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    I've found another npc: Brian, he looks just like steve but with a red creeper cape
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    Quote from Aardwoof

    I love Doctor Who! Bummed me though that he wasn't adopting Craig as a companion. He would have made such a good one. My first doctor was Christopher Eccleston. My favorite doctors in order is the 10th, the 2nd, and the 5th. I'm actually extremely surprised the 11th doctor is winning the poll. I personally dislike him, and I really dislike Steven Moffat. No offense to those people who for some reason like them, though.


    Okay 1st of all the 11th doctor is by FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR the best and stephan moffat writes the best episodes EVEEEERRRRR! :tongue.gif:
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    Wow! i just finished watching the very last episode!

    Omg ALL my theorys were wrong!
    (if u haven't seen it yet don't read on! spoilers :3)

    I thought that the doctor was a flesh avatar because if you listen closely to a certain part near the end of episode 6 titled the Rebel flesh, the flesh dr said: Well my death arrives. then the real dr said: ''But this one were not invited to...''.

    Also in the episode the god complex, the doctor NEVER could finish rubiks cubes and he HATED apples. Do you think the tiny people in the robot body (forget their real name) were switched with the doctor then?

    Maybe Rory knew that so he used past tense.
    To me it seems the X-mas special will have to explain some more things...

    Anyways i really liked the god-complex but this one was abit...meh not nearly as intresting imo, and i wanted more things to be wrapped up!
    oh oh! i have found out that Amy and Rory they've been booked for next series! YaaaaaY! :biggrin.gif:
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    *I poke my head out the doorway from the otherside so that if anyone saw me they would only see my face* HSSsssSSsss
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