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Talco: A steampunk inventor who lives on an airship. He doesn't know his age, or his ancestry.

He woke up beside the wreckage of a strange airship; beside it was the shattered remains of some sort of advanced multidimensional travelling device, which Talco has fixed, along with the airship, allowing him to use his airship to go to the other realms. He isn't very good with weapons, but is an excellent tactician and captain. The headphones he wears can be used for communication, but they also protect him from any mind-altering abilities.

Dio Elaclaire: A member of the Guild, and Talco's companion on his many adventures.
Dio was a member of the Guild, a powerful but now extinct organization. He's quite childish, and tends to act like everything's a game. Because of elite Guild training, he became quite agile, and very fast. He can dodge most attacks, but doesn't wear any armour due to the fact it would restrict his movement. He wears a small plasma dagger on a chain around his neck, and the dagger can change it's size to a sword if needed. He is also an expert pilot of almost all 1 man vehicles.


Location Norkia

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