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    Hey all, long time Minecraft player and avid gamer Teanji here.
    I've been doing a bunch of videos as of late on my Youtube Channel -- A great deal of Minecraft maps as well as some other stuff (including Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus, Saints Row IV, Borderlands, Starbound & PokéMMO Alpha). I figured that since there was a forum for LP's that I may as well put my videos up in a thread and maintain it.
    All videos (except featured ones) will be listed as links in an orderly fashion to avoid having a massive opening post. I'll also only be listing my favourite series here to also avoid the same issue (as I've created over 1100 videos).

    All of my videos are filmed in HD (1280x720) with high quality Audio using an Audio Technica AT2035 Microphone and take a great deal of my spare time to Edit and Render (let alone upload, speeds are terrible in Australia!).

    I also have to say a HUGE thanks for 1600 Subscribers -- Makes producing these videos all the more fun!

    Together with a good friend of mine, Teckiies, we run a Public Minecraft server, if you're interested you can check it out below:
    That Minecraft Server (TMS) IP:

    City Construction Challenge with Teckiies [Episode 1: Rick x Oberon]:
    Deadly Orbit - Cooperative with Teckiies [Episode 1: Español Crash Course]:

    Here are a bunch of my favourite Minecraft Let's Play's that I've done with some friends. I would've listed all of the series that I've completed, but then that would be a HUGE list!
    City Construction Challenge (Series Playlist):

    Episode 1:
    Red Emblem (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Abstract Dreams (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Payday - The Heist (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Deadly Orbit (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Secrets of Zombie Island (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:

    Here are some of the Single Player series that I've recorded in Minecraft. I've done dozens more, but these are my favourites of them all.
    Jak and Daxter - Reloaded (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Nebulous Server - Feed The Beast (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
    Haunted Palace (Series Playlist):
    Episode 1:
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    Been forgetting to update that myself and Sniglett have started our series up again, good to see that this thread is still super active!
    If you're interested in our new Series you can see the first Episode here:
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    Quote from Nickmaz

    @teckiies and @teanji only one of you needs to post your vids here. If someone is interested in watching both points of view, they can find it on YouTube. Currently you're taking up too much space on here

    On the contrary, we have completely different perspectives and separate channels. You get a different experience from both sets of videos. Plus it keeps the thread bumped so that more people can find the map.
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    That Minecraft Server (TMS) is a Public Server hosted by Teanji (www.youtube.com/user/G1Teanji) and Teckiies (www.youtube.com/user/Teckiies) for our combined YouTube Subscriber bases to log-into and play on. That said, this is a Public Server so we want to encourage players to from elsewhere to play on here as well and help grow our communities. We have tons and tons of content that you can explore and find, from Hidden Treasures to Dungeons and Activities such as Sky Diving! There are even some unique items hidden around the Server that only one person can obtain, keep an eye out for them!


    Trailer #1:

    Trailer #2:

    ◘Feature List◘
    ► 70+ Hidden Treasure Chests!

    ► Survival & Creative Worlds!
    ► Custom Spawners!
    ► Multiple Dungeons!
    ► PVP Arenas!
    ► PVE Arenas!
    ► Speef!

    ► Auctions!
    ► Rollercoaster!
    ► Archery Range!
    ► Sky Diving!
    ► Hedge Maze!
    ► Waterslide!
    ► Parkour!
    ► Custom NPC Villagers!

    That Minecraft Server (TMS) uses multiple Plugins to help manage various issues such as Griefing, Multiple Worlds and Daily Bonuses. We use Gold Nuggets, Ingots and Blocks as currency so that the items aren't as underused as they normally would be. With an expansion Market Stall area, huge PVP and PVE Arenas you can find just about everything you want on a Server at TMS. Plus we don't have any unfair ranking systems to square out and cause issue for newer players, there are simply Two Ranks you need to know: Newbie and Explorer, the first of which you are when you first join and the latter you become after finishing the Tutorial!

    ◘Important Plugins◘
    ► Grief Prevention!
    ► Essentials!
    ► Multiverse!
    ► PVP Toggle!
    ► Gold Is Money!
    ► Daily Bonus!

    We're a very open-ended Server with very few restrictions other then to not cause other people any undue harm, that said, if somebody is flagged for PVP feel free to slaughter them, haha.

    Oh, and we normally aren't opposed to swearing.. Just don't cross those invisible lines.
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    Just released Episode 5 of the Playthrough I did with Teckiies and Psyco, we finished recording the remainder of the map yesterday as well! I have to say, it was definitely a blast to play!
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    And: BOOM! The second episode of my try City-Construction-Challenge!
    In this episode I show you the progress I made to the general-district. The updates to the district involve a lot of roof-work on "H-01-B7-M", the building of my city-hall ("C-01-O4-T"), the building of a shrine, the foundations of my wall and last but not least the start of my farming-district!
    We also build a part of the wall, and install some lights while doing that.
    Ps. Why isn't the [ media ] thing working? It worked in my last post... #strange

    The Media tags work like this (without the ***'s):
    Also keep in mind that you can't use "https://", change it to "http://".

    You have a pretty nice foundation for your City, its coming along nicely!
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    I recently played and recorded Immortal Stone, I rather enjoyed the map and hope you enjoy my playthrough of it. I'm planning to start uploading tonight so provided my Internet doesn't die on me I'll be putting Episode 1 here for you to check out tomorrow!
    I had a few mods installed, but, the only thing that affected the game were Elemental Creepers.
    Suffice to say, some fun was had.
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    If your trying to get this running on a 1.2.5 server and your getting an error that your running 1.2.4:
    It's simple to fix, the issue is that the 1.2.5 SMP Client files still have the Version listed as 1.2.4
    1: Download the 1.2.5 Client Version for SSP-only.
    2: Take the "mod_ElementalCreepers.class" file from it and throw it into your minecraft.jar file.

    The SSP-only .class has the right Version and will allow the server to recognise your running the 1.2.5 Mod.
    This is only a bootleg fix until the Author of the mod fixes the string in the SMP Client files, I've tested it on my server with a flatworld and got pwned to crap by them.

    @xSmallDeadGuyx: You just need to change the string in the SMP Client file "mod_ElementalCreepers.class" from "1.2.4" to "1.2.5" so that servers don't chuck a hissy fit :P
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    I played your map yesterday and really enjoyed it! Thought I was going really good with the Rum Bottles as well, but, it turns out I only nabbed 12 before the finish. Guess I didn't explore enough.. xD.
    Buuuut, I recorded it!
    Part 1/2
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