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Yo, nice to meet you. My name's Teknonick, or Tektonic by some. My real name is Nicky, though I do accept Nicholas, but never Nick. That also brings me into this: never say never... no, not the song. Just, don't say it.

Alright, a little onto about me! I love gaming, it's my life. Don't ask me why, but it's just flipping amazing. I also love role playing, which has kind of taken over my gaming days. I like to beta test games or mods, I also like to get into games before they're really popular, like TUG and Blockade Runner.

I'm seventeen years old, as of now, 11/10/2013, and my birthday is EXACTLY midnight. EXACTLY. No, I wasn't a new years baby... because I was an emergency breach baby, and they thought they planned it. What they don't know, is I had complete control, and wasn't being born until I said so. That explains my absence of time though... must have spent it all then....

Currently I'm in a Biology class, preparing for college. I've also almost gotten my GED, but am lacking a little bit on Math, and need to catch up in that subject. I'm also homeschooled! Some people love it, and wish they were too. Other's, they just are angry at it and say "You were taught wrong!" ETC ETC stuff. I tend to ignore those people, or if I can't help it tell them they're wrong.

I host a multitude of Role Plays, my first being Herobrine RP. Second, Code Lyoko. Third is Legends of Zelda. Lastly is Avatar: The Last Airbender. None of them are what they seem, so don't say "EWWW!" and run away. Herobrine is not about blocks, but it does have Creepers. Herobrine is also mortal, which makes him almost easy to handle. Code Lyoko is about a new group of heros, that have taken the place of Jeremy and his gang in a search to find them... and keep balance. Zelda is an event after Ocarina of Time, where Link is captured, and must be freed by new heros who are searching for mystical items.


Gaming, Modding, Texturing, Helping, Building, Redstoning.

Location Grumpis

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