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    Hey y'all. Just wanted to show off my latest (and probably my greatest) creation. This was made using a combination of Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel, Project Red, Wireless Redstone - CB Edition, Tinker's Mechworks, Forge Multiparts, Bibliocraft, OpenBlocks, Enhanced Portals 2, Ars Magica 2 (fence texture), and MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod. I'm not even done yet! I'm planning to add two giant towers coming off the left and right sides to hold all of my mod-related stuff. Did I mention I did this all in survival? Thankfully I had Morph and AE to help along the way.

    Sorry for the fog, I have to play on Short render distance in order for the game to be playable for me.

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    I can' get the mod to work. Where is the area the is "warm enough"

    What you gotta do is place the egg in lava or in/near fire. The egg and dragon are fire&lava-prof so don't worry about accidentally destroying it (as long as you don't Q drop it or drag it out of your inventory).
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    Quote from CreationOfGod

    When is 1.4.7 version coming out because in 1.4.7 the mod installs but the CUI GUI for single player World Editing it doesn't show up.

    Quote from julialy

    Are you freeeeeking blind?
    Also, single player doesn't work I've heard.

    I've got the mod to work in both single player and multiplayer on 1.4.7. I have Forge for 1.4.7 with Single Player Console for 1.4.6 (I think special edition) and the liteloader version of the mod for 1.4.6 (found here). You will need to of course install liteloader too.
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