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I usually get my avatar by finding a picture online then animating it with Adobe Flash AfterEffects. Turns out that Flash actually sucks for animating still images. AfterEffects is where it's at yo.

I currently have 9 shiny named Pokemon and a couple unnamed ones from events. I like to name them after Hearthstone legendaries.

Stuckaphobic (adj) - A term randomly made up by Talist to refer to a person with an irrational and deep mistrust, resentment, or even hatred towards anything related or sounds like it might be related to the web comic Homestuck, such as himself. The condition is often caused by prolonged exposure to never ending Homestuck references, characters, and situations where the patient has no idea what everyone else is talking about and a quickly waning interest in ever finding out.

Also, I got Curse Premium... and I literally don't know how... What does it even do?


Putting my birthday as June 6th on websites and seeing if anyone congratulates me on the wrong day. Those people aren't real friends.

Making Minecraft maps. I COMMAND THEE TO DOWNLOAD THEM IN ORDER TO INFLATE MY EGO! ... if you want.

Playing Hearthstone and getting annoyed at people when they kill my golden Lorewalker Cho. I CRAFTED THAT FOR 3200 DUST! Try hards... But then sometimes I put stealth on it and FORCE them to have fun whether they like it or not.

Watching random people on the interwebs play games like Don't Starve, but not play them myself.

Worrying that the NSA is building a profile of my interests because I'm putting them into internet text boxes. Good ol' American freedom right there. I suspect I'll be getting a visit soon for that. Won't that be fun?

I'm an active and one of the oldest players of the forum game Destroy the Godmodder. I might be the oldest. Apart from TT2000 because he, you know, ran the first game. That first link in my signature goes there.

Thinking about what my RP character would think the other character thinks he thinks.

Staying up obnoxiously late posting something. Its all part of my secret plan to prevent people from graphing the times of all my posts and seeing where they fall in a bell curve in order to track down my time zone.

Hold on strange men in black suits and sunglasses who randomly pulled up to my door in an unmarked limousine with all the windows tinted, I need to play another Gang Up on Cho and fill my deck with pandas! Its the panda thug life.

Location and there at once.

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Minecraft same as this one Xbox Don't have one PSN Don't want one Steam Kinda dislike Steam

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Website URL DoesEveryoneHaveTheirOwnPersonalWebsite?.com Skype talist7, but I prefer to not use it