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    The next module we'll begin working on will be the Heatwave module, which will encompass dry areas such as deserts! Join the discord to vote on future content (:

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    Welcome to Worlds Retold! This is a mod created by Team Xenoscape, whose intent is to retell the story of Minecraft and expand upon current features. This mod will have multiple modules which can be en/disabled by selecting a config option, and each one will be centered on different aspects of the game. The first module we're implementing is the Hailstorm module, which adds onto content in the wintery biomes and was created as a submission for the MMD Winterjam event.




      • Penguin: A mob that wanders the snowy biomes. It waddles from side to side as it moves. They drop feathers and occasionally penguin eggs.

      • Nix: A mob similar in appearance to a frozen slime, this creature will grow in size when in water or when exposed to rain/snow. At a certain size, it will place a block of packed ice, making this scarce resource easier to get. Once placed, it will shrink back down.


      • Automaton: A humanoid creature of stone that looks lifeless from afar, but when approached they jolt to life. They wield an Ancient Sword, which is on par with iron. They have a lot of health, and attack damage, but move very slowly.


      • Snow Roller: A mob that is a sentient snowball. It frequently rolls across snowy landscapes in order to increase its size. As the creature gets bigger, it gets stronger and more formidable as well. It attacks by crashing into the enemy, exploding into snow and damaging them. Due to the sheer hardness the snowball attains, it’s size caps out at around twice the height of the player.

      • Blizzard: An ice elemental that is a giant cloud, with its head being like that of the player’s but underneath the cloud structure. It hovers over players and rains hail down from under it. The hail does contact damage and freezes the player. The best way to take out the mob, since it is out of range of a melee attack, is to go at it with a bow.

      • Guardsman: A dungeon creature. Whenever it isn’t attacking, it spins its shields around and is completely immune to damage. Before it attacks, it stops spinning its shields for two seconds and then shoots a ball of frost. It then starts spinning its shields again and the cycle restarts. It has invulnerability when the shields are up. It is weak to fire and lava, which penetrate the shields.


      • Hailstorm Shrine: A rare shrine seemingly dedicated to a sort of ancient god. There is a chest in the center, with four Automatons standing on each corner of the shrine. In the chest is a single piece of Hailstorm armor, as well as some offerings that people made to the shrine like sticks, feathers, and occasionally diamonds, cryonite, and emeralds. There may also rarely be a chance to get a unique item.



      • Cryonite: A gem used in the making of Cryonite armor and tools. It is also used in the making of a freezing potion. Can be obtained by mining Cryonite ore, by trading with villagers, or by being found in a vanilla structure with about the same rarity as diamond.

      • Penguin Egg: Can be used as a substitute for regular eggs, and spawn a penguin at random when thrown.


      • Cryonite Toolset: Tools that have more durability than iron, moderate enchantability (Less than gold), but have less efficiency than iron. They apply freezing on hit and mine snow faster than regular tools.

      • Ancient Sword: A special ancient sword made entirely out of stone. It is on par with an iron sword. Obtained randomly from killing an Automaton.


      • Cryonite Armor: Armor that has more durability than iron, and gives more armor points than a full set of iron armor. It also supplies a tiny bit of armor toughness like diamond.


      • Scroll of Blizzards: A one use item that does not stack. It can be activated with the action key, in which it disappears. Whenever it is consumed, the player shoots icicles out of every direction of themselves. These do a lot of damage and are best used when you are surrounded by groups of mobs.


      • Cryonite Ore: A new ore whose capabilities are between diamond and iron. It requires an iron pickaxe to harvest. It is slightly rarer than iron ore as well.

      • Block of Cryonite: A decorative block, or a way to condense your cryonite for storage.

      • Arctic Willow: A plant that can be both crafted into pink dye, and used to breed Caribou (will come later).

      • Boreal Orchid: A plant that can be crafted into cyan dye.



      • Icebound Blade: Any sword with this enchantment will apply the Freezing effect on hit.

      • Glacier: The same as Icebound Blade, but for bows.

      • Lightning Rod: An enchantment for bows that when applied, if the target struck by the arrow fired by the bow has a clear view of the sky and it is raining/thundering, will strike lightning on the target.

    Potion Effects:

      • Freezing: A potion effect, which slows down the mob, tints them blue, and applies a very small damage over time effect. Made by distilling cryonite into an awkward potion.



    Xenoform - Team Leader, head coder

    TheMCOverlordYT(coldplayrocks) - Coder
    T3DK - Texturer, modeler
    Anomalocaris101 - Modeler


    My video on Hailstorm!

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