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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!

    Minecraft Username: tarnaq
    Age: 50
    Gender: M
    Country/Timezone: USA central
    How someone should contact you: PSN tarnaq
    How long you've been playing Minecraft: 1 yr
    Some things that you like to do on the game: building castle, explore, survival, learning new things.
    Any additional things you want to say: must be mature ,absolutely no mass messages, party chat, 1st time it happens you get deleted. No grieving. It's happen to me before and I'm still hesitant inviting again but I've learn how to back up my saves now.
    i will trade my time for your time helping me on my builds or ideas on new builds.

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    posted a message on Crafting on PS4 bonemeal
    Awesome thank you. Even tho I found someone playing it on playstation Live and asked him how

    i didnt think of that at 1

    they should alow you to switch between auto and manual crafting for problems like this.

    it shouldn't be much of a problem to add something like that.
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    Help I can't figure out how to craft some items like bonemeal

    when I choose crafting I don't get the same type displayed on on most of the websites I goto

    I have a auto crafting table no option to make your own

    and there is no bonemeal icon to click on so I can craft it.
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