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    posted a message on Tiny Lights Out Game

    Made it about 2 years ago and decided to post it here

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    posted a message on 2 16bit computer s hooked up to a Networking Router using a slim down UDP Protocol

    made this 2 years ago and it works great

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    posted a message on My Tic Tac Toe With Unbeatable A.I

    Its nothing special but it did take some time

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    posted a message on Minecraft keyboard issue

    When I hit CTRL and W or any other Directional Key at the same time, it won't do anything, so I'm wondering if there is a fix, I was thinking of mapping my keyboard for a Minecraft mode where it switched CTRL with a Useless key that Minecraft can bind to but I need to get Wine working with my Keyboard Software and i don't even know if that is going to work so I am just asking if there is a Non-Wine Related Fix


    UPDATE: i did some testing and when i do it, there is a Second Wait before i start moving but then other times it just does nothing

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    posted a message on Void - a Survival of the Faith
    The Void is a Map that is you on a small island in a Tiny Void
    You must have the Will to Survive more than anything
    Over Time the Emptiness will discourage you
    But you must prevail

    You are stuck in a 10x10 big Void on a small island and you need to exit out of the void via the small hole on the top of Void

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    posted a message on AnthraxMc - Needs Staff
    What is your First Name. Danny (Nickname Danny boy)
    Minecraft IGN: Teleputer
    Age (13+):17
    Position You Want: Mod
    What is your Timezone: UTC−8:00
    Experience With Position: I have My Sharing with big and small servers, my biggest server that I have given my time to is Tycoonworld with the Moderator Position, it had 200< people online at a time and for some reason the owner out of nowhere disappears and the servers websites relink back to a porn site, I served for 4> months before the server disappeared.
    Past Moderation: here is the full list of servers I worked for (Tycoonworld, Miners Cave (Its been gone for 2 years), Mine Trek, Toast craft(they became a tekkit server after something "big" happen)).

    What can you bring to AnthraxMc that others cant?: I have Knowledge of almost all Minecraft exploits (including a coordinate exploit that can locate any person in the world with just a single picture) and I Can Traceback Where attacks came from even through Different Vpn Services, Report To The NAS Different Ips That Attack your server and they will be the ones to handle the rest of it (And maybe even Arresting them if they can find them and have good evidence against them).

    What benefit would AnthraxMc have if you were to be staff?: The Server will be more protective against Hackers AKA " Script Kiddies" from making your server unfair and Likable.

    Do you have a working microphone? If so, please name it: A Logitech G430

    Can you use and be active on the Discord: Yes yes yes I am always active

    Staffing Experience (Not Required but Recommended): as I said I have experience with tycoon world and other servers

    Can you record? yes in Good crisp 1080P Quality (and soon 4k)

    If you were in a situation you couldn't handle, what would you do?: People Busting into my house just to gain control of my account and PERMANENTLY Shutting down your server, and I Would Encrypt my Computers harddrive till it would take over 10 years to decode it (And i already did)

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