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    Inventory tweaks allows you to sort your inventories. There are all kinds of mods with sorting systems where you can put everything into one chest, and (after a considerable effort of setting it up) the system will place each item into the correct chest.

    However, in my opinion, the best solution of all is Applied Energistics (AE2 for 1.7). It stores everything you have as energy in a "computer", that's completely searchable and sortable. It is a bit complex to get the system up and running, but once it is, it is basically self maintained. You never again have to remember where that particular chest is, or if you put coal into "magic items" or "building materials". It's basically like having one giant, searchable chest for everything. It's also integrated with NEI, so you can search for what you want to craft, shift click on the ?, and if you have all the mats in your system (not in your own inventory), you can one-click craft it right there.

    It also has several other features, like auto-crafting, but IMO, the inventory management aspect is the best thing about it.
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    In a lot of cases, there's probably not anything you can do. Some of these sites are hosted in countries that do not recognize and/or enforce copyright laws of other countries.

    The best defense against these kinds of sites is education. It's in everyone's best interest to always use official download links for mods, packs, maps, texture packs, whatever. The fact is, your chances of getting a malware virus by downloading from one of these places is very high, not to mention that the actual author isn't getting the ad revenue or even the credit, in many cases. Everyone needs to know: never, ever download from anywhere except the author's own web site, Minecraftforum.net or Curse. I too have gotten Malware this way -completely new to minecraft and no idea what those sites were. That's why I say it's so important to make sure everyone knows to avoid them.

    Maybe we could get Microsoft to start pursuing these scammers on domain spoofing grounds. They have the money and influence to actually get some traction with the domain name registering companies. If we could stop them from basically stealing domains that are designed to look like official minecraft sites (by having minecraft in the name), that might actually make a dent in them.
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    I'm sure you probably already know, but I didn't see it mentioned, so I thought I'd throw it out, just in case: You need to be a certain distance away. Mobs wont' spawn too close to a player (24 blocks? 28? not sure, something like that), and they also won't spawn too far away (>128? again, not sure), so you need to be within that range to make them spawn.
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    Quote from TooDAMNMuch»

    1. cool, thanks.
    5. nice to know, thanks again.
    6. you're kidding me? nice laugh though. :)
    additionally, i think you'll find anyone on these forums has the same right to make complaints, if someone leaves as a result instead of addressing them, that's just lazy and not something i condone or consider a loss to the community.

    He did address them, repeatedly. He just didn't give you the answer you wanted. I guess he got tired of being berated by ingrates that weren't satisfied with the free work he did for them. I can only imagine how many of the people who make mods must feel. They spent many of their own hours developing these things, generally for free, just because they enjoy minecraft and enjoy the challenge of modding it, and then have to deal with grief on the forums from people who address them as if they were a paying customer that didn't get what they thought they paid for. I wish Algo had been better able to ignore the (completely irrelevant) complainers and continue working on AE2, which many of us find to be excellent, just the way it is, but I understand why he quit, especially considering how the complaints about it not being like AE1 keep on coming in.

    It really is pretty simple here: This is not AE1, it's AE2. It's not going to change to be like AE1, ever. Get over it. If you want to use AE1, there absolutely is a way to do so: play MC version 1.6.4, and you're golden. It's time to quit whining about AE2 not being like AE1. It is what it is, and it's not going to change. Deal with it. As I mentioned, a lot of us like it this way.
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    It's been pretty well covered, but I'll add my .02

    If you want to protect your own kids from inappropriate language, there are servers out there that enforce that. Join one of those, or create your own server, or just have your kids play on your own LAN (or just SP). There are plenty of choices to "protect" your children from profanity. If you want to make it so no one's children are able to hear language that YOU deem inappropriate for them, tough. That's not your call to make. I'LL determine what's appropriate for my family, and I'll thank you to stay out of it.

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