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    posted a message on [OpenSource] [1.8] [Forge] [Unnamed WIP] Public Minecraft Mod - Help With Dev

    Just added a new log to show the updates for this mod! Please help out by contributing whatever you want! :)

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    posted a message on [OpenSource] [1.8] [Forge] [Unnamed WIP] Public Minecraft Mod - Help With Dev

    Alrighty then.I've added quite a bit of stuff into my end of the mod so I'll merge it with the old version then I'll merge it with it yours! :)

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    posted a message on [OpenSource] [1.8] [Forge] [Unnamed WIP] Public Minecraft Mod - Help With Dev

    just wondering, would you like to help me work on my exploration magicy tech mod named (right now) the collection of things mod. since it looks like you need ideas. XP if you would please respond.

    - meelock

    ps. here is the link to the Github: https://github.com/meelock/Collection-of-Things :P

    Why not just...I dunno...merge? ;)
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    posted a message on [OpenSource] [1.8] [Forge] [Unnamed WIP] Public Minecraft Mod - Help With Dev
    This mod is a mod that I am starting that allows ANYONE to participate in the development of it. If you would like to participate then the github link is below (as well as github tutorials if you don't know how to use it).

    This mod can include anything and at this point in time, it does not have any specific theme or pattern to what will be included thus the Unnamed WIP tag in the title. Until there is a specific theme going on it is all improv right now.
    However, if you have an idea for a theme then I will put it up for consideration and once there is enough ideas floating around, I will create a straw poll of what to go with.

    The things that I have added to the mod so far include (excuse the brokenness):

    Sapphire Ore:

    Ruby Ore:

    Topaz Ore:


    Update Logs:

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    posted a message on [1.8.x][Forge][Video] Minecraft Forge Modding Tutorials by Tempus Studios
    Welcome to my forge modding tutorials for Minecraft 1.8.x!

    If you would like text tutorials, then let me know and I will be more than willing to add them here! :)


    Setting Up

    Ore Generation
    Special Ore Generation
    Multisided Blocks
    Custom Furnace
    Custom Crafting Table
    Custom Biomes
    Custom Dimensions

    Color codes:
    Beginner Intermediate Advanced

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    posted a message on [Official] Lythrm Dimension Mod - Help Support!
    This is just a starter thread to get my major mod going! It's called the Lythrm Dimension mod! It's in uber early alpha stage so there is currently nothing but grass block and an ore to show off. There is currently a bug in the dirt block that I am trying to fix right now. If you would like to help support it, give me features to put into the mod! If you would like to help create it, let me know in a private message (you will have to present your skills in a modding test so I know that you can actually mod minecraft efficiently).


    Lalite Ore

    Drops: none Spawn: none Hardness: 5 (5x harder than dirt) Glow: no

    Lythrm Grass:

    This is still buggy! Dirt currently glitched! Debugging in process!!
    Drops: none

    Spawn: none

    Hardness: 3.5 (3x harder than vanilla dirt)

    Glow: no


    Lythrm Dirt
    Lythrm Stone
    Lythrm Tall Grass
    Lythrm Log
    Lythrm Leaves
    Lythrm Ore
    Morite Ore

    Lythrm Crafting Bench
    Lythrm Furnace
    Lythrm Planks
    Lalite Furnace
    Lalite (fuel)
    Lalite Chest

    Morite Armour
    Morite Tools

    Vampire Bats
    Vampire Skeletons
    Moon Grump
    More torches

    Breathing helmet
    Underwater suit
    Lava suit

    Submit some of your own ideas and I will consider putting it in the mod! :)

    Wanna join the modding team? You must meet these minimum requirements and you must private message me the following information:

    Minimum Requirements:

    At least 1 year modding experience

    Intermediate Java Knowledge

    Must be able to debug code

    Must be able to understand .json files (somewhat)

    Information required:

    Name/Nickname (first name only)


    Modding Experience (in years)

    Java Experience (in years)

    Provide a github example of a simple mod you created on your own (no time limit, but I recomment 24 - 48 hours)

    List all languages you have some knowledge in (i.e.: I have knowledge in HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, JSON, Java, C++, C, PHP, R, and CSS)

    Write a brief description of why you would like to join my team

    (Since the thread editing GUI sucks here which needs to be changed [please and thank you and it keeps screwing me over took me over two hours to write all of this but I can't seem to open the html editor in this] the layout of this thread is very wonky so just bear with me here please and thank you!)
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