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    posted a message on Medieval Scandinavian Town - WIP
    Working on Medieval/Viking Town

    Started with the boats cos they seemed the most fun.

    The boathouse - used to hold Viking Ships, built back from waterline with wood. Each holds one ship.
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    Working on making a modern mansion, because I'm getting bored of always making medieval castles and towns.

    From the front so far

    To the left is the maze and to the right is a poolThe pool

    The maze

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    posted a message on If you were FORCED to become a Pokemon...
    Cubone cos he's my favourite.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge
    Just starting the challenge. First day :)
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    posted a message on I need building ideas...
    Quote from RobertFrans

    Make a full functional monastery, for let's say hunderd villagers. The monastery contains:

    Chapel, maybe dedicated to Notch?
    Sacristy by the chapel
    Individual cells for sleeping and study
    Assembly, where they have there regular meetings
    Rectory, thus the dining room
    Scriptorium, where they copy books
    Library, maybe with enchantment room
    Smithy with lava, anvils and ovens
    Brewing room
    Working room for carpentry and working with stone
    Physicians house
    Administration office
    Archive room
    Quest rooms, where they can recieve quests
    Portal, for the gate keeper
    Fields and gardens for all the crops, at least sugar canes for the paper
    Fields and stables for all the passive mobs, at least cows for the books
    A squid basin for the inc
    Cloister around the garden in the centre of the monastery
    Graveyard with some graves
    Some mysterious secret rooms...

    You can look for a map of a real monastery, like this one.

    I hope this suggestion inspires you. :)

    I like this idea! Might just be my next project
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    posted a message on What do you like to do on your spare time?
    I like to fire spin or make random videos of me and my friends being idiots. especially music videos cos none of can dance or sing.
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    posted a message on Youtube vidoes that make me laugh!
    This is one of my favourites
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