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    That's too much work, psh.

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    IGN: HugeDork

    Age: (12+) I'm 14 years old

    Have You Ever Been Banned?: I've been banned on mineplex for "Walking On Lava"

    Tell us About Yourself: (Optional) I like watching netflix shows, anime, and youtube.. I have no life. I love to build on servers and just generally play minecraft. I hope I can be useful to the beta version.

    MySkype is: IekkRenn

    If you wanted to know idk

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    I'll be builder.

    IGN: HugeDork'

    I can help by building?

    Very helpful... sorta ;-;

    skype: IekkRenn

    I was builder on other servers

    I've played minecraft for about 3-4years.

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    I'm a builder I use w/e (World edit) And Voxel a plug-in for terrain such as mountains, I Have about two years experience and have been on many server build teams and or just solo builder. I Usually do medieval But I can do fantasy and oriental (Japanese) Styled building. I can talk I have a Skype (IekkRenn) But if I'm doing a big build for a long period of time I prefer to listen to music. Sorry Just me as a natural Shut in. But aside that I can be henceforth online for 2 hours a day weekends about 8 hours sometimes more on week days but school ya know :/.

    I Hope you accept this I didn't really feel like making a whole essay but I hope this will suffice.

    P.S. You spelled Eerie; eery not to say I have the audacity to say I spell better just an FYI I know most people take offence to correction, But I mean how will you improve. Now I'm Gibbering again Welp bye for a final time lmao.

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