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Hi, My name is Tankervenom, but you can just call me Tank. I usually lurk around the forums for new maps and updates. If you see me commenting on your forum instantly, that doesn't mean I am stalking you.

I also love beta-testing. It is my job to beta test maps. So Far, I have beta-tested over 2,000 different maps. I, however, am not doing anymore beta testing.

My Life is all about CTM Maps and Custom Items. So Far I have about 5,000 different screenshots of custom items within thousands of maps. And it isn't only CTM Maps. And yes, I have played many CTM Maps. Below is a list of Completed CTM Maps.

Completed CTM Maps (Updated 3/24/16)
Inspired Gallery- Chiefwiggy
Forgotten Cervice- Cheifwiggy
Timeless Chasms- Cheifwiggy
The Pinnacle of Wiggery- Cheifwiggy
Beyond Time and Space- TheXhen
Winter's Tale- TheXhen
Arachnapocalypse- rockenroll4life
Into a Nightmare- rockenroll4life
Pantheon- ProjectCTM
The Plains -Csillagvihar
The Mountains -Csillagvihar
SburbCraft- Otherhand
Between the Sun and Moon - Skeeto
Lake of Mirrors- Skeeto
Rapid Labyrinths- Skeeto
Rugged Horizons- Skeeto
Spooky Caves- Fizzy
Outskirts of Sanity I- Pjaypit
Outskirts of Sanity II- Pjaypit
Vinyl Fantasy I- Three_Two
Vinyl Fantasy II- Three_Two
Storm the Castle- Smeagolow
Safe Haven- Domara
Forgotten Depths- Funguy_34
Emerald Dream III- Orange
Remote District I- ExamineKid
Remote District II- ExamineKid
Remote District III- ExamineKid
Open Sky- Iciciliser
Timeless Rift- Iciciliser
Aima Caves- Vitto
Dark Shrillness- Mixinu
Air- Sylf
Awesomeness- Technic
Temple of Arthropods- Rexxefa
Azathoth Gulch- TeamTrainwreckCTM
Agonize- Kakyton
Arcane Halls- SirBrock
Abstract- CtRy
No Time to Explain I- griffJack
CM: Into the Storm- Chipmunk
CM: Hikaro Jungle- Chipmunk
Finding Shambhala- theguycalleddoo
Diversity- Qmagnet
Diversity 2- Qmagnet
Arcane Asylum- Orchard28
Laingral- Rubisk
Ooga Booga Cavern- DrSnap23
Tales of 2 Swords- Orchard28
Titan BTM- Grimdeath
Vigilis Oculos- Fangride
Ragecraft I: Corrupted Path- heliceo
Ragecraft II: Insomnia- heliceo
Mortis Aria- Fangride
*Every Super Hostile*- Vechs
Animosity- TikaroHD
Overload- TikaroHD
Sandstorm- TikaroHD
Blizzard- TikaroHD
A Matter of Time- Sketch
Redemption- Sketch
All in a Nutshell- Sketch
Legion Mines- Vithrue
Stars Beyond- Vithrue
Exigent Expedition I- BascerSauce
Exigent Expedition II- BascerSauce
ROC I: Unscathed- Caecilleus
Divison #1- Cell_Division
Fallen Mines- masterzminer
TODS #1: Dreadsky Isle- Drago
Eronev 2: Soul Cauldron- Jigarbov
Colorful Chasm- Werdnaandrew12
Greener Pastures- Karrott
Frostburn- ColdFusionGaming
Monstrosity- ColdFusionGaming
Ruins of the Mindcracker I- Gnomestyle
Ruins of the Mindcracker II- Gnomestyle
Shards of the Void- Reshif
Uncharted Territory I- Amlup
Uncharted Territory II- Amlup
Uncharted Territory III- Amlup
Wild Charge- Krose
Descent into Darkness- Krose
Skyward Ascent- Krose
Jingle Hells- Vitto
Frigid Wasteland- Com572
Crystalized Cavern- Com572
Wayback Project- Baraja
Atlas of Being- Sylf
POM #1: Mysterious Caves- Orioncake
Fate Helix- Specters- Alvarogudis
SCD- A.C.I.D- Alvarogudis
Abundant Seas- Clickonme
Corrupted Lands I- Clickonme
Corrupted Lands II- Clickonme
Dawn of Shadows- iHav2ManyToes
Perilous Caves- iHav2ManyToes
Awaken- iHav2ManyToes
Into Inferno- iHav2ManyToes
Era of Shados- iHav2ManyToes
Subterria- iHav2ManyToes
Ill-Fated Prodigy- OrcMaster
Apocalypse Ow- Boyde712
Overgrown Horrors- Boyde712
Depths of Irkalla- Moldybread
Costal Chaos- Apollo
Freedom Bridge- Apollo
Felldeep Spiral -Apollo
Hanging Gardens- Apollo
Alcazar- Apollo
Bedrock Mines- Apollo
Midnight Gloom- FeFinix
Cloud Cavern- FeFinix
Rift Up- Stetofire
Prelude- Everguard
US1- Goliath- RenderXR
Mysterious Island- Gansilla
Ascend- TheBMajor
Edge of the Unknown- MrRedstone
Abstract Dreams- MrRedstone
Lands of Desire II- Drago_Rogue
Vulcara- Bwebs123
Terra Restore- Mithey (Best Map I've ever played)
An Other World- MC Scince.Inc (Yes, it is spelled like that)
Nightmare Fantasia- Bigpig
Enchanted Caverns- Cigam5
Mortem Conclavia- Jjammster
Island of Janura- CowMonkey
Burning Demon- XDTrix
Dark Times- Beardielover
Edge of Shadow- Beardielover
Elemental Terra- Freefall92
Cursed Stronghold- VoidSlayer807
Crazed Caverns- Mistermaceroni
The Tormented Cavern- Syphen
Underground Secrets- Bnfgh
Nightmare Travels- Mr_Areay
Tarot Trouble- Misterjpc819
Unrisen- Flarum
Broken- Spidermoon
Strange Climate- Team Astro
Caved In- XxDaStormNinjax
Rainbow Factory- Derpymuffin24
Tale of Silver- Derpymuffin24
Lets Play Island- Buikes
Frost Realm- LimitlessMC
Crystal Caverns- InHaze
From Ashes- Piecia997
From Flames- Piecia997
Caves of Cataclysm- Yomama_
The Unfair Games- Darsoke
DaniMaxus MiniCTM Maps- DaniMaxus
Flames of Disaster- Sketch
Mushroom Crossing- Lmg9
I saw A Zombie Eating Santa Claus- ProjectCTM
Bloody Christmas- LostVega
Snowy Paradie-EIRichMC
Atrincherados- TheCarushow
Shattered Earth- Sketch
Circle of Death- DanConection
Twisted Summits- Zang_13
Super_Hostile- pomme_57
Horrible Lands- Sandstone Caves- TysPlaysMinecraft
Cruel Underground- "Never Mentioned in Map"
Deadly Desert- Huo556
Souls' Tree- Panacor98
Smuggler's Hideaway- Mystic_Ninja
Danger O Plenty - Lance_Armada
Quartz Chaos- RainertheMaster
The Painter- Sketch
Bigleaf Forest- RenderXR
Space Odyssey- Edam_Cheese
Cuckoo Ticks- Mixinu
Last Hours of Sanity- ExtrimeMan
Ticking Chill- MoldyBread1
Savage Realm- Krose
Infernal Road- _JMGamer_
Doomed Enterprise- clickonme
The Artisan- Blade933
Circlepunk- Infamy
Walking in the Void- TatoBig
Merciless Jungle- Tale_Of_2_MapMaker
Infernal Dreams- PoakLOL
Shadow Realm- TechAnimation
Burning Harshlands- TechAnimation
Hellish Nightmare- RagdeTT
Monster Stairs- Xabi27/Yery10
The Black Crystals- Theguycalleddoo
Archangel Rising- Chipmunk46
Tundra Terror- 1StupidRat
Skylord- 1StupidRat
Difficile Depths- 1StupidRat
Abyss of the God- 1StupidRat
Beautiful Danger- Xenocorpse
Rilize- thythal
Division #2: Meltdown - Cell_Division
Eternity Opportunity- UnMcMas
Cold Forest- barnzy12
Stand From- NaruGamerlml
Pacifism- Sketch
Souls' Tree- Panacor98
Molten Skies- Finnvv02
Cannonfire- Finnvv02
Frozen Fear- Finnvv02
Ruined Christmas- Finnvv02
Halfdry Desert- Finnvv02
Cannonfire II- Finnvv02
Nightmare Complex- Finnvv02
Forgotten- Finnvv02
Bloody Christmas- LostVega
Mooshroomed Void- Pellofrago
Dry Climb- Pellofrago
Equilibrity- Pellofrago
Fire Shadows- Pellofrago
Lana Bianca -LifeTaxx
Korrupt Kingdom- Mathiaseklund
Twin Towers- Fr4nko0o
Caves of Desperation- Mimix2048
Legend of Uncertainty Mini I- _Gunther_0

Generic Floating Islands- Ucenna

No Man's Land- TatoBig

Bane of Players- Skiback

Up in the Sky- Skiback

Stairs of Death- Skiback

Ghost Minerals- Skiback

Cold Nightmares- Skiback

The Factory- DarkillerCOL

Naturlia- TheCarlushow

Decay- TheCarlushow

Magma Chamber- Alexraid42

Sandstone- Bran

Happy Love- Bran

Float- Bran

Halls of Mei'Kari- AcaranDeahtstorm

Minimalist- Kaladun

The Frame: Auftenheim - HadrianXY

Jester's Court- Blade933

Frozen Terror- MBTrainor

Monument of Three- Extrimeman

Look for the Light- WittyWhiscash

The Musuem of Amazement- Black_Shadow_Kitty

Joke Cavern- Mixinu

Dead Serious- TheXhen

Essence of Colours- TheCarlushow

Unforgiving Caverns- Funguy_34

Mage's Escape -MoldyBread

Sounds of an Old Age- TikaroHD

Ravine of Despair- Ty_Plays_Minecraft

Secret of Angels- Chipmunk34

Explosive Disposition- Caecilleus

Troll's Cavern- Blade933

The Shadow of Death- Mauton99

Shadows- Browneye414

World -1 - Apollo9898

Trinity- Sketch

The Stolen Power Stones- Crazy_Clamp

All in a Buttshell- Hybran

Traps & Trolls- Techanimation

Cage- Taschneide

Colour- Sylf

Fury of the Sun- Curaxu

Crystal Inferno- Radixan

Enternal Darkness- Sylar7

Loop Darkness- Gonz4lo

Battle of the Volcano- Cubiccl

SkIslands- Cubiccl

Poisonned Glacier- Cubiccl

Mines of Despair- Rcomical98

Srion: Desolate Riches- R3DWing

Mission of the Thunder- EustisMC

Aqueous Cenote- Sylf

Mysterious Well- McTsts

Terra Restore 2- Mithey

Castrealm Depths- Smitje

Cerulean Caves- 8bituniverse

Legend of Argon- Draco_Rogue

Mini Gerzion- Gert17

Mission of the Thunder- EustisMC

Skybound- MjrAwsm

Sordid List- Sourkangaroo

Lava Temple- TheJimmyMC

Striking Obsidian- Spingamer

Marooned- Krose

Shattered Realm- InsignificantConnor

Forgotten Isle- Extrimeman

Zeus's Trail- Ty_Plays_Minecraft

Message for the King- Orioncoko

Mortality Skies- Nbtrainor

Spectre Isles- Moldybread1

Elements Above- CoolFool

Wuxite Caverns- Wuxel

Trinity Skies- Blade933

The Phantasm- TikaroHD

Cloudhome- taschneide

Valkyria Skylands- TheCarlusShow

Rising Heat- Rexxefa

Planar Perils- dolangoobs

Fall of Tyranny- VezonTH

Darkening Skies- Infinity8Miner

One- Sketch

Mortality Planes- Edam_Cheese

Beneath The Void 4- Kkcraft234

Redemption Skies- ViCABO

MiniHard- Thestig23F

Future Skies- DerpyCake55

Caves of Umbra- Baz1ga615

Mage's Escape- Moldybread1

The Prophecy- heliceo

Eventide Trance- three_two

Descents of Absence- Koralz

Tricky Treat- OmegaPlayer02

Spooky Horror- Tokracraft

O' Darkness- Smitje1991

Darkness Descending- Moldybread1

Halloween Fear- Josephbuilder

Nest of Misfortune- Mixinu

Spook- Coolfool

Plague- TheXhen

Prison Escape- Ty_Plays_Minecraft

Y=1- Browneye414

Sleepless Nightmare- Chipmunk46

The Blackmoor Mansion- Blade933

The Null Machination- Black_Shadows

Tears of Darkness- ZeShroomKing

Soul Reaper- Krose

Song of Life- Ragirk

Zodiacal Quarter- ElRichMC

Aox's Revenge- Alanochox

Aysilium- xKikeroe

Christmas Chaos- Littlepeople

Frozen Heart- The Overbuild

Rain of a Thousand Flames- Omegaplayer02

Wolves- Blackshadow_Miner

Go Far- Xenocorpse

Oh Death- Chipmunk46

Running with the wild things- Teewie

Brown Co. Testing Facility #9- Browneye414

The Court of Tuscany- blade933

Sky Megalith- Gambrinth

Weird Tales- Orchard28

Supposed Golden Path- Krose

Funhouse- Smitje1991

Disclaimer to the Self- Tokracraft

Rotland Origins- DrSnap23

Blood of the Oracle- Chipmunk46

Discordancy- ProjectCTM

Hypothermia- Qhadei

Fantasy Paradise- wallcraft99

Three Layers- Joltbug

Choice- Browneye414

Legacy of the Night- TheXhen

Shifting Caverns- Treident

The Red Court- Kaladun


CTM Maps..... And custom items.

I <3 them

I also love Team Fortress 2 and Anime.

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