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    Just a heads up. Internet download speed is not onerous but it is the UPLOAD speed which is the real bottleneck for a home private server.

    Also, as you won't be home all the time and your son/daughter will be home more so, you need to have a turn key system for them to restart the server in case you are not around. They need to be able to identify your IP address to communicate to their friends.

    And you need to set a time limit every night ;) so that you may do necessary system backups. Yeah they won't be happy about that early bed time but on the odd occasion you are asked to do a roll back - they will be truly thankful!

    Mostly they'll play cooperatively as they are acutely understanding that they and they alone are plotting the destiny of THEIR world and no stranger on some remote internet server can take that away from them. But... disagreements occur and sadly you may be required to mediate to prevent unfair exclusions and to, alas, do the odd roll back when someone goes crazy with TNT.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah I have spent hours now playing with MCA Selector.

    The programmer has done a great job and I look forward to updates.

    It does not really identify player builds which have been constructed underground, with subtle entrances at ground level. It can identify large player structures if the structure blocks differ in colour from the above ground biome representation so the app is useful in that regard.

    It does however reveal the parts of the world visited.

    Using the built in functions to check for certain palettes / blocks is sadly broken. And the option to search for chunks based upon "time spent" in the area is very badly broken.

    The "goto" function is nice. It would have been good if, upon clicking on a chunk, I could have been given the X/Z coordinates of a middle square in the chunk.

    But MCA Selector has some use for my purposes anyhow. It is mostly designed for quick editing and copy paste of chunks and I am sure it does a great job at that.

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    I think I am answering my own question.

    I just stumbled across MCA Selector.

    Assuming it is up to date then this might be what I am looking for!

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    Quote from nezzy_123 >>

    So i used to play minecraft a lot a few years ago and i don't know if it is still good, i know it got a lot of hype in the last few months but idk if the game will still be good when the hype wears off so can anyone tell me if it is still worth buying?

    Just a heads up Nezzy.

    Minecraft easily allows you to play OLD versions. While many here will say that the newer version have added great stuff, and they have, there will be a really big problem with your old worlds.

    Loading a really old world into the latest Minecraft versions will result in some ugly "seams" when you move to an area where you had not previously explored. The change in biomes will be very harsh and jarring. This has always been a problem in Minecraft. That is for above ground. Below ground the way caves are handled has also changed over time.

    To make the transition as smooth as possible I would suggest loading the OLD Minecraft version and filling out the "discovery" of all chunks in a uniform area, with no gaps, and extend a bit beyond any precious areas you had mined or built or terra-formed.

    Then load the world into the latest Minecraft and go along the edges and terra form to your hearts content.

    OR let those old areas be and instead start again quite some distance away!

    Of course, playing in an old version is possible, but you'll be denying yourself the good stuff which has come with later releases.

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    I am planning a project which involves all my family's old worlds.

    What I need to do though, is to see an "overview" map of all the generated chunks. If I could zoom in on the map to locate areas where we had built/mined and not just visited then that would be perfect!

    The idea is to put the world through this application and get an areal overview. If I were to load in each world and fly around in Creative mode then I will surely miss something!

    I do NOT want some kind of automatic chunk generator which will reveal / fill-out unexplored areas. I only want to see explored areas.

    Hoping someone can help me please.

    I am using a Windows 10 PC.

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