About Me

Hi, My name is Tankervenom, but you can just call me Tank. I usually lurk around the forums for new maps and updates. If you see me commenting on your forum instantly, that doesn't mean I am stalking you.

I also love beta-testing. It is my job to beta test maps. So Far, I have beta-tested over 2,000 different maps. I, however, am not doing anymore beta testing.

My Life is all about CTM Maps and Custom Items. So Far I have about 5,000 different screenshots of custom items within thousands of maps. And it isn't only CTM Maps. And yes, I have played many CTM Maps. Below is a list of Completed CTM Maps.

CTM Map list removed for various reasons..


CTM Maps..... And custom items.

I <3 them

I love Halo MCC

Location Right Behind You

Profile Information

Minecraft Tankervenom Xbox HAHAHAHA... No PSN Nobody plays PSN Steam Rin-Chan Discord Tankervenom