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    Personal Section
    1. My legal first name is Torran.

    2. I am 16 years of age, I live in Alberta, Canada, which is GMT -7.

    3. I can be reached at [email protected] - I check this daily.

    4. I have previously played on a dedicated server of a small community of about 10 players. This lasted about two months, before real-life circumstance decided I no longer had time to play Minecraft. This was approximately four months ago, and I have since come into the position of having enough free time to again enjoy Minecraft. I am looking to replace my previous allegiance to my dedicated server.

    5. I agree with the server rules and understand that my membership could be pulled at any point based upon the staff’s decision in reference to your behavior in the server.

    Community Section
    1. I believe that large cooperative construction projects are very interesting and ambitious projects, and I have been hoping to become a part of one for a considerable amount of time.

    2. I appreciate constructive criticism on my building structures. Failure is the most effective learning tool, and I believe that failure without improvement is one of the greatest wastes in life.

    3. Personally, I am dedicated to one world, and find it difficult to dedicate myself to a task if I know I will not see the result of my labor. I enjoy committing myself.

    4. I was unhappy with my choice of pre-existing servers that are easily open to the public. I find that there is no challenge, and no fun, in a world that has been so altered, so conquered, that there is no longer anything to do.

    Roleplay Section
    1. Though typical, I am most interested in being a member of the townsfolk. I enjoy being a plain citizen, and a member of a whole. I also enjoy the monotonous labors of tending a farm, fishing for food, and providing (possibly selling?) common trade goods such as food to the public.

    2. The server's theme on construction pleases me greatly. A never-ending goal, a structure and an ideal to follow is very appealing to me. You hope to create a grande structure, and I find the idea wonderful.

    3. I will gladly assist in the gathering and day-to-day functions of the towns, such as gathering and fixing. I enjoy being a useful member of a whole.

    4. What exactly are the terms of your roleplay? Are we expected to maintain in-character personas? I have previously been a member of a hardcore RP group, and I am unsure of the extent to which roleplay is a part of this server.
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    Name: Torran
    Minecraft username: Tarkwyn
    Youtube Username: Tarkwynn
    How old you are: 16
    What your play-style is: Meticulous, deliberate. Attention to detail. Symmetrical, ornate structures.
    Do you have issues with sharing items, as long as people ask: None whatsoever. I find single-player difficult to enjoy because of not being able to share anything with other players.
    Do you have a problem with getting killed as long as you get your stuff back: As you've described, if it's in good fun, I don't see why not. I'm certainly prone to my own assassinations at times.
    How often you play: A few hours a week, currently. I could easily play more if I had a dedicated server to commit to. I'm picky about choosing servers.
    What interests you: Exploration. I feel the random construction of Mincecraft's random landscape to be a very accurate portrayal of beauty in nature.
    Have you been banned: Nope. My last long-term server went down because the host was no longer interested in the server.
    Will you do a Let's Play or not: I like the idea. I can't guarantee my own dedication to the project if it turns awry, but I'm certainly interested in the prospect. It has potential.
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    Noobie here. I've played a couple hours in singleplayer, and it's fun and all.. but it gets pretty boring making progress by myself :tongue.gif: It would be fun to contribute to a community or server online. IGN is Tarkwyn as is my username, and I look forward to playing with you guys if I can get added :wink.gif:
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