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    Did You Get Ant's Permission To Post This?
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    So a few days ago, I was thinking about Club Penguin (Lame kids' game) armies and I thought that Minecraft has no armies. So basically, an army is a group of people who battle against each other to defeat each other. Each army starts out with three regions which you can name it whatever you want. In Club Penguin, you fight with snowballs, but in Minecraft, we have swords and bows so it would be more realistic. There would be an official map for a battle which I imagine there would be 2 castles and each team starts out in one of the castles and when this 1 Block of lava touches the ground, the war would begin. There would be 2 stories along with a roof and basement. The basement could hold supplies for battle and the roof would have archers, TNT cannons, and TNT cannon transporters. On the second floor, there would also be archers with dispensers containing fireballs which are coming out in 1.2. There would also be classes too. Using the Classes plugin for Bukkit, we would have 4 Classes: Archer, Knight, Healer, and Destroyer. Archers would have: bow, 5 stacks of 64 arrows, wooden sword, leather helm, and apples. Knights would have: 2 iron swords, 1 stone sword, 16 porkchops, and iron armor. Healer would have: 2 stone swords, lots of food, and maybe a special stick that heals the person you right click (That would require an unnmade-plugin.) Destroyer would have: 3 stacks of 64 tnt, 10 steaks, a stone sword, and a wooden sword. Other plugins you might need are: Essentials. There'd be a website for registering along with a ranks page so people know what position they are (Exp: Leader, Co-Leader, Private, etc...) and the names would be colored as to what class they are. Maybe also a Nation/Empire page (Or whatever you want to call it.) It would have the history of the army, laws, land you own, allies and enemies, and maybe even some stories. BTW, I'm too lazy to make a map so if someone makes one, please share it! I spent a long time on this so please don't say something mean, and if you have any ideas, comment and let me know, and if I like it, I'll put it up! Also, here's the Planet Minecraft link: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/a-minecraft-army/ Please Take Time To Give It A Diamond!

    I imagine the war and map will be kinda like this
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    HUUGGEE BUT FUN BUG!! This Bug Lets Me Control More Than 1 Heli At A Time!! I Discovered It When I Was Playing With The Mod.

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    Please Post To Keep This Topic Alive! Maybe Tell Me How You're Doing And What You Did! Thank You!

    My New Map Is Out!! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/839557-surv-hatchet-survival-30-downloads/

    1.0.0 Compatible!!

    Hey Guys!

    I Just Made A MC Survival Island Map And I Was Inspired By Ashien, Creator Of The Famous Survival Island Map. Please Let Me Know If You're Doing A Playthrough So I Can Post Your Videos Here! If You Enjoyed The Map And Want To Support Me, Click The Button At The Bottom Right Corner Of My Post (If You Have A MC Forums Account) :biggrin.gif:

    Screenshots Took With Coterie Craft Texture Pack

    :Diamond: Rules :Diamond:
    1. Don't leave the Island.
    2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
    3. Bookmark the thread if you find it interesting.
    4. No hacking.
    5. No mods
    6. Have fun !

    :GoldBar: Challenge :GoldBar:
    :wood: Build a two story house/base with at least 20+ windows. :wood:
    :bookshelf: Build 12 bookcases. :bookshelf:
    :mossystone: Build a cactus farm. (You Have To Find It In Dungeon Loot.) :mossystone:
    :log: Build an under ground tree farm. :log:
    :GoldBar: Make 10 Watches :GoldBar:
    :Iron: Make 20 Compasses :Iron:
    :SSSS: Play on Hard :SSSS:
    :////: Make 15x4 Wheat Farm :////:
    :White: Make All Of The Different Color Wools :White:
    :brick: Make A Redstone Contraption :brick:
    :tnt: Destroy The Map When Done :tnt:

    DOWNLOADS DO NOT HAVE ADF.LY. :biggrin.gif:

    V1 - First Launch
    Download Stranded Island V1!

    V1 Screenshot:

    V1.2 - Added Food Chest At Spawn
    -Fixed Spawning Diamond Pickaxe
    Download Stranded Island V1.2

    V1.2.1 - Removed Rose Hint
    -Added More Wild Grass
    Download Stranded Island V1.2.1

    V2 Hardcore- Decreased Island Size
    - Replaced Tree For Sapling So Now You Have To Wait Until Tree Grows.
    - Decreased Amount Or Grass
    - Replaced One Hint With Another One
    Download Stranded Island V2

    V2 Screenshot:

    V2.1 Hardcore - Replaced Land With Mostly Sand
    - Fixed Spawn
    - If You Spawn At The Wrong Place, Then Kill Yourself

    While You're Waiting For The Tree To Grow, Gather Some Clay Or Something.
    There's Tons Of Dirt Around The Area So If You Have OCD And Can't Stand Sand, Then Replace It With Dirt
    Around The Island.
    If You're Unlucky And Don't Get Seeds From The Wild Grass, Get Bones, Turn Them Into Bone Meal And Right
    Click On The Grass And You'll Get Wild Grass.

    Download Stranded Island V2.1








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    Use Mediafire Or Dropbox To Upload. Dropbox Is The Most Convenient Because It Doesn't Slow Down Your Computer When You Upload And It Runs On A Program Instead Of A Browser Which You Can Download.
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    I've Been Watching Playthroughs Of Batman Arkham City And I Saw Smoke Pellets And Grappling Hooks And Everything So I'm Just Asking If Someone Could Make A Mod For That. Some Things That Should Include Are Grappling Hooks, Smoke Pellets, And Line Launchers. That's All I Could Think Of Right Now. Lol.
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    Looks Awesome!
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