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    While it won't mean as much to find them underground, it does make it significantly more easy to get sticky pistons... rejoice! With that and the addition of huts, swamps are going to end up being my favorite biome.
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    With the addition of the new "Redstone Lamps", I decided to toy around with them. Long story short, I built a blink machine that hooked up to Redstone Lamps and flipped the switch. It caused a sharp decrease in FPS, which immediately subsided when i deactivated it. I'd like to see how it would function to grief servers and cause lag. It seems extremely effective.

    Here's how I made it:
    Layer 2 (top)

    :: :Glass: ::
    :Glass: :RFlower: :Glass:
    :: :Glass: ::

    Layer 1 (Bottom)
    :: :--+: ::
    :--+: :log: :--+:
    :: :--+: ::

    Glass is a lamp, flower is redstone dust, torch is a redstone torch, and the log is whatever solid block you want.
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    posted a message on GLaDOS111 custompack
    Quote from aperture_galaxy


    :SSSS: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :SSSS:

    Don't call it YOUR texture pack. It's not. You are not special, you did not put work into it. We could not care less.
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    posted a message on Theory on the History of Minecraftia
    Quote from KyoShinda

    I can tell you one reason why the pigmen got owned.. they use golden swords! xD
    People say this game is a sandbox and it shouldn't have a storyline but I beg to differ. I like feeling that the terrain around me has age and meaning to it and isn't just hills of blocks etc.

    I agree entirely! I am curious. That is why I speculate. Maybe the game shouldn't have a set history, but it is our place as the players to decide what happened. And this is my conclusion.
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    posted a message on My Theory on The History of Minecraftia
    Alright, so I have come up with my own theory of the origins of Minecraftia as we know it. Basically, we start with the five structures that indicate sentient races exist/existed:

    -Nether Fortresses

    Now, my theory breaks it down like this:

    The First race created Dungeons, Strongholds, and Nether Fortresses
    The Second race created Abandoned Mineshafts and Villages

    I lump dungeons, strongholds, and nether fortresses into one for a few reasons. First: each of these structures contain monster spawners. The first race was clearly highly intelligent. They possessed libraries, knowledge to bring back the dead (as evidenced by zombies and skeletons), and also were aware of and had the power to travel to other dimensions.

    Since they could travel to The End, it is presumable that they could travel to the Nether. This is also evidenced by the fact that both strongholds and fortresses utilize unique creatures as guardians. The first race constructed mechanical blazes to guard their nether buildings and bred silverfish to defend strongholds. They are both constructed of brick with vaguely Gothic influence.

    This is where my ideas come down to pure speculation. Seeings as there is no hint of the first race ever being above ground, I believe that their original home was the Nether. Nether fortresses possess farms for netherwart, which could've been a food source for the first race. It is my belief that the first race were pigmen. Zombie pigmen are a nether-exclusive mob that indicate that there used to be sentient pigmen inhabiting the nether. They were intelligent dimension-hoppers with knowledge transcending death, explaining the presence of their zombie counterparts.

    Now, one might ask, where the hell do dungeons fit into this? Well, let me get into the second race: humans. The second race came to rise while the first was still in existence. Now, I put villages and mineshafts into one for a few reasons as well. Both utilize wood as an incredibly important building material. This proves the builders of mineshafts were once above ground, and the utilization of stone and torches in villages proves they've been below ground. On top of this, the villages indicate the inhabitants were farmers, while mineshafts are full of seeds. So it is my belief that the second race was an above ground civilization that began mining their way down into the depths of Minecratia.

    So where do dungeons come in? Why are these two races extinct? Where the hell is this going?


    Sure, maybe it's the cop out answer. But this is my guess. The expanding empire of the human race threatened the subterrainian pigmen. A battle began to ensue. Since the overworld was not their natural homeworld, the pigmen were outnumbered. But they used their intellect and used their knowledge of life and death to turn their spawners into weapons. They spiked mineshafts with plagues of spiders, and even built dungeons as traps for unwary human miners. They used the dead humans against their own kind. The pigmen were still wiped out, leaving their underground ruins as evidence of existence, but the plague of human zombies and skeletons that they unleashed destroyed the second race. The humans fell as well.

    Testificates? The new third race, perhaps the descendents of a few surviving tribes of humans. I do not believe they are a brand new race, nor that they created the villages themselves: The neverending plague of zombies and skellies would make it hard for new peoples to establish themselves.

    As for endermen, I believe they are just interdimensional travellers. I don't think they were involved in the downfall of anyone. In fact, I think The End is just bizarre new dimension that has little to no impact on the Overworld. I also feel that creepers and slimes are just a natural creature of Minecraftia.

    Who knows what happened to the pigmen that remained in the nether? Perhaps they were wiped out by ghasts. Maybe they all died fighting the humans. All we know is that their presence is still marked by the lost souls roaming around the Nether.
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    posted a message on Only Redstone blocks should be able to float
    See zombie fodder's argument. This idea really is so bad that it feels like my skull was cut open, and someone dumped hot sauce and acid straight onto my brain, mixing it all in with a cactus, before using the resulting jelly-mix in an enema applied directly to my anus.
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    That is a terrible idea.
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    I'm not a huge fan of the roundness, nor the change of the sunrise to east. First, because I prefer the idea that all bodies are squares in this alternate reality, and the other because it implies that Minecraftia is Earth. I can accept the changes, but I still don't think they're quite necessary. With lunar cycles, I am much more welcome to the idea. Could lead into the red moon/ zombie siege idea Notch tossed around. But that quote is from... at least a year ago, so it may already be scrapped.
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    posted a message on In my server is being generated another dimension beyond the overworld and the nether!
    Quote from Typhoon2142

    STFU...I had enough reading through a huge waste of threads. Why are soooo many people not capable of using a forum?

    Asking questions again and again...even though they have been answered a hundred times already. This forum is full of spam by lazy morons who don't feel like reading before posting. If you like that, it's your own fault. Fool.

    U mad? :iapprove:
    Edit: By the way, it's NOT the ender. It has yet to be coded in, it is the skylands. If you're going to call someone an idiot and tell them to do their research, you'd best make sure you're not wrong either. Otherwise, you'll look like a hypocritical flaming **** who is way too invested in to forums.

    Wow, that's a long term... we need a new word that encapsulates that definition.

    Typhoon (n.) •tie-foon•
    a hypocritical flaming **** who is way too invested in [Minecraft] forums
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    posted a message on Do not post suggestions here
    So what you're suggesting... is that people shouldn't post suggestions here?
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