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    Hey doods, I'm new to youtube and have been recording for about a month now, and I was thinking I should get a new profile pic and channel art. The problem is I'm not that great at graphics designing so thats why I'm here asking for good artists to make me a new profile pic and channel art. If you decide to help please check out what my minecraft skin looks like from my channel. Also it would be nice if you could see if you could import something from my videos into the art. I will choose my favorite and give credit in one of my videos (and if you also have a youtube channel give me the link and i will put it in the description). Thanks for the help guys :)

    My channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TechnicMW
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    Nether Vs. Frost PvP
    This is a brand new mini-game. There are three different versions: Regular,Unlimited, and Forge


    Regular is you try to get to the other teams base and blow it up at the back where pressure plates are. Team frost gets water breathing and health boost with frost weapons and armor. Team nether get fire resistance and absorption along with nether weapons. Only take 1 of each weapon/armor/food. Keep inventory is on. Play on this new map.


    Unlimited is the same as regular except that there is no pressure plates to blow the enemy base so it goes on forever because you can keep respawning and teleport to the arena.

    Forge version uses forge obviously. It uses the too much tnt mod so go get that. It's that same as regular, but instead of pressure plates there is a pole sticking out of each base that that has modded tnt on it. Your goal is to battle your way through to the enemy base, climb the ladders, and place your redstone block in the middle of the tnt. You get 2 redstone blocks, 1 for a surprise tnt, and 1 for the enemy base. Plus there is new secret gear.

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