About Me

I've been doing graphic design work since I was but a wee' laddie. I've invested a lot of my childhood in trying to understand the fundamental basis of different arts. I got into texturing Minecraft in around 2011, with only cursory knowledge of how the texture artists on MCForums operated. I had made several contributions to the GERUDOKU pack at this time, and later decided to make my own iteration of it, incorporating my own textures when I could. In 2012, I decided to make my own texture pack at the native 16x16 resolution - but I wasn't skilled or dedicated enough to see it through in the way I wanted to - so I made random textures and a few challenge packs. In 2014, I had to focus myself on university, and had little time to dedicate to texturing. Two years later, I'm on a summer break, and I think I might try to apply myself to texturing once more, as a fun little work of my own.


Pixel art. The history of science. The history of Europe. American politics. Reading. Essay writing. Critical analysis of modern systems of government. Graphic design and colour use.

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