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    I adore this idea! These change propositions look wonderful. Supported by me!
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    Attack me if you will, but I don't know what possesses people to bring diamond anything into the Nether. Now then...

    I can totally see why you guys are so annoyed by lava. I'm not one for the building element of Minecraft (I like to build a fancy mansion, but still), so I prefer to try and kill the Ender Dragon. The problem is getting there, because progression takes a very long time when lava is dumped on you. No matter how carefully you mine, going into lava caves will invariably result in skeletons sniping you down. I only go in because of diamonds. :angry:

    Even so, the most annoying death I have ever experienced was in the End. I had finally made it to the End with my diamond gear and hyper-enchanted infinity bow. I spawned under the End Stone, so I went ahead and dug my way out. No sooner that I saw the static above me did a giant black and purple dragon ram me off the side of the island into oblivion. That was the longest time ever between my Minecraft lapses.
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    Quote from MentalMouse42

    Part of the challenge of the Nether is in fact that it's resource-poor, notably that you can't create cobblestone or find tool ores. This would obliterate that....

    Totally agree. The Nether is meant to be a place where you have a hard time surviving. The Nether should be challenging. Besides, these are just remakes of some wooden tools in Nether wood with ideas that are simply game-breaking.

    Lava fish: When I go to the Nether, I like to hunt Blazes. With your fish, there is no need, so why even bother? Besides, Magma Slimes already fill this niche directly, and Slimes and Blazes together do it even better. And the very high hunger point restoration they all give makes food less of an issue in the Nether, which is bad since one of the notable issues with long-term survival in the Nether is a lack of renewable food.

    Nether Pick: Why do we need an auto-smelting pick? Furnaces are not hard to get or use. Besides, the Nether has little to mine, and nothing in the Nether needs smelting (netherrack is much more useful than a bunch of bricks, if that is what you mean. I'd rather have some blocks to climb on in a pinch, thank you.)

    Lava boats: I hate lava as much as the next guy, but giving us fire-resistant boats makes it all too easy to deal with, combined with your fish. I shouldn't need to explain this one.

    Nether Sword and Bow: Not only do Flame and Fire Aspect do NOTHING (yes, nothing) to Nether mobs, but they also remove the need for cooking meat. Again, serious blow to Furnaces. Plus, wooden tools are not supposed to be that strong. Between iron and diamond in strength? As durable as stone? That sounds highly abusable, especially since they literally grow on trees.

    Also, rare chance of doing ten damage when fully charged. If you always do ten damage when it is fully charged, it is not that rare, right? Just a discrepancy.

    My point is, no feature added into a game should render other features obsolete. We all love our furnaces and advanced lava evasion techniques (like fire resistance potions). Plus, your features need to be UNIQUE. Don't give Minecraft underground monkeys, okay?
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    So, as a general rule, Minecraft does have ends. There comes a point when you can no longer build upwards (although you can still go higher with a form of no-clip like Creative mode), dig downwards (the amount of TNT theoretically required to destroy bedrock is great enough to crash any computer, and cannot be mined on its own), and walk outwards. The extent of the Minecraft world is far greater than any player will require, but at a certain point the world can no longer be explored.

    As mentioned before, the Far Lands used to be the point at which Minecraft could not be explored further, although they were removed by accident.
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    Quote from _Raijyn

    Is your website currently down? I seem to be unable to load your webpages to download any of the skyblock maps. I even got a 502 bad gateway at one point.

    I tested this with isup.me and the site is offline. I also got a 502 bad gateway. It's unfortunate, I cannot discuss on their forums now.
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    Day Two...

    ... Why, Packie? WHY?!

    Well, I guess it's zombie jerky again...

    ... Well, at least I'm not bored...

    Inventory on the second night. So far so good... Right?
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    Quote from PureOptic

    I think something cool you can do is instead of a bland wall, you can have a line of oak trees going around. I saw a youtuber do this once, and it looked really cool. The trees grow unevenly, so some are huge, while others are small. It gives a nice variation, looks great from the inside and outside, and does its job: keeps mobs out, and keeps villagers in.

    Unless you're going to spam torches everywhere (which looks ugly), you're going to have issues with monster spawns at the bottom of your tree walls... Not to mention that the canopies of the twisted oaks might look bad and provide even more darkness for mobs to spawn in. And even if you don't have these issues, there's lightning and creepers to think of. Trees burn quite easily in Minecraft, and have a very low blast resistance.

    Edit: About getting villagers... You can cure zombie villagers to get normal ones, too. If you know how, then it's a potentially more convenient way of getting villagers. If not, get a splash potion of weakness and lob it at the villager zombie. Then right click him with a golden apple (non-enchanted).

    After this he will shake, albeit still aggressive. Lock him in somewhere (ideally with iron bars and a bed so he changes faster). In a little bit of time he will have become a cured villager. He will go and settle in a nearby house as usual... Just remember that if the enclosure he is in has a door and an "inside", he will consider that a house unless you remove the "roofing" or the door.

    You will want walls, though... Zombies are insane now. When you get killed with your own iron gear... It changes you.
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    Quote from Bro_Flygon

    I see you already had to kill a zombie! Very nice, haha

    There were about seven skeletons at one area, so I had to avoid those...

    Amazing stuff ensues afterwards.
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    I am thinking of doing my own variation of this challenge as a youtube series.

    I would like to see if people would find this interesting.

    I would cut out a lot of the rules and stick a few different ones in.

    Such as you start with 5 villagers, when they are all dead its game over.

    Villager breeding and house breeding is allowed, but fencing villagers off for safety isn't, they must be able to roam free.

    -Hardcore mode

    and that's basically it, I cannot leave the village from above ground but can make mine systems under it.

    if mine systems come above ground I may not enter this new area.

    saying that, I would be doing a hardcore survival series, where defending a village is the aim.

    Therefore my series would just be 'inspired' by this challenge.

    So there, would anyone be interested?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Oh, I almost forgot. I played some of this just now in hardcore mode.

    This is what I saw when I spawned.

    This looks about right for my settlement.

    Inventory on first night:

    More soon!

    Quote from Advorange

    Wat, who is Packie? Is this supposed to be a GTA IV joke?
    Packie is the donkey you spawn with, if applicable. I initially voted against this when Duck and I were figuring this out, but there was no stopping it. Packie was born.
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    Quote from Bro_Flygon

    I've always thought baby zombies are horrifying, lol. So yeah, this.

    And where's those screenshots! It was a double dog dare! A double dog!!


    I haven't started yet. But I will now... Just don't expect regular updates from me. Tomorrow I am leaving for two weeks.
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    I'm not really sure if you should be able to track specific biomes like this. You can and should have to get to these places by yourself, as it makes it so much more satisfying once you reach it. But if this would work, here's how I think it would go...

    First, go to the Nether. In nether fortresses there would sometimes be a rare mushroom that you cannot grow yourself (ie they only grow on their own in the darkness and only in the Nether). Going back to the Overworld and feeding a pig this mushroom (Nether Warts, maybe?) will give you a message warning you about your actions.

    Something like this:

    Are you sure you want to continue?

    Selecting 'no' will put you back in your game as it was just before feeding the pig with no effects.

    Selecting 'yes', on the other hand will make the pig emit portal particles as well as smoke particles. It will remain this way and not move until it is saddled and mounted.

    The pig will also appear to 'decay', with its skin changing as time goes on. It will first show its flesh with green ooze, then start showing bones, and eventually will explode.This will reset upon saddling and mounting the beast.

    The pig will then take you straight to the mushroom biome, exploding upon arrival, leaving only your saddle and some cooked porkchops (if applicable).

    Feeding a pig like this in the Nether will turn it into a zombie pigman. Feeding it in the End (how the hell did you get a pig into the End?!) will make it explode.
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    Quote from iBrick05

    I would make baby villegers and take them to a zombie and boom a baby zombie pet.

    ... You are a terrible person.

    Not only that, but baby zombies are horrifying in this update, so without any armor or weapons you would quickly die and the little monster you allowed to form will proceed to murder every living thing in your village.
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    Quote from Bro_Flygon

    I hereby double dog dare you to try this on hardcore mode.
    And since it's a double dog dare, you can't back out. :3

    Well, crap... I wasn't serious about that. But since you requested, I may put up a screenshot or two detailing my adventures. Wish me luck.
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    Tried this; Quite fun indeed. But when you said that the zombies were hard to fend off, you weren't kidding. They are so smart that they jumped off the cliffs near my settlement and over the fences. Needless to say, after a diamond-clad zombie showed up, I started to lose hope.

    Unless you have,

    A: a server with people on it who help you

    B: an Iron Golem

    or C: A killer defense mechanism...

    You won't get far without dying. I'd recommend several swords in your hotbar at once.

    Anyone going to dare me to try this hardcore mode?

    EDIT: On another note, it is hard to get good food before farming, so get used to rotten flesh. If you can't imagine eating it, think of it as beef jerky.
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    I think finding a stronghold should be easier. Above-ground indicators or entrances would be a godsend. I've been in a few strongholds, and I'd have to say that they ought to expand the idea more.
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