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    Hello everyone...

    Basically...Leostereo's easy-to-build mansion inspried me to do this.
    His tutorial helped me a lot building my own mansion.
    So I thought I'd do something like that. But probaly with something smaller.

    And here you go. Here is my tutorial for a small but nice looking starter house =)

    Outside materials:

    wooden planks: 184
    stone slabs: 64
    glass: 9
    glass pane: 9
    glowstone: 1
    door: 2

    Interior materials:

    crafting table: 1
    furnace: 4
    chest: 2
    bed: 1
    bookshelf: 6
    wooden slabs: 14
    fence: 2
    pressure plate: 2

    Tutorial start

    Step 1:

    We start off by digging out a 9x9 flat area. This is gonna be the size of our house.

    Step 2:

    We fill out the whole 9x9 area with wooden planks.
    Afterwards, we add our first layer to the building

    Step 3:

    Add second layer

    Step 4:

    Add third layer

    Step 5:

    Add glass panes to fill out the open area. No....this is not a mistake. We only do that on one side of the building ;)

    Step 6:

    We start doing the roof by simply placing stone slabs around the whole house like shown in the picture below.

    Step 7:

    Same as step 6 but one layer above.
    I used a dirt block to start building on this layer. Makes it a bit easier. Afterwards we're gonna dig it away.

    Step 8:

    Finish off the roof by adding another layer of wooden planks.
    Then fill out the rest with glass.

    I like to put a glowstone in the middle of the roof because it lights out the whole building.
    On this way you don't have to put ugly torches everywhere.

    This is how it should look from the outside afterwards

    Interior Design

    It is up to you how you design your interior.
    But I'll give you some ideas by showing how I do my furniture on this building

    I like to put bookshelves in the corner as they give a nice little contrast to all the wooden planks.
    Two chests to store your stuff and a bed to sleep in

    On the other side we have our nice little "kitchen" with a crafting table and four furnaces.
    Place wooden slabs above to give the house some more details.
    Put fences in the corner to give the whole thing some support

    I also like to put another door at the other side which leads directly to my mine.
    Two block to the left you can optionally dig down and build a bigger storage room beneath your house

    I hope this tutorial helped you building your own little starter house.

    Please leave some feedback in the comment section below. Every comment will help me improving future tutorials to make everything a bit easier for you.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions or wishes for future tutorials, write them in the comment section below aswell :)
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