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    posted a message on Slimes in swamp biomes?

    Above ground spawning of slimes is different from slime chunk spawning.

    Underground there is no light level needed. Above ground they obey the rules of a regular mob.

    the no moon is no slimes, but from the phase after to a full moon the spawning gets more. Full moon being the most liable spawning. Since they require the same light level as other hostile mobs, you will get a mix most of the time. The ratio will go up during a full moon, and most likely you will run across them in those hours of the night.

    Slime chunks are still probably the best to farm them though, as they don't have light requirements like the surface ones do. Don't know if the moon affects the slime chunk spawned ones... As I have not made a slime farm since the change. Have ran into slimes on the surface during a full moon though.:)

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    posted a message on A good material for walls?

    I usually just use more than one material to shape of a wall similar to a castle battlement that would surround a village. I use fences at first to define the border sometimes; that and to keep unwanted guests from coming in.

    Stone brick and wood with a slight overhang at the top would do find to keep even spiders out, long as you keep it well lit of course. Putting a normal door with a fence gate on the outside will keep the villagers inside as well, at least at the points you want to enter the village. Of course you could make redstone doors for that too, but the door fence bit ensures they don't jump at the chance to ummm... escape.

    There are a lot of ideas floating around for walls, many are simple, and just as many complex. Really it is up to you how much effort you want to put into a wall.:)

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    posted a message on 1.9 Ender Dragon Bug

    They turned the ender dragon into a mime? Looks like it is trying to get out of an invisible box. ><

    Turn it white and stripe it then it will really look like mime, and don't forget the hat.:)

    I guess I'll find out when it comes out or when I notice it coming out...

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    posted a message on Is singleplayer getting "unpopular?"


    I play single player more often than not. Easier to be creative that way. I just building and gather away...

    I do play multiplayer on occasion, but not really often enough to kill single player.

    It is quite difficult for me to get bored. I have always been able to self entertain, even when I was a child. Having an overactive imagination helps with that.

    Obvious which I prefer I think.

    Popular/unpopular... I would not know, I never really payed much attention to what is trendy or popular; I just pay attention to way I like when I find out, even if I have to do a bit of research to find out if I do or not. I don't base things on popularity, but rather base them on whether I would enjoy or not; among other factors. So in a way I only half understand the topic.

    I am sure though there probably is just as many in single and multi alike. Just makes sense that way in a logic deduction. It is a versatile game with many ways to play whether modded or not. That is the sense that is a sandbox. Now I'll go build me a sand castle and see it fall in succession. :)

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    posted a message on Arcavia
    Quote from tosscobble1975»

    Ok.. for some reason I can't see ANY of the pictures... what gives?

    I have yet to sort that out, as I have noticed this a while ago. It has something to do with how Facebook permissions. Originally I had just my minecraft directory set to public. But I am guessing sometime a while ago Facebook updated something and turned them all private, the directory included. Right now I have yet to figure out how to set the directory as a whole public as it was before.

    I could do each image individually, and will be a daunting task. Even my other map that is linked from this one is done in facebook. I'll see what I can do in the upcoming weeks, as this has been bugging me for a while. Facebook can get confusing for me, especially in the pic section, now that their apparently are changes in how it does things.

    Don't know when, just know it is something I do have in mind in my busy life.:)

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    posted a message on I some how obtained the username 006. Good or nah?

    A james bond traitor... hmm...

    Regardless it is an agents name, or code name....

    Good or bad that is all subjective... If you like it you like it, although some of the older crowd might connect it in mind with those movies.:)

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    posted a message on Have You Ever Had A Good Pet In Minecraft

    Hmm.. Wonder what constitutes as a pet...

    Anyway I've only ever had three that I can relate as to being almost so.

    PC version:

    • A donkey that I took into the jungle, and made a inlet cave base, or start of one. Haven't gone back to that world in a while.
    • A Horse that had problems staying spawned during the time of a few bugs. Good thing I kept backup of that world, so I still have that horse.

    I guess The Fool, which is on the console version. The villager was one of the most persistant escapees in my town upgrading I had a lot of trouble with. Built a special house for that one. Put a fence over the door so the villager could not get out. Ok maybe that one I am more inclined to say is more a prisoner... but still a residence in that world, even when I finally got most the village done.

    Other than that... Not really felt the need for having a cat or dog. Rather didn't get chance to tame any, or got around to taming them; well dogs at least. I mainly only use the cats as guard dogs vs. creepers. Can't really consider them pets, as they are my security detail while I build.:)

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    posted a message on Official MCX360 Twitter Update Thread | September 30th

    what about that weird looking tree in the top left. it's the tallest one. could that possibly be something? it looks different from the others.
    Edit - also who is alex anyways? wasn't steve good enough for us, and why did they decide to make a new one?

    To me that looks like one of the wider spruce trees sitting on a floating dirt block.

    Good to see Alex is making way to the console edition.:)

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    posted a message on Porch Ideas

    look up texan & victorian porches. Quite a bit of variance in though. Maybe even western porches of the wild west too.

    I mainly just look at the houses I build, and if the porch suits or fits I will just come up with one on the fly. Nice to have reference in mind though.:)

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    posted a message on What is one rule you have set for yourself in Minecraft?

    For me it varies.

    I usually set forth guidelines to follow with each map that I create, and therefore come up with a few rules to use as guidelines throughout the game.

    The most common thing I do is having cheats on, and keepinventory on. I am primarily a building, but I don't really like creative mode only. I like to gather my resources and build with what I do.

    Regardless before I stem off in tangent, I just make a bunch of guidelines to follow, and not concrete rules. All dependent on my mood and what I feel like doing. Always keeping in mind the guidelines for each map. I create a lot of maps sometimes, just to fit different moods, else I mind as well be playing a different game entirely.:)

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    posted a message on Ability for character to sit

    Not sure how this one would actually work, maybe another hotkey that isn't used... That is all I can think of if this were pc, but on xbox(or any console for that matter) I really wouldn't know which button or combination of buttons could be used, since each seem to have already a purpose.

    This might be a small suggestion, and I am on the fence about it, but simple enough to consider.

    Personally I would rather be able to crawl before I even consider sitting, but that is not what this suggestion is about.

    The notion of adding furniture to enable this makes it much much more simple though. Really it would be like a boat or something like that, just you don't move. We don't have knees far as I know on the models. That truly wouldn't matter, but at least the concept would be ok. To right click into a chair, couch, etc.. and to get out right click again maybe. Right click is equal to the use trigger button in this case, assuming you have that controller layout used, or default.

    Anyway I think it would be an ok idea, just more interested in seeing other things to make it; even if this is decent enough to get in, or well semi-feasible. The furniture would need to be made for this to happen, else figuring out which button to use, or combo there of.

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    posted a message on keeping track of your locations, treasures, villages and special places and waypoints

    To the first question:

    I use all except the last one. It really all depends on what I have, and what the location is.

    • Sometimes I just build in the area so it is marked with my own creation.
    • If i don't build there I would use one of the alternate options visually: torch block post/pillar, beacon(if have reasources and plan to build in the area later), or a map marker like waypoints used in rei's or similar mini-map mod(If I choose to put in a mod).
    • I will usually always write down coordinates on paper so I have location at the tips of my fingers, or even using notepad temporarily to write down later.
    • Sometimes I will take a screenshot if the place is really important enough to remember, or if I just want a memory captured for future reference.

    On the second question:

    I only use 3 of those options.

    • This one various depending on where as well. I mix it up between the 3. Torch placement, signs, or memory. At least with this game.
    • Generally if it is just a location i don't plan on going back to I will rely on my own memory to get out. I don't mind getting lost on occasion running in circles, but usually find my way out eventually.
    • If it is a mineshaft or underground structure of some kind, I have a special torch placement i use. In mineshafts I always utilize the wood fence/blocks imitating supports; and put a torch on the side that leads to the exit of the mineshaft. If not support able to do so I utilize the roof above in the same fashion.
    • Stronghold I generally just light up, and know which areas I have been, but will use a greater amount of torches to mark the actual exit/entrance I got into the place. like surround the 2x1 hole or entryway with torches. And will do similar to mineshaft, but with double torches, and over doorways to lead me back out.
    • Nether fortress I tend to mark the entrance with an arrow of torches at the place I entered(on the ground). Then at each intersection I use a 2-torch method; 1 in the center of intersection and 1 to show which direction is the way out(also on the ground).
    • The times i use signs will be just to name or give me some bit of info of what lies in a certain direction; for when it is a place I want to come back to eventually, or often. Also sometimes I will label a sign with "exit" or something similar to mark the way I commonly use if I go back to the place often enough, or decide to build there.

    Overall I assess what my goal is before I head underground, whether it be branch mining or exploring, if not looking for something particular and/or building. I set my goal/idea in mind before doing so. Always coming up with something.:)

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    posted a message on Bluestone

    Colored wires?

    Yeah that would be nice. Easier to make circuits and wires crossing that way... maybe... depending on how it is done. still even with not crossing in mind it would help to distinguish different parts of complex devices, without having to use alternate blocks under the wires...:D

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    posted a message on Turn off left stick button - disable third-person view

    I don't like the alternate layout that switches the stick for this.

    So I would love to see an option to disable in the in-game menu(as well main menu) so that it can be checked on/off when needed or wanted. Where in the menus I really would not know. Probably where some of the other options are...

    Anyway I would be up for this one.:)

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    posted a message on Steady pace minecarts. How to do it?

    sadly no.

    At least not to the extent and precision you are probably asking about.

    Would be nice if they made a special track to do just that, or like you mentioned make it so when track on soulsand will slow it down to certain speed. Not sure I would like it same as walking speed, but maybe a bit more than that, so it can still serve a purpose of being better than walking.(just a tad would be enough)

    Anyway like mentioned above, using regular rails is the only way to feasibly slow down a cart, although maybe hooking up a split-second pulse to powered rails might work to continue movement at certain points. I can visualize something like that, but unsure that would work in the way you are wanting though. That and I have not attempted to make something like that. I usually end up making subways or monorail type things with minecarts. Use to station building and intersection work...

    Although that does sound interesting what you are trying to do. Like jurassic park, a spectacle viewing per say.:)

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