 ()
    Durability: 200 (More technical bits in the design are more prone to damage and malfunction.)

    Keep in mind that the Crossbow doesn't necessarily need to have the exact same enchantment capabilities as the bow, I fully understand that we don't want a rail-gun in Mindcraft. :P

    Anyway, those are the only two weapons I'd really like to see implemented into the game. They're still simplistic, the crossbow being a little more technical in nature but surely not complex enough to be restricted from Mindcraft, but add just enough flavor to make things a little more exciting.
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    posted a message on Removing the stripes from glass block in a legal way

    For those opposed to the idea, there's two reasons why people would want this over texture packs.

    1: As previously stated: the desire to use two different types of glass.
    2: Also, the desire for people to see your designs the way that they are meant to be seen. I would never, ever, use a texture pack because everyone else who comes across my build isn't going to see what I'm seeing. I don't want to build something that looks awesome to me but like crap to someone else...and that's what would likely happen were we to simply use a resource pack to augment the glass.
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    posted a message on Portal Rail

    To those who aren't supporting the idea, your reasons are absurd.

    1: You do not know what these rails look like.
    2: Minecraft is not predominantly realistic.
    3: The potential for griefing is not, unto itself, a reason to exclude something from the game...or we wouldn't have TNT, Lava, and anything else that can potentially kill someone. If you don't like that potential being in your experience...there are servers that do not permit griefing, find one.

    I believe you guys are grasping at straws in a wild attempt to defend your position; you don't have to. If you don't like the idea, just don't support it and express your distaste. There is absolutely no reason to try and come up with absurd reasons to validate your dislike of the idea...you're entitled to just not like it.
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    posted a message on Podzol spread *now with poll*

    Considering what it's supposed to be, leaf litter, I can't support it spreading because that makes absolutely no sense... There are two ways, however, that could allow for easy creation of Podzol.

    1: It makes sense that you could craft it with dirt and spruce leaf blocks.
    2: Giant spruce trees could cause the soil beneath them to become podzol naturally throughout the course of time.

    Both of these would work out great; it makes obtaining the block unique...but not too terribly difficult. Either grow a giant spruce and wait...or get silk touch for leaf blocks and combine them with dirt.
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    posted a message on Stronghold Improvement

    It kind of makes the Stronghold worthless when the eyes take you right to the portal itself.
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    posted a message on Adding a new undead mob-Vampires
    This is very thought out, but I can't support.

    If vampires were incorporated into Minecraft, I'd want to see them be loosely based rather than the stereotype; basically, something as monstrous as it is intelligent... Take the movie Priest, for example: say what you want about the film itself...but the vampires were downright awesome and an extremely interesting adaptation that didn't follow the traditional concepts.

    So, I'd support a vampiric creature...but not the standard run of the mill vampire that we have all seen a million times. As for the ability to manipulate redstone and the like...I wouldn't mind that in the least bit so long as it doesn't destroy anything. I like the idea of more intelligent mobs.
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    posted a message on Tiki of the Jungle
    Quote from AMPPL50»
    The darts should always drop and/or be crafted, as the grinding required to keep enough of them available is simply too much.

    They're meant to be a rare item, making them far easier to obtain means that they will have to be reduced in effectiveness and that downplays the enjoyment of having it.
    Quote from Dormentality»
    I don't like how they can build traps. Minecraft does not need another self-griefing mechanic

    Also, you should be able to craft non-poisoned darts by converting arrows into them. If you take a dart and an arrow in shapeless recipe, you get two normal darts. Normal darts do not poison their targets on impact. Both normal and poisoned darts can be crafted into two normal darts.

    Normal (not poisoned) dart + arrow = 2 normal (not poisoned) darts

    Poisoned dart + arrow = 2 normal (not poisoned) darts

    This would mean that you still have to kill/grind to get the darts you need to craft more of them, and you still can't craft the poisoned version. It would also give arrows a use.

    Other than the traps, Support!

    The traps have always been a controversial idea, but you get about two seconds to avoid the fall through the breaking mechanic and a sound that should alert you to the risk. I really don't think it would be too much trouble...but, ultimately, it would be up to them on what to do.

    As for the crafting of non-poison darts, I can see that working out pretty well indeed. That could keep the rarity while leaving people with a way to use them at a less optimal level.

    Thanks for the support!
    Quote from TheqoreeZ»
    Well, I don't like the digging trap thing, maybe they could place bear traps, mobs that walk in it get trapped, and start losing half a heart every 2 seconds, unless you break the trap. The clamped trap cannot be picked up, and only shears can pick up open traps.

    Also, Tiki Spawner 1st floor of jungle temple. Make em more dangerous!


    Bear traps or some sort of alternative could work.

    Tiki Spanwer in the jungle temples would be a great idea. :D

    Thanks for the support!
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