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I am a real life physicist who produces videos that are a mixture of gaming, science & comedy.

My goal is to produce high quality content that is entertaining, somewhat educational and just brings a few moments of joy and laughter. I want you to feel touched, happy, cheerful and ready to start or continue your day. But sometimes I also like to play with emotions and put you in a thoughful mood or may even cause sadness.

Whatever you find on my channel goes through a long process of recording, editing and fine-tuning. I am pretty sure that you will find that out by yourself when watching my videos. I picked up some of the needed skills when I was teaching at the university and producing scientific videos professionally.

I guess there is no shame in admitting that I am still learning and just from experience I know there will always be more to learn than what you already have mastered. But for every new video I invest a fair amount of time into experimenting and getting better in a specific aspect. I always aim to make the next video the best one I've ever made.

I like to compare making videos with learning to play a piano. It sounds horrible at first but at some point you are able to play the first song. Further down the road you have that moment where you stop playing notes and start feeling the music. Once you reach that point your audience will be able to feel it too. For me that is the moment where you produce value in your own unique way - and it is amazing! Compared to making videos I enjoy every aspect of that process and want to use all available keys on that piano to compose my own melody that I feel somewhere in the back of my mind.

Youtube is my hobby and Quality goes first ... that means: irregular uploads and sometimes you will just have to wait a little bit longer.


I love physics, math, philosophy, programming, flying and gaming obviously 😊

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