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Edit 03/01/2018.

If anyone remembers me and wants to talk feel free to message me on Spigot!

Hello I'm Taylor Thomas!
I'm the Operations Director for
I work on Minecraft Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS's and help out all our client's questions and problems.

I love computer and technology ever since I was a little kid I wanted to learn and work with it and through out the years I have.
So far I've learned to fix computer's hardware and software on site and remotely.
I've fixed hundreds of computers and servers.
I'm a game designer, computer technician and server technician.
I like to animate and create videos with GFX, animations, 3D Models and a lot more!

I like to go hiking and exploring.
I like to play sports even though I'm not up to date with sport's teams or news at all.
I'm quite political on people's rights and their right to know information that should be public.
A lot of people say I'm really relaxed, nice, smart, and funny whenever I talk to them about whatever the subject may be.
I'm very eager to learn things, not so much in school, but on my own time even if it's a school subject.
I mainly research about technology, politics, and go on the typical random YouTube spree's on tutorials and other science and news like stuff when I find myself without something to do.

I am a support representative of PickleHosting.

System Administration

Location Raleigh, NC

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