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    I'm a writer myself and my work has been professionally critiqued, I'd love to help with the story but I'll glady build as well.
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    posted a message on [Roleplay] Server - All Welcome - APPLY NOW!
    Name: Constatine
    MInecraft ID: Talhoffer
    Job you would like yo do: Since it's so early in the development stage, I'd like to assist in building. After some thigns are completed I would love to be like a dungeon boss or something that would normally be an NPC.
    Previous Experience in Minecraft: War servers, I was normally a spy and preformed espionage for my clan (assassinations etc.) but I also threw out ideas for defenses which helped my clan survive.
    Why Do you Want to Join: I would like to join because in the end, I will feel that I helped build something great.
    Continent/Country From: United States.
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    posted a message on [INACTIVE]Sicarii: Assassins for Hire
    I read that you are in the midst of war and I'd like to lend my... abilities.

    In Game Name: Talhoffer
    Class: Ensis, Arcus, or, if any, an espionage role and all things that full under it- sabotage, assassinations, scouting, etc.
    Skills, in General: War. I'm just good at it. It comes naturally. I'm a decent builder but I think my ideas are more valuable than me actually building (ex: Ideas for maximum fort security, defensive measures, war stratedgy etc) I could do anything you like, really, but just mindlessly mining ores day in and day out would be a waste of hands willing to spill pirate pixels for you :biggrin.gif:
    Why Do you want to join?: I would like to join because of your interesting use of the Latin language, and because you seem to have a friendly (and active) community.
    Can you be nice and fair to people: Absolutely! I hate it when people don't like me, so I do my best :YFlower:
    Do you grief: No, thats too time consuming to preform. :SSSS:

    Before you deny me, yes, I applied on the other forum as well
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    posted a message on Minecraft Quotes!
    "Mister! Tear Down This Wall! It looks like ****!"
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    posted a message on Exceptionally noobish things we have all done in the past
    I remeber the first (don't anymore) time play WoW. Ysondre was a populated server back in the day and I was a lowly level 1 orc.

    There were these NPCs that patrol Durotar and enter the starting village, mounted on wolves (some people might know what I'm talking about) So to everyone's amazement I spent a good hour and a half trying to talk to the NPC's and ask where they got the wolves from.
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    posted a message on Orsa Novus Ævum
    Age: 15

    In Game Name: Talhoffer

    Where you heard of ONA: Even before I knew about Minecraft, I heard friends talking about. I had heard mentions of "The Art of War" So I assumed they were talking of Sun Tzu's Art of War. They explained so I came and read your Art of War and I'm extremely impressed!

    Previous Clans: Leigeon of War, but for the most part, just a small time clan me and a few of my friends got together. Eventually we grew to about 20 or so people so we just split teams and waged war. My side usually was victorious.

    Why you wish to join ONA: I wish to join your clan because I hope to prove myself on the field of Minecraftian combat. Wether I be some grunt on the front lines, the back bone of your military, or the miner, who siphons the raw material from the earth to keep this great army going. Perhaps archery would suit me? Maybe even espionage and assassination, but I know that is too much to ask of me so soon. I've gone through my life, imagining battles and strategies, thanks to my grandfather who helped coordinate attacks in WWII against the Japanese. He gave me the drive.

    Where do you think you will fit in best: Honestly, I try to be the jack of all trades because its extremely useful for the clan. Prefferably, I'm more of the espionage guy. Sneak into enemy forts, by air, sea, gorund (or under it as some cases tend to unfold) and do what ever needs to be done. And it obviously doesn't stop at forts, as you obviously know.

    Do you play any of these games [Battlfield Bad Company 2, League of Legends, Pokemon]: I occasionaly hop on a DSi and play the good ol' Diamon version of Pokemon :biggrin.gif:

    If you were an animal... what animal would you be: "Bear"

    I, [Talhoffer] understand that if I am not actively communicating with the clan [IRC, Forum, TS, etc...] I will be removed due to inactivity [Yes/No]

    If the application is closed, which I believe it is, sorry for wasting your time.
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    posted a message on Recruiting a new clan! Legion of War! [PvP]
    Hi again, sorry to be a nuisance but I attempted to join the server via the IP listed under the jobs thing on the first page, typed correctly and it immediately tells me Connection lost. It flies by fast but I could see it would've connected me but kicked me anyway.

    Is this something on my part or yours? I'd like to jump in today to get started on my.... activities.... :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Recruiting a new clan! Legion of War! [PvP]
    Hey there!
    IGN: Talhoffer
    Branch to Join: I believe it was The Shadow?
    Why: I used to be an assassain in a small time clan long ago. I was famous for always getting the job done, in any fashion of your choosing. Drownings, fire, explosions, robbery, you name it, I probably did it, but my favorite was always TNT. We went together like bread an butter <3 :Notch:
    I've spilt my fair share of pixelated blood, don't get me wrong, but I don't have some stone cold personality like Rambo lol I'm light hearted but cold hearted at the same time :wink.gif:

    I'd love to get back into the murdering business to be frank :biggrin.gif: I should make it clear that I take orders very well. Just be specific and I'll get whatever my C.O. says right down to the period.

    ** Edit here, I should mention that I will also take Warlord since I can handle that pretty nicely and I don't se that anyone else has aplied for it.
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