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    posted a message on [ADV/PUZ] (1.3.2+) The Water Temple v1.7 - Explore, Solve Puzzles, and Chop Zombies [3500+ Downloads]
    dude, thats an epic idea and then when you make like 3 more shove a village with shops at spawn, with a book and BAM give em guests, oh wait now BAM you have the most epic map in the universe.
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    posted a message on [adv/puz/par/1.3.2] [1800+ downloads] Escape from Dr. EnderCreep V4.1 (400+ downloads in 2 days)
    Thank you for all of the downloads. I am truly greatfull. I love to see how people go through my map and how they react. My second map. WAY better then my first one. Please tell me if you liked it or not and if i need to fix something.

    You used to live in peace. You had a nice apartment. Worked at
    McDonalds. (i bet that's nice pay) You also had a dog, a friend you found on the streets. She's a baby chihuahua/pomeranian mix. (THEY ARE SO FRIGGEN CUTE)
    One day you were in your apartment playing Minecraft when you hear a hideous voice. You quickly try to find Addison. (your dog) " I'm Dr.EnderCreep. I was originaly
    Dr.Fendermean, but one day i was testing an Enderman and a creeper. I was switching their brains (they were so small) to see how they would use eachothers body. Well, i pushed the button it didn't do anything. I went inside to check what happend, and it accidently merged us together. (humans are too advanced so it did that)" You try and find the voice when your knocked out...



    [goal] 3000


    V2, fixed not being able to get in room at end boss

    V3, fixed lever placed letting you get through a room easier

    V3.1,edited signs to be more understandable, fixed door at lab not opening all the way, fixed teleportation room by adding hints, redid minecart room so it would work, and fixed villager from giving you two more levers than you need

    V4 added three more puzzles and made "train" part easier to understand

    V4.1 fixed starting in creative mode, added 3 more challenges

    V4.5 bug fixes in beggining and fixed maze, made books at beggining

    Want to support the map? Then please use this

    PLEASE READ!!--> to link this to the map, you must copy the url at the top of the page it should say
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1353376-advpuzpar132-1800-downloads-escape-from-dr-endercreep-v41-400-downloads-in-2-days/#entry16497220 now copy that and go to your profile. click edit my profile. now go to signature. put the picture in first (if you dont know how look it up) then click the chain in the options it should be called "hyperlink" paste the url in there and then they should be clickable!

    This one below is made all by me, i dont make the best ones because im a noob at GIMP ;)

    this one below is made by NathanielShade, thank you. The mod is the tv mod i beilieve.

    here is a bad alternative to the top one

    the clay soldiers mod for credit in this one

    Lets plays

    Sony Dud Pt 1,2 and 3

    Mightymceachern Pt 1,2, and then 3.

    Zerosium (Swedish)


    Franchescas LP

    TheDr.Devin Pt 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 playlist


    Gera3d2 and friends Lp

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    Quote from codpro112



    CHILL THE FRENCH TOAST DOWN BRO lol idk did you check behind your refridgerator?
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    posted a message on Lag By a Button
    shut up with no pics no clicks idiot you should try to not waste your time with coming here by at least checking it out -_- sorry you had to deal with thatoh and you cant just do that it only works on your computer because we dont have the screenshot so we cant go to the page
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    posted a message on Minecraft might be the worst adventure map
    I JUST TRIED IT! no VIRUS! and the map was great for first one i recommend it for begginer minecraft playersbut theres a bug in 1.3 that pulls you down into lava when you try to jump
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    posted a message on Minecraft might be the worst adventure map
    guys STOP i hate NO PICS NO CLICKS its annoying and its his first post be nice mine started out like this
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] [WIP|Adv|Parkour|Puz] Escape The Madman V1.5.4! 60,000+ Downloads!
    :) u just made my day (even more?)
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    posted a message on [Adv] [Puz] [2500+ Downloads] Defeat the king - Amazing Adventure / Puzzle Map! [WIP (constantly improving]
    im sorry you wernt getting any good comments or any at all for that matter we could all use some so i try to comment on lots of forums
    but anyways i loved it!
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    posted a message on [Adv/Parkour] [450+ downloads] World Of Darkness V2
    Hi, this is my first map. I intend for this to get popular, (sorry for greed) so if you could mention this or make videos about it, i would be really happy. I also intend to make more. I want to thank Notch for making minecraft and others (Antvenom, Chimneyswift11, Captainsparklez, ect.) for introducing me to parkour/redstone. (sethbling) my map may not be great but i will put alot of work into it. A tip for beginners i recommend to make maps on a flat world. So it will be out soon and i will at least give you the story.

    ~~~~~ Story~~~~~
    You are a cat named Skittles because you took your owners when she found you. You have a very special bond with your owner who is a 27 year old girl who works at the movie theater in town. She was very nice and you would lay on her while shes sleeping. One day a dictator took over, but he's much worse. he took your owner away. For several days you lay underneath the bed waiting for your owner. You think "I must go find my owner." You find your way out of a window and run of to find your owner. The journey starts here...


    200 :Diamond:
    250 :Diamond:

    Lets plays

    KiloOtters (old map)

    blazingspeedtvs (old map?)

    official trailer (thanks FrancisFire)

    FIXED (again) Download:


    People who found the secret




    here are pics of nether


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    posted a message on Minecon 2013
    i hope it wil be in san diego it will at least be here in the us instead of disneyland paris
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