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    Honestly just looks like there's a weird entity (block, animal, item, etc) in that chunk that's causing the issue. See if you can download any chunk checker tools (https://github.com/Fenixin/Minecraft-Region-Fixer or http://www.mcedit.net -- mcedit is probably easier) and check for any issues with the chunks. Reply back if you can't fix it!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Server Not Visible On canyouseeme.org!

    Assuming you have a basic understanding of networking, can your OUTER router see the internal LAN of your internal router/PC? If not, you'll need to set up port forwarding on BOTH routers, the first one pointing to the port on the second one which points to your computer.

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    Alright, so I got BungeeCord, yada yada yada. It's on a VPS host. There is 1 gb of RAM allocated to it. Anyways..


    I did everything and it almost works now. But when I start I get this error:


    let me know if you need more info :)

    Whatever this is, it looks like it's throwing an error because of one of the plugins you have in it. Remove whatever snakeyaml is, and you should be fine.
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    Can you tell me which files I should delete?

    ALL of them. Save your config somewhere else so you don't have to remake it, but start fresh with an auto-generated config and see if it works there.
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    Honestly, I'd suggest removing every file in the bungee directory and throwing in a new .jar and loading it in that way.

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    Quote from T8MM»

    1. Minecraft IGN* T8M
    2. Discord Name K |#0756
    3. How long have you played Minecraft?* 5-6 years
    4. How old are you? 16
    5. What timezone are you in?* GMT
    6. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you with English and grammar?* 10
    7. On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at catching/finding hackers? 10
    8. Have you ever been staff on a server before?* Yes
    8a. What rank were you, and what ranks were below it?* I have been backend developer on multiple servers in 2014, such as RMC, DaedricNetworks. The ranks below was, Manager, Head Admin, Admin, Mod, Helper etc.
    8b. What permissions did you have?* I had access to the box so I had all perms.
    8c. For how long?* 5 months.
    8d. Why did you leave?* There was some drama with some of the admins about permissions.
    9. How much time can you dedicate to the server per day?* 4-7 hours a day.
    10. What is your Skype? moulton
    11. What position do you want? Server Manager / Backend developer (Which means I maintain and develope the servers)
    12. Anything else? nope

    How does one 'develope' a server? Do you elope with it and code at the same time?
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    Inherently, by allowing players to wager money in a game that is not clearly (and legally) defined to be based on skill is gambling. Even if you could find a court to prove that Minecraft 1v1 is a game of skill, you'd have to ensure all playing fields are equal so as not to break any laws (yes, laws). If you go through with this, I will personally report you, because I would feel responsible if you got in legal trouble for running an online UNDERAGE gambling platform. Your choice.

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    Quote from Alessandro_I»

    Hello everyone,

    I need builders and moderators for an upcoming server project.

    Here's my server idea:

    You can deposit money via Buycraft and get an ingame balance for your money. Then you can use the ingame balance to participate in 1v1s. If you win the fight you'll get the vager from your oponent. Then you can withdraw your ingame balance for real world PayPal cash.

    If you like this server idea please apply below as I can only do the coding.



    This is called gambling, and is completely illegal until you employ a lawyer to draft terms of engagement and to ensure you're following your state's laws (which most states have banned online gambling)
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    posted a message on How To: Be successful on this forum (applications & recruitment)

    Over the years, it's become increasingly more evident that this forum is home to many users who don't understand the finer concepts that would make their applications (or recruitment posts) more appealing to those concerned. Follow these simple DOs and DON'Ts, and I promise your post will be infinitely more appealing.


    - Use proper spelling and grammar

    I cannot stress this enough. If your application for a position looks anything like "pls i wnt to be builder I can b online so much trust me" there's a 99.97% chance that your post will be overlooked and you won't get the position.

    - Highlight your strong suits (applications only)

    Think out your entire post before you start writing. Nobody wants to read a post that's all over the place (i.e make sure events are in chronological order, achievements are grouped together, etc)

    - Follow the format

    There's a reason the creator of the post you're looking at put an application template in there. Unless they specifically mention you don't have to follow it, it's much easier to lay out your application in a way that's easily readable and has all of the information the person looking to hire you needs to see.

    - Choose your battles

    Speaking from experience, if I'm looking to hire you and a quick look to your profile page shows you've posted in every single recruitment thread for the past eighteen days, chances are I'm not going to bother giving you a second look. Apply to a server, wait and see if you got accepted, and if not, try for another one, but applying to many at once is just asking for disaster.

    - Be concise (applications AND recruitment posts)

    Nobody wants to read an MLA formatted 5-paragraph essay, shorten it to a few sentences that best describe who you are, what you do and why you should be accepted. [Recruitment threads - put ONLY the most pertinent information in the title. If your title goes off of the screen, rethink it]


    - Spam the owner/poster

    Again, from experience, owning / running / being an Admin on a server is very time consuming, and if your job is then made more difficult by having to answer 50 private messages / Skype requests / Discord PMs, you have less time to devote to actually reading applications. Wait for your application to be read over, and if it's been a few days, then consider reaching out.

    - Post multiple times in the same thread

    If you've submitted your application, let it sit there. Resubmitting it or posting "did I get accepted" is a good way to get yourself put into the rejected pile before your application has even been read.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for your effort to make this forum more easily readable and enjoyable for all involved. If this gets good reviews and people enjoy what I'm getting at, I'll update it and make it look fancier, but for now, this should make everyones' lives a bit easier.

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    posted a message on 24/7 Factions server need Developers and Builders



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    posted a message on EminentMC needs *JAVA* *HTML/PHP* Developers & GFX Artists! ($$$PAYMENT OPPORTUNITIES$$$)

    Updated quantity and types of positions available, still looking for 3 JAVA developers to apply!

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    posted a message on EminentMC needs *JAVA* *HTML/PHP* Developers & GFX Artists! ($$$PAYMENT OPPORTUNITIES$$$)
    Who & What Is Eminent-Gaming?

    Eminent-Gaming is a multi-platform GTA San Andreas MP and Minecraft community operating seamlessly to create a fun, diverse environment for our community. We are a unique group of people who have come together to form an amazingly intricate network of players, staff and games that is unlike any other before.

    What is EminentMC?
    EminentMC is the Minecraft aspect of the Eminent-Gaming network, run by me, Tavros613, a Minecraft player with over 6 years of Minecraft experience, 5 years of software development experience, and 5 years of server & network administration experience under my belt. We have a fantastic staff that is completely dedicated to making this server the best it can be, but we need YOUR help to do that.
    We are a dedicated team of people looking to recruit only the most serious and dedicated individuals to our team. If you know what it’s like to work with people who aren’t professionals and don’t know what they’re doing, so do we, and we’re here to change that.

    What Can I Do?
    EminentMC is currently recruiting for the following positions, but is always accepting applications if you have a skill set you’d like to bring to the community. We are currently looking for the following positions, and the following amounts:

    Graphics Artist (1)
    As a graphics (GFX) artist, you will be designing most things for the server. This can include: banners, art, icons, logos, animation and more.

    Developer (3)
    As a developer, you are the core of the server. Java developers will be working alongside myself, Tavros613, to write and implement some of the most original and awe-inspiring plugins the Minecraft community has ever seen. Web developer will be responsible for the design and upkeep of the server’s website and forums.

    Types of Developers

    Plugin Developer (uses Java to create custom plugins) Web Developer (customizes and maintains the server's online presence)

    If you'd like to apply to either of the above positions, please keep in mind that I myself have (and currently DO) perform both of these tasks, so please have a portfolio or examples of past work ready and understand that I expect only professional and legitimate replies to this thread, so if you have no idea what Java is or haven't ever opened Photoshop and Flash, please don't waste either of our time.

    TO APPLY: Contact Tavros613 on Skype.

    But wait, you mentioned money?
    If you're a legitimate developer or GFX artist, payment is a guarantee, so long as the work matches the expected quality. Contact me on Skype for more information.
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    posted a message on Eminent-Gaming: Multi-Platform Network Looking For ALL STAFF POSITIONS! Professional & 24/7!
    Quote from Minion_Miner1»

    Hey I'm Andrew Minion_hybot to sure depends in what is planned for the day

    IGN: Minion_Miners
    Age: 8
    Skype: unknown
    What would you do to benefit this server: He would help build and help staff if needed/help players in need
    What would you occupy saw a hacker: Follow him around for evidence that he's jack no before ban
    Staff:Helper/Builder you could choose
    How much hours souls you play a day: 5 hours per day depends on what I have to do
    How long have you been building: 1 year I build in multiple platforms for Minecraft
    Maturity level:6
    What do you build best: Anything what Everest up for the task
    How much hours cab you put to the server: 2 hours on average bot to sure depends in what is planned for the day

    Unfortunately, we're looking for more mature (and older) staff to undertake this position, thank you for applying!
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