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    Hello everyone!

    For the past several months I've been learning how to create my own music digitally, and I decided to share some of the songs I made with the rest of you! All of the songs are instrumental tracks, all inspired by video game music that I grew up listening to, so I decided what's better than showing off these songs in one of the biggest games from my childhood?!

    While they're not the most impressive sounding songs in the world, I've made a map and a resource pack showcasing them off because I felt like sharing what I made is better than letting it just sit on my desktop without being heard!

    There's 12 songs, all of which replace the default record songs in Minecraft, so if you prefer these over the originals, feel free to use the resource pack for your own personal use (it can be found in the saves folder)!

    And also feel free to use these songs for YouTube videos, podcasts, etc., as long as you give credit!

    So I hope you enjoy what I've managed to put together, I'll take as much feedback as I can get :)


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    posted a message on [1000+ DLs] ~~==THE KITATCHO LABORATORIES: EPISODE 2==~~ [Fully Voice Acted Story!]

    Thanks so much for the downloads across several sites everyone! I just want to mention that this map is for single player only! Having two people playing this map will break commands in later areas in the map! Just a heads up!

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    posted a message on [1000+ DLs] ~~==THE KITATCHO LABORATORIES: EPISODE 2==~~ [Fully Voice Acted Story!]

    Hey everyone, it's definitely been a while, hasn't it?

    It's been two years since the release of "The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 1", and due to my old map making team disbanding, I never got around to making Episode 2 until a few months ago when I assembled a brand new team: Team Syllica! If you haven't played episode 1, it's highly recommended that you do before checking out this map!

    Click here to check out episode 1!


    The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 2 features everything episode 1 had to offer plus more!

    Still maintaining the idea of keeping the puzzles more fun than challenging, while still offering that satisfying "A-ha!" moment when you solve a chamber, Episode 2 improves on the overall design, story, mechanics, and features that were in the first map! These features include:

    -Roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay!

    -25 unique puzzles!

    -Custom mechanics like lasers, moving platforms, wind turbines, and more!

    -A fully voice acted custom story inspired by the portal series!


    I hope you all enjoy this map since we've put many hours into making it! I think it's without a doubt the most ambitious and highest quality map I've ever released to date and I hope it shows! Enjoy!
    Click here to download episode 2!

    Special Thanks to our beta testers!





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    posted a message on [1.8+] [Played by DanTDM!!] THE KITATCHO LABORATORIES: EPISODE 1 [V.1.2] [9600+ DLs]
    Quote from MCplayer38ยป

    Played it loved it but.... I cheate the first time through i replayed and did it s time. Also one more thing.. ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON EPISODE TWO! It's 1.11! After 1.9 after 1.10!!!!! I WANNA SEE THIS! ITS BEEN A YEAR!

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    posted a message on **[The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 2]** The long overdue sequel is almost done!

    Hey everyone, Stockley_ here!

    It's been over two years since the original release of The Kitatcho Laboratories: Episode 1, and seven months since the release of the updated 2017 version of the map.

    I'm here to announce that the sequel is finally almost done and ready to be released! If you haven't played the original map, you can find the thread for it here:

    Click here to check out Episode 1

    What was so special about Episode 1?

    Episode 1 offered 15 puzzle chambers, all designed with the idea of putting "fun" over "challenging". While the map wasn't the hardest puzzle map ever made, it still made the players think enough to the point where solving a puzzle always resulted in a satisfying "a-ha!" moment. Over the past two years, the map has had over 30,000 downloads across both releases, and was played by YouTubers such as DanTDM, and TheWaffleGalaxy.

    Now what does the sequel offer you may be wondering?

    Episode 2 contains the following:
    - 25 brand new chambers with even more interesting puzzle mechanics such as new effects, lasers, turbines, items, and more!

    - A more complex story that explores more of the Kitatcho Laboratories over the span of six chapters!

    - Dialogue that's fully voice acted!

    - Hidden areas with journals written by the employees of the facility, giving you some secret backstory on what's been going on!

    - More stuff that you'll just have to experience first-hand in the map when it comes out!

    Teaser Trailer

    Here's a teaser trailer of the map, showing off our custom lasers!

    And last but not least, here's some images of the map so far!

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