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    posted a message on [REQ] Terraria Texture Pack

    Consider it done.

    I did a Terraria texture pack. I am not going to distribute it, because is based on the leaked files of the game (is not "inspired of", but some blocks are copy&pasted from the real textures of Terraria).

    Anyway is half-assed, so is pretty ignorable.

    Why the hell you have soo much graphics in your sign? that slow computers, it create unnecesary trafic. Consider replacing it by a text equivalent. Is also very confusing to see a dude with a Aether banner, if is not the author of such mod. You guys (the whole Minecraft forum, including moderators) are completelly crazy.
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    posted a message on How cloney is it? A rating.
    Price for terraria seems in the $5 - $20 bracket.
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    posted a message on [Total Conversion] Terraria
    I think this is a excellent idea.

    Terraria has mobs and features that will be really cool in Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Learning To Mod
    Quote from Nocturnal_Cheese »
    Okay, I have a really good idea for a minecraft mod, however I don't really have a lot of programming experience(I know how to make Hello World in about 10 different language due to a lack of finding a reason to learn one in depth until now.) I have most experience in python(well if you can call it experience) so if I could code in python and then put it into java that would be great. I was just curious on how to start. I am pretty good at 3d modelling and image editing so I guess that's a plus. I could probably learn about java and/or make the mod for a few hours a day. I just need to know where to start.

    Thanks in advance.

    Btw,I also looked at the code from MCP and it looked scary!

    Well.. you can probably buy a Java book, and read it. I predict will be easy for you, because Python and Java are "friends".

    Then, theres a billion tutorials, but I predict you will not learn much with then. You sould create a "MCP installation" and start toying with ideas, doing changes and seeing the effects. Then wen you feel you have tested the water, create a block that do something fun, and release it to the public. If you get good feedback, you may try to do your "idea". Generally ideas are a poor thing to have, everyone have ideas, are a dime a dozen, and is rare the idea that is worth more than a penny. But if your perseverance is strong ,you will be able to do it :biggrin.gif:

    Good luck, and wellcome!
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    posted a message on How can i fix thie recompile error:?????????????????
    Quote from nadine »
    i just upgraded a mod after i recompile it says this:

    Wen a compiler "crapt itself", only the first error is relevant, all the next ones can be just a side effect of the compiler "derailed".

    So +10 points for providing the log. -8 points for only providing the last lines.

    The problem is.. I think (based on another comment today), that MCP has yet to update. I could be wrong, so confirm it elsewhere.
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    posted a message on Helping people install mods. MOD MAKERS READ THIS
    Quote from MrSquidies »
    this is just a suggestion to all the mod makers out there but could you please just make a mod pack with everything that you need for installing the mod when you bring out the mod. Because I may not be only one that finds it hard when you make a link to here and it has a huge list of mods and stuff but the mod i am trying to get i cant see on the page. So my request to you mod makers is that you put together a mod pack with everything that you need in it to install the mod or even make a youtube video were you go to the webpages that have what you need and show us how to get it

    You are right. In a ideal world, all mods would have youtube videos helping installing the mod, betwen other things.

    But making a youtube video may be more time than making the mod itself!.. also most people would not want, or know, how to make a video. Something most modders are willing to do is to provide a README.txt file, with instructions about how to install the mod. With patience, and reading everything that file say, you could install any mod.

    The good news, is that what you learn from installing one mod can be used to install other mods.

    I know that this may sound unreasonable. LOL, WHY MINECRAFT MODS ARE SO HARD TO USE!?!, theres no one to blame, Minecraft Modding kinda "happened" and the engine don't have any facility to help modding, so modding has to be this complex. We are all learning, and tryiing to improve things, but just now, It suck. Sorry about that.
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    posted a message on Decompiling/De-Obfuscating Classic Creative
    Quote from cubelpr »
    Thanks for that. Obfuscated code is hard to work through..

    If you are serious about this thing. Maybe you can check what tools the MCP team use to create the MCP, and use similar tools yourself. Stuff like automatic reformation tools. You can't use his data, but you can learn from his mistakes and his Eureka! moments.
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    posted a message on [Tool] Minecraft 2D Tile Editor 2.0
    Thanks pat!.

    Weeeeeeeeeee, I have 1 user. Funky!
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    posted a message on Is it possible to update mods using mcp without the sources?
    I have no idea what you was tryiing to say.

    But you can try to contact the original author of a MCP mod, and ask him the source code. It will be source code for a old version of mcp.

    Then use something like WinMerge to merge the change/new files of the dude on the latest MCP. Try compile that, fix any error that result... that can be complicated.

    While the MCP code is unofuscated, mods created with the MCP are ofuscated again, so you don't have access to the original MCP code, but a ofuscated version of it.
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    posted a message on Decompiling/De-Obfuscating Classic Creative
    Googling around I can find this:

    It don't looks like other than a start, but could help you.

    a.a	???
    de.jarnbjo (package)	Ogg Playback, 3rd-party
    com.mojang.a.a	???
    com.mojang.minecraft.Minecraft$OS	Empty apart from: enum Minecraft$OS{}
    com.mojang.minecraft.MinecraftApplet$1 extends Canvas	???
    com.mojang.minecraft.MinecraftApplet extends Applet	Minecraft applet, launches com.mojang.minecraft.l
    com.mojang.minecraft.Entity implements Serializable	Controls Entities (Mobs) - abstract class, serialisable - 
    com.mojang.minecraft.StopGameException	Exception
    com.mojang.minecraft.c extends Thread	Resource Download Thread
    com.mojang.minecraft.d	Some sort of time class?
    com.mojang.minecraft.e extends Thread	Thread extension?
    com.mojang.minecraft.h extends Thread	Skin Download Thread
    com.mojang.minecraft.k	Loads settings
    com.mojang.minecraft.l implements Runnable	Initialises Minecraft
    com.mojang.minecraft.item.Arrow extends Entity	Arrows (unused?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.item.Item extends Entity	Items (unused?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.item.PrimedTnt extends Entity	Exploding TNT (unused?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.item.TakeEntityAnim extends Entity	Pickup Animation (unused?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.item.a	?
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.b extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.c extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.d extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.e extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.f extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.g extends b	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.h extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.i extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.j extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.k extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.l extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.m extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.n extends r	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.o extends i	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.p extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.q extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.r extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.s extends a	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.tile.t extends r	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.BlockMap$Slot implements Serializable	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.BlockMap implements Serializable	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.Level implements Serializable	
    com.mojang.minecraft.level.c extends ObjectInputStream	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Creeper$1 extends BasicAttackAI	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Creeper extends Mob	These are all self explanitory.
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.HumanoidMob extends Mob	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Mob extends Entity	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Pig extends QuadrupedMob	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.QuadrupedMob	Template for 4-legged mobs
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Sheep$1 extends BasicAI	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Sheep extends QuadrupedMob	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Skeleton$1 extends BasicAttackAI	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Skeleton extends Zombie	
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Spider extends QuadrupedMob	Quadruped? Presumably 2 legs grouped. Hm.  Probably Cow and Pig. On "Alfa Client" these two shared 'model'
    com.mojang.minecraft.mob.Zombie extends HumanoidMob extends HumanoidMob	Multiplayer "human"	Constants? (final class, lots of fixed values) extends Thread	Skin download thread (looks like com.mojang.minecraft.h) - Multiplayer not Single Player? extends Thread	Connects to Server(?) - Contains "Failed to connect", "You failed to connect to the server. It's probably down!"
    com.mojang.minecraft.particle.Particle extends Entity	Particle class
    com.mojang.minecraft.particle.SmokeParticle extends Particle	Smoke particle (presumably for Creepers and TNT)
    com.mojang.minecraft.particle.TerrainParticle extends Particle	Block Destroy particle(?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.particle.WaterDropParticle extends Particle	Water particles(?)
    com.mojang.minecraft.particle.a	??? - uses Entity
    com.mojang.minecraft.phys.AABB	Physics - Contains "move" and "intersects" functions
    com.mojang.minecraft.player.Inventory	Inventory! (NOT Block Select - Appears to be survival inv)
    com.mojang.minecraft.player.Player$1 extends BasicAI	???
    com.mojang.minecraft.player.Player extends Mob	Various player commands
    com.mojang.minecraft.player.a	???
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    posted a message on Source code = more intense mods?
    Quote from Aegon »
    If the source code gets released, would that mean that there is another level to modding? Like actual game changing mods? I'm not the best at modding =/


    It make mods like the Aether mod more possible.

    Just now, part of the effort to create a total conversion mod is rewriting things for new patchs, or create a pseudo-API to shield the code from these changes. This create a unnecessary burden, over something that is already complicated (creating a Total Conversion).

    I think having the source code means the class names will not change after updates (for not reason), so less mods breakage, so big total conversion for Minecraft will be easier to make.

    Also, depending on the effect on projects like ModLoader and the MCP (this is unknowm to me at this time), these two projects will be able to update faster. So the period of time where all mods that depend on MCP/Modloader will be shorten. Anyway is possible that these two projects will not find a way to benefit from this (For legal or technical reasons).
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Future Of Modding
    Quote from Berserker77 »
    Hm what about out of game tools? Like world generators, it would be nice for us programmers to have the original source to for example get the lighting of maps right. But we dont "mod" the game technically, so are we allowed to see the full source too? Or only real modders?

    You guys are real modders. And of course, you guys will be able to see the code. More like you guys will be able to see the code, and receive a certificate, but will not need the certificate for anything.

    I think is "obvious".
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    posted a message on Open Letter to the Minecraft Modding Community.

    My name is Tei, and I has ben modder for the past decade, I started modding in 2001/2002.

    Maybe I am a OldSchool dude, and things have changed. Things not need to work like use to be, or how work in other communities. Still, I feel the need to make some comments about the state of the current minecraft community, and how (IMHO) can be improved.

    1) The most important task of any community is to greet newbies. A community that don't help newbies has not future.

    Wikipedia has a long article about the issue. ... _newcomers

    Part of the weight of this is on the newbie thenselve. Is a 50/50 task. Read the above wikipedia article.

    2) "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts". I don't know java, but I know things about enginecoding that some java expert may ignore. If we all share what we know and help each another, we all individually will achieve more. If we are not a community that help each another, we are nothing. If we are not a community, nothing will help us stay togueter, and the whole thing will disband, and will not be fun to be here.

    3) The Minecraft community include a lot of 12 years old. People from all ages play Minecraft. But there are a lot of very young people. This has some effects. If you think some poster act like a 12 years old, don't get frustrated, maybe is a 12 years old. Check point #1 again. If you are a 12 years old, please check #1 again... help us help you. Another result of this is at times the minecraft community is truly awful. No necessary because the 12 years old act wrong, but because bad chemistry. Everyone sould take this into account, and "limit his loses". Deal with it.

    4) Always remember your first 2 hours of minecraft. We are a modding community, so we talk a lot about modding. This somewhat "kills the mystery". Is bad. Is important to remember how Minecraft feel to a newbie player, the absolute infinite possibilities. Is possible that since we see the world trough modding tinted eyes we are limiting ourselves, maybe even seeing a limited possibilities for Minecraft. Micracraft can be everything, anything. Lets remember that.

    And thats is. This is a piece of opinion, not rules or anything.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights
    This is ridiculous.

    Modding is gray area. Tryiing to claim some right for you for something that is illegal is ridiculous.

    As most mods are derivative work from Notch work, all mods are coauthored by notch and the mod author. Tryiing to put any copyright on that withouth Notch permision is probably a no-no.

    Is even more ridiculous wen the modder want to reserve for him rights like no decompiling. Is decompiling how mods are made, and the mod author feel allowed to prohibid others what he is doing? ridiculous!.

    On my country all this stuff is void, but also... is not needed. By making a creation, you are the author, so you have all the rights, no need to add this nonsense.

    Go on, and add a readme file with help about installing the mod, and some credits line, but don't add some nonsense munbo jumbo legal credits that you don't even understand.
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    posted a message on Experience Points In Minecraft (RPG Mod-in-progress)

    If you thinks is a good idea, create it, if you enjoy creating it, or playing it, is enough.If others like it, share it. Enjoy your time moddding, or don't mod.

    Also, @everyone in this forum. Please remove these images on signatures, creates a lot of visual spam... and is very immature. At times I feel like this forum is filled with 11 years old.
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