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    Quote from robotthunder500

    Update plastic craft!

    Quote from SonicJaxx

    Why haven't you updated Plasticcraft in a very long time?

    If you checked the inital post, you would notice that PlasticCraft is reliant on the MineCraft Forge API (along with ForgeModLoader) to be updated to 1.3.1.
    This is the same MineCraft Forge that is used to make large and tech mods such as RedPower 2 by Eloraam, IndustrialCraft 2 by Player, BuildCraft (started) by SpaceToad (currently now a community-driven effort in of itself), Forestry by SirSengir, Equivalent Exchange by X3n0ph0b3 and Pahimar, RailCraft by CovertJaguar, Steve's Carts by Vswe & Thaumcraft by Azanor, all work together without throwing ***** fits that other mods are installed alongside them.
    This is the same MineCraft Forge that is in the middle of being updated to MC 1.3.1 as we speak and takes so long as it is more complex then Risugami's ModLoader (which is commonly a basic starting point for mods such as Timber to work from) and often goes through multiple versions and iterations during the lifecycle of any particular version of MineCraft as they work out bugs (both old and new) and add in new hooks and capabilites that improves inter-mod compatability.

    Forge is the main reason modpacks such as Feed The Beast (modpack named after the map it was built for), EnderVille's Modpack (modpack for the EnderVille Mod Server) and even (illegal) Technic/Tekkit even work with the insane amounts of mods used by them.
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    Quote from zatoichi

    why does nobody read the op?

    Hell, even just the first post on this page (aka: ME at the top of the page) would tell him why PlasticCraft ain't updated.
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    Quote from talonXI

    Curiously, nobody considers that considering Forestry could be considered a derivative work of BuildCraft, if the BuildCraft licensing is being followed: http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/2011/11/01/going-wide-open/ and http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/MMPL-1.0.txt .

    I would guess it is, but is not in compliance with the BuildCraft license, although I Am Not A Lawyer applies, plus these waters are far too murky to be sure.

    "All dependencies that this mod have on other mods or classes must be licensed under conditions comparable to this version of MMPL, (etc)" seems to suggest Forestry (as a sub-mod) should have licensing comparable with the MMPL license, which it clearly does not.

    Heck, the entire section 6 there is interesting.

    Quote from SirSengir
    B. Requirements:

    - Minecraft Client 1.2.3
    - ModLoader for 1.2.3
    - ModLoaderMP for 1.2.3 (SDK's v3)
    - Minecraft Forge 1.4.0

    Optional, but strongly recommended:
    - BuildCraft 3.1.4+

    - IndustrialCraft 2
    - Red Power 2.0 Prerelease

    The way I'm reading that is that Forestry is an addition to MC that has common roots shared with BC, IC2 & RP2, but it stands alone from them like Equivalent Exchange and it's not heavily tied into them in a way that it will fail to work without BC/IC2/RP2, and doesn't look at BuildCraft as its base root.
    Yes, Forestry will provide more features and gameplay when paired with BC, and adding IC2 & RP2 into the mix will expand it more, but that's because it has additional parts written with the BC API specifically so it would work better with BuildCraft, but those parts aren't fully integral to Forestry's gameplay and are more of neat bonuses for adding additional mods together.
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    Quote from OddObject

    Sorry if anyone has asked already, but uh... why not just play an older version of Minecraft?

    Mebbe they want to use the things the selection of mods here do whilst using mods that only run in MC 1.0.0, or they don't have a backup of one of the older versions of the game during Alpha/Beta state?
    Or even probably they don't like certain changes and want a mod to bring older things back (such as the booster cart "glitch" or the crushing/duping pistons).
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    Guys, it is ~JUST~ 9am AEDT (UTC +11) for the bulk of East Aus where Simo is. Not to mention it's ****ing SUNDAY.

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    *facepalm* It's about 8:10am AEST, if Simo is living in WA it's as early as 6:10 IN THE FREAKING MORNING ON SUNDAY. AKA: Any decent human being would be dead asleep right now!
    Beta 1.7 came out LAST Thursday, and you should be grateful if he uploads SPC updated for 1.7.2 within the next 24 hours as he said it'll be done sometime this weekend. Modders have lives outside of Minecraft too y'kno!
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