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    I just looked through the available skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace and couldn't find any official Marvel or DC Comic related skins. There was a generic Superhero skin pack, but hardly seemed like something you might be looking for, especially if you have to pay for it.

    It looks like you may need to take the custom skin route, which is fairly simple.

    1. On your fire tablet, in the browser, download a skin from The Skindex - Minecraft Skins (For some reason, my browser reports this site as being a phishing site, but trust me, I, and many others, have been using this site for years. It's safe; ignore the warning and continue to the site if it tries to block it. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, just Google search for other Minecraft skin sites)
    2. Open Minecraft: Pocket Edition.
    3. Click the hanger icon beneath the player model on the right side of the screen.
    4. In the "Default" section of the skin page, click the grey skin that looks like a blank canvas.
    5. The panel on the right should show a blank player model and a button above it that says, "Choose New Skin," click it.
    6. Navigate the gallery screen and find the Downloads folder. Inside that there should be the skin(s) you downloaded, click it.
    7. Once you are returned to the skins page, click the big Confirm button under the character model on the right of the screen.
    8. You should be all set.

    Now when you play, you should look like whichever Minecraft skin you downloaded and installed.

    Hope this helped, if it is still not what you were looking for, let me know, I will be glad to help further if I can. You might have an easier time reaching me if you PM me on here, as I should get an email notification right away - as I said earlier, I'm not that active on here anymore. If this didn't solve your problem, send me a link to one of the videos that he might be watching and I can get a better idea of what we're trying to accomplish.

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    Two things:

    A: This isn't the correct section post it in, that would be here.

    But don't worry about that, I'll ask a mod to move it.

    B: This doesn't sound completely like a mod to me. I think this might be a skin, but I could be wrong. You can access skins from the Minecraft app itself, but you may need to buy the skin pack which contains certain content that you would be looking for. I'm going to look at the available skins and let you know. The modding that you found is back from when I was an active member of these forums, and is pretty much outdated. The system changed completely because Minecraft was bought by Microsoft and they rebuilt the mobile version of the game in Java as opposed to C to support cross-platform play.

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    Quote from MrAndyPE»

    Definitely a good guide so far. However, this really only applies to defining an ore block and it dropped item. I think the question was referring to how to make the ore generate in the world like it does in MCPE. Although something similar to the ore generation mechanics of MCPE can be reproduced in ModPE, it is nonetheless not a good solution and the only way to really add fully function ore generation is through Native Mods. Surprisingly, this is a comparatively easy process as far as native mods go. If you are at all interested I could explain how you could do this.

    I don't see why it wouldn't be a good solution; back before native modding was made available through Blocklauncher all we had was ModPE. Sure there may be a better way but there aren't huge downsides to it. The only reason I could see it being a problem is working with certain phones and their lack of power. But as long as it's being run on a somewhat ok device, performance would be fine, and even on slow devices the mod would be passable. Also, I understand that you wouldn't be implementing natural ore generation if you used ModPE, you could create an algorithm that mimics natural generation to the point of you not noticing a difference.

    Though, HopBop, if you are willing (and MrAndyPE willing to help) I would say you should try learning and least a basic understanding of native mods. It would help you in the long run for modding and general programming knowledge.
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    Quote from MikeFM»

    I've followed the links, downloaded and examined the resource pack and behavior pack files, and all that as recommended in the Add-On FAQ page and I haven't figured out how to manipulate block behavior. Is this possible? I have a couple simple ideas in mind I wanted to try to get my feet wet but I'm not having a lot of luck.

    Idea one is to change the grass path block to be have more like the normal grass block. I assumed this would be a case of cutting and pasting some stuff from the grass block to the grass_path block so that I'd end up with paths that can have gates placed on them and such.

    Idea two is to create a simple UI for the noteblock so that the desired note could be simply typed or picked on a little keyboard. If possible I'd like to make it so the blocks texture would be tinted to match the color of it's note and maybe show the instrument it's playing as. I can see the UI for the command block and others but I don't see how these are associated with the blocks.

    Any pointers?

    From what I've seen, block manipulation is not available with official addons (yet?), all I've seen is mob modification. However, you are more likely be able to execute these ideas with native mods (a.k.a. BL Addons), it will just be harder. I don't know exactly what can and can't be manipulated using BL Addons but I'm sure you could ask some people who have experience with them.
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    Quote from x1t0m1t0m1x»

    I'm kinda salty about the fact that it costs me to play online and you guys get it for free. The only reason I keep a gold membership is for Minecraft. Although it looks like I'm not going to be playing much new gen after bedrock edition shows up.. I'm a redstoner and bedrock has no qc, which ruins it for me.

    There's a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with Minecraft; it's the consoles.

    For years, consoles have opted to charge or not charge people for online play.

    Xbox Original: Paid (I believe)
    Xbox 360: Paid
    Xbox One: Paid
    Playstation 3: Free
    Playstation 4: Paid
    Wii: Free
    Wii U: Free
    Nintendo Switch: Paid (Starting in 2018)

    If you're salty about this one topic of Switch vs Xbox Minecraft Online, then you must've had your head somewhere else the past 10 years because Minecraft online play is free on multiple platforms. PE Multiplayer is free, PS3 Multiplayer is free, Wii-U is free... Overall Minecraft Online is free, it's using console servers that you pay for.
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    Hello, I am interested. Couple of questions:

    • Will PVP be turned off?
    • How old are you?
    • How active are you and at what time of day are you usually on?
    • Will you be using Discord or other services for microphone use?\
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    Quote from HopBopGamer»

    One More Things: How you generate ores?

    I haven't done ModPE in a while, but here is a basic overview. You can find out how to do all of the stuff I explain on Connors wiki.

    First, you need to create a new block, and a new item. This is your ore block and the ore itself. Then, you need a block destroyed hook (it's called everytime a block in the world is destroyed), use an "if" statement to see if it's the block you made. Lastly, if it is, drop your new ore. You can also take it further and make weapons. There are a lot of mods like this too if you do a search in this forum. There were a lot of new ore and new ore weapon mods.

    Note: unless you use existing textures, you'll need to create some. This part, I can't help you with. Do any experienced modders want to explain this subject better and how to import textures?
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    Quote from HopBopGamer»

    Umm, I don't have computer, just android.

    That's ok, you can do it all on Android. So here is a basic tutorial of how to start developing ModPE on Android:

    1. Start learning Javascript

    2. Download a Javascript or generic code editor for Android

    3. Start learning the ModPE API

    Connor4898 also has some ModPE mod templates for some simple functions:


    Another big way to learn ModPE is to look at code that people have already written and experiment. Also, you need to learn how to debug, this is a whole other subject that will have to be covered separately... Hope this helps!

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    Quote from HopBopGamer»

    I prefer ModPE...

    Ok, so then your first step is to start learning Javascript. After that, there are multiple steps you can take here to learn the ModPE API:

    • Ask experienced modders for help, directly. (But don't be annoyed or get mad if they say no)
    • Reverse engineer already made mods
    • Use Youtube tutorials such as those by Arjay
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    Well, technically, mods are C++. The Javascript is simply a bridge between us and the game to make modding easier.

    But before I explain it, please note:

    This post is in the wrong section. Seeing as you are a new member, it is excusable, but ignorance of the rules is not a free pass. I have asked for the post to be moved to the correct section, which is MCPE: Mod / Tool Help & Requests, but please make sure going forward that you post in the correct sections. Since you are new, I suggest you read over the Rules, it's about 3 minutes worth of reading and will benefit you on this forum. I look forward to seeing you around!

    The Javascript type of modding is called ModPE, and was introduced mostly thanks to Treebl and Zhuowei back a few years ago. It was made because low level/assembly modding was very difficult for the types of users that Minecraft usually generated, (eg. a lot of young ones).

    Modding in C++ is called Native Modding or Addons (no, not the lame system Microsoft brought into MC:PE), and requires you to know C or C++, and have some minor assembly knowledge, or at least that's how it was not too long ago.

    The difference between the two types of modding can be explained in a somewhat simplistic (and mostly accurate) way:



    Modding Backbone written in C++, Java, and or C.
    Java bridge to access Backbone
    Blocklauncher/other utility for modding

    Native Mods:


    Modding Backbone Written in C++, Java, and or C.
    Blocklauncher/other utility for modding
    C++ addon

    And it may not look a whole lot different, but the Java bridge adds limitations because instead of using C++ to access the backbone by hand, you're going through a library that has to implement functions by hand. Each ModPE function was implemented by Zhuowei to access the C++ backbone that modifies game files.

    Anybody feel free to correct me on errors, but I feel this makes sense.

    As for learning to make mods, you will need to decide which route you would like to take.

    • You can learn Javascript and make ModPE mods which is easier, but also much more limiting.
    • You can learn C++, Java, and/or C, and start developing Native Mods which is harder, but much more functional and rewarding.

    A quick Google search will find you many resources, free and paid, for learning Javascript, Java, C, and C++. One example is CodeCademy.com.

    I hope this helps!

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    Nice, though you should add a little more info about what is included in the mod. Also, I am pretty sure it is required to have a direct download link included in the post though they're usually pretty forgiving when it comes to that. 1+

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    How do you get textures?

    Hello, Zhuowei Zhang has a list on his github and website. However, I would not suggest using ModEz right now, I am building a new version that is MUCH better. It will be able to create way more advanced mods, and will eventually be able to generate addons with no coding.


    Github Source
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    Quote from BSharpUniquely»

    I was having the same problem, and this may be why:

    My username and the friends username both had spaces or special characters (maybe numbers?) in them. For some reason the devices wouldn't connect because of this. All you need to do is change your username so it has no spaces, special characters or numbers (Steel Fighter wouldn't work but SteelFighter would, Steel_Fighter wouldn't work, etc). This might not be the same issue but if it is I hope this helps!

    I don't think this is the problem.

    In the original post, he stated

    Now, no matter which one starts the game, the other does not have the option to join. The hosted game never shows up in the list.

    Though, your point is valid. If the username contains spaces or special characters, it will show you an error when you try to join. It's a good answer, just not for this problem.

    MC:PE, over the years and with all versions, has had difficulty with connecting to local multiplayer. I don't know why, (to be honest, nobody does.) but there has always been issues with connecting. All I can suggest is make sure Local Server Multiplayer is "On" in the settings on both devices.

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    Quote from EnderMantis»

    Is it for 0.11 and Blocklauncher 1.9.7? And if so, I'm glad it's on the Amazon app store. Maybe I won't have to make mutant hybrid mooing alien chicken villagers from outer space.

    I haven't tested it since 0.8.x, so I'm not sure.

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    Quote from RusticDude1»

    Nice app! How did you create it?

    Java, XML, hard work, and a whole lot of time. I am planning on remaking it to be bigger and better because the source code was lost when my computer was stolen last year. But ModEz was made when I was a much worse programmer, so a remake is needed, I did a lot of sloppy coding with that app.

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