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    This is really needed. If only they would do it.
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    Out Of Character (OOC) Information

    IGN: talonj98

    Age: 14

    Role-play experience: I have roleplayed on World of Warcraft

    Why do you want to join this server?:Cause the story seems good and I like the colonies idea.

    How active will you be?: Probably about 2-3 hours per day.

    Explain meta-gaming and power-gaming in your own words.: Meta-gaming is when you use knowledge that you know but your character doesn't.

    What is your ban history? (We can look this up. Better not lie.): I've never been banned.

    In Character (IC) Information

    Name: Jacen Cooper

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He is skinny, wears kind of baggy clothes, has light brown hair. He has a scar going diagonally down his right eye.

    Personality: He's a relativley nice and fun person, though can be rude.

    Strengths: Courage.

    Weaknesses: When people keep him from doing something.

    Family or no family? (only early posters get to be in a family ; ) : I'd like to be part of the Silver-Shard Family if possible.

    Please write a short backstory on your character. It must be a minimum of one paragraph.
    Jacen knows alot of people but only trusts few. His parents were murdered by a strange man whom he has never known. He has one sibling, a brother. After his parents were killed, he and his brother survived in the wild by themselves, they had no other choice. When he was old enough, he joined a group of airship pirates. When he was on duty one day on the airship, another ship started firing at them. He saw his friend get blown to smithereens after a couple shots, the chips and pieces of wood went flying, cutting his eye, resulting in loss of vision, and a scar. When his ship went down, he jumped into the ocean below. After seeing his ship crash, he made it his mission to find and kill the ones who destroyed his ship, killed his friend, and the man who killed his parents, trying to gather as many trustworthy people to help him along the way.
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